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Lmao accurate
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Sigam todos e Ganhe MIL seguidores de GRAÇA!!🍀
Resultado DOMINGO 19/08
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Resultado no perfil @mundofashionismo

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This friday🍾 Aug 17 💃🏽 in #Miami 📍@Goldrushcabaret 🔥Cum see me Live 😻🙏🏽 Every hour is Happy hour w me 👅 we gona go ham🤸🏽‍♀️

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You could be the king but watch the queen conquer.

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Как же стыдно за таких людей😡😡😡😡 надеюсь что найдут!!! 2 пенсионера сделали замечание и вот что получилось, избил пожилых людей((( люди идут мимо и даже не помогают ((( какой кошмар, бить пенсионеров здоровому парню, адский ад, стыд и позор!!!!! Как жалко, пожилых людей и детей всегда жальче всего, они такие беззащитные 😢 это случилось в Челябинске, надеюсь найдут и справедливость восторжествует(((

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O que dizer do tênis de corda da @anacaprioficial? As espadrilles estão de volta para protagonizarem seus looks. ⠀
Clica no #linknabio e escolha um para chamar de seu. ❤ url:bit.ly/2MqhHJr

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Blue eyed mama @emilyskyefit of the #goodsquad in The Mom Life Sweater, available now in full and inclusive sizing on goodamerican.com #goodsquad #goodsweats

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Shout out my brothers @kaiart & @jonboytattoo two insanely talented friends of mine from different fields, that both inspire me! I feel hella fortunate to know such talented people, hella hyped on this tattoo. “Love vs Money”

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Alvin Kamara, one of the next generation of players electrifying the NFL, told GQ he keeps his Rookie of the Year trophy in his closet. He talked to @samschube about his unbelievable rookie year, growing up with the @migos, and playing with a nose ring at the link in bio. (📷 @sebkimstudio)

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A few Vallejo boys from the hillside @e40 @cousinfik @mugzilla

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I like my wine like me, full bodied 🍇🍷 Are you a wine drinker? | 📸 @mandalinephotography | 👑 styled my @missthaisaimee

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lyric video for #MYSTORY is out now !! click the link in my bio to watch🎶👼🏼

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The most important thing for every parent is the happiness and health of children 👶😍
By @fifiandmo

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“...she was able to take this personal narrative of things that are happening to her—but she takes it and she manages to reflect it back into these much broader issues that are still relevant today.”
Tessa Ferreyros spent over four years working as a curatorial assistant on “Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965–2016.” During the final days of the exhibition she shared one of her favorite works, “Decide Who You Are #15: You Don't Want Me Here” (1992), with Museum visitors for #ArtSpeaks. Full gallery talk at mo.ma/fb
Relive our #AdrianPiper exhibition with the exhibition catalogue, now available at @MoMADesignStore: store.moma.org

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Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette @imakeyoubeeliv_
The Juvia’s place Masquerade eyeshadow palette is definitely a great palette with gorgeous vibrant colors and one of my favorite palette ... Pigmentation 👌🏿 Texture 👌🏿 Brightness 👌🏿 Juvia’s place eyeshadows are available at @muse.sa along with your favorite beauty products 😜

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Just throw it up to @darealmike_dub. 😱😱😱 (via @chargers)

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I can’t deal 😩😩😩 @joshdenzel continues to surprise me everyday ❤️

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Теперь и по Московскому времени наступил мой день 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Господи ,спасибо что эти люди у меня есть 🙏🏻
Тут не все ,но я их обожаю всех ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
@saakmkrtchyan @edo_aper @d.koryun @goar_avetisyan @anivar77 @sergo_artemka @tatarkafm @helen_yes1 @shteps_s @love_is_top @vaagmk @kagramana @monstrikirka @jenia_iskandarova @shevgi @pashapo @olyedimitrova
#софабро #софе22 #лучшийдень

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No, it's a pomelo.
#venom #lemon #pomelo #9gag

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Behold - a swirling mystery!
During its 12th close flyby of Jupiter, our @NASAJuno spacecraft captured this close-up view of the gas giant planet’s tapestry of vivid colors and swirling atmospheric vortices. This image captures the easternmost edge of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and surrounding south tropical disturbance.
Many aspects of the planet’s atmosphere are still a mystery. For example, the origin of individual storms or churning cloud features is unknown. By studying Jupiter’s weather up close for the first time, our Juno spacecraft is helping researchers better understand how atmospheres work in general – including our own. What we learn about Jupiter’s atmosphere will also help scientists understand how gas-giant planets work in general, including those now being discovered beyond our solar system.
Since 2016 Juno has been penetrating Jupiter’s deep, colorful zones and belts in a quest to answer fundamental questions about the gas giant planet's origin and evolution.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Brian Swift/Kevin M. Gill
#nasa #space #juno #jupiter #gasgiant #planet #clouds #swirling #pattern #solarsystem #science #spacecraft #pictureoftheday #astronomy #jetstream #jet #stream

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Go inside Keith's studio and see how #TexasTime from the new album #GraffitiU was made! 🎶 Full video at link in bio!

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By @ovesper

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⚠️So what is the #1 most important factor for building big arms??
⏩There are many factors that determine muscle growth. Workout intensity, nutrition, and rest are going to be the most essential.
🔥Tips For Building Big Arms👇
✅Workout Intensity- Pick 2 key exercise and track your weights each week. Aim to do either more reps or more weight every week. Incorporate dropsets and supersets. Change up your rep range throughout the workout and every week. Follow my daily Instagram story workouts for more ideas.
✅Nutrition- If your goal is to build muscle mass as quickly as possible, first I would recommend getting down to 10-12% body fat and then focusing on lean muscle gains from there. When it comes time to focus on the lean gains, I recommend a daily calorie surplus of 300-500 calories or more. For some, this might be too high and you can either add in some cardio or reduce the calorie intake. Lastly, I recommend a high carb diet for mass gaining. 40-50% of your calorie intake should be from carbohydrates.
✅Rest- Often overlooked, rest is the most important aspect of growth. Your muscles don’t grow in the gym; they grow when you are resting. I recommend at least 3 full days of rest before hitting a muscle group again. Also make sure you are getting minimum 6 hours sleep per night (most professionals would recommend more).
👉Need more help with your workouts or fitness goals in general? DM me the word: SHRED

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Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı yardımcısı Sn @hamzayerlikayaa yı makamında ziyaret edip,hayırlı olsun dileklerinde bulunduk.. Hayırlı uğurlu olsun İnşallah🇹🇷 #hamzayerlikaya #asrıngurescisi

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Continuing our TOP 60 SWATS countdown with 50-41! #NBABlockWeek

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Tem que respeitar @ranchodopoco

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This is the best power boat I have ever owned. Amazing attention to details and a huge wake. Thanks Supra and Marine Products! #inlandsurfer #LakePowell #SupraBoats #MarineProducts

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What happens when #GoProAwards recipient Emmanuel Rochet + his friends decide to take their physics homework to the next level? Homemade centrifugal force. 🇫🇷 Head to our YouTube channel for the full 🎬.

@GoProFR #GoProFR #GoPro #ExperienceDifferent #DIY #ScienceIsCool #VOD

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