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Tenho um lado irônico
Tenho um lado amável
Tenho um lado insuportável
E cada um tem
O meu lado que merece 🌸
(Vestido @chocolatedoceoficial )

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#Regram #RG @lionrecovery: Lions are an 'umbrella species'—investing in their conservation protects habitats and all of the species living inside those habitats. YOU can help us in this work of turning landscapes into lionscapes at lionrecoveryfund.org (link in bio). Photo: John McCormack #lions #bigcatsofinstagram #africa #conservative #wildlife #wildlifeconservation

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Congrats on a great career, @darrellerevis!🏝
(via @thecheckdown)

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Gettin my spy on at the @jackryanamazon Tom Clancy’s #jackryan experience #comicon
New series premiere August 31st on amazon prime video!

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More bts from Only You @cheatcodes X @littlemix

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No-look: next level 👀🤭 @nwa.fc

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Hola, Argentina! Estamos en la @revistaremix

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Make a fashion forward statement with the new Sicily Rubber. Link in bio.
#DGSicilyBag #DGWomen

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Presidente Obama siempre ha sido fanatico de mis bachatas 😁. Anti Romeo haters will say this is fake but remember who sang bachata at the white house 🤣😂. #GoldenMoves

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Já assisti 3x kkkkkk.... ASSISTAM hj o vídeo novo do canal da @gio_ewbank por favor! Tá hilário 🤣 Meu sogro @robertobaldacconi o verdadeiro protagonista do Canal no jogo “QUEM SABE MAIS” sobre a GIO. ❤️🌻

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mama m¡a

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A tiny amount of light, and it's still pretty clear... 😁 Guess who? 😉

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Sweet as peach pie 🍑Get a peach-kissed pout with #MACLipstick in Runaway Hit topped with #MACLipglass in Clear #regram @maccosmeticskorea

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Final #MUTOUR training session before tomorrow’s match in Phoenix against Club America! 🏃‍♂️#MUFC

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3AM pizza 📱@ajharpold

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many have an image of me
but few get the picture

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Probably best if you don’t distract me from playing @colorswitch, beat my high score of 40 I dare you 😜

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when the after party at 9pm rolls right into the airport pickup at 8am 🗿

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The Porsche 718 leaves them speechless. #Porsche #718

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True? :D via @rahasiagadis

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"The only way is up!"
Photo by @teymur
#GClass #MercedesBenz #OffRoad #thebestornothing #SpaDay #instacars #GsofInstagram #😎 #❤️ #🦄

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Лягушка путешественница 🐸🐸🐸 Вчера - Рим, сегодня я уже в Турции! Прилетела к вам, чтобы дать несколько концертов👸🏻🎤 уже не терпится спеть вместе 🤗 Сегодня жду всех своих людей, кто отдыхает в Нирване @nirvanalagoonvillassuitesspa ❤️ до встречи в 23.00 😘 Ваша Оля 👸🏻 #моилюдивсегдасомной#ночьтекиланехилозацепило 💋

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Muito feliz com o novo projeto, venha Fazer parte da minha seleção 18k Ronaldinho, seja uma estrela você também @18kronaldinho @18kwatches @marcelolara18k

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Ready, Set, Chain Reaction! Find your #VersaceChainReaction sneakers now at the link in bio.

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A story that is so real, you will want to know more!
Tune in to #KarenjitKaurOnZEE5 now on @zee5 App

#SunnyLeone #KarenjitKaur #ZEE5Originals

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um grande adeus

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