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Super excited to be testing out the new Pure collection from @pampersuk_ire. Instead of TV adverts and billboards, Pampers are using real life parents and real babies also known as #purepioneers to spread the word about this exciting new range soon to hit our shelves. We have used Pampers since the get-go with Trixie and cannot wait to put the Pampers Pure Range to the test! 💧🌱💛
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I have always used #pampers nappies & sensitive baby wipes for Lana. Lana currently wears pampers baby dry nappies and they are absolutely fab. No leakage, thin & very absorbent, and comfortable. So I am very excited to hear I have been chosen to be a #purepioneer of #pamperspure collection. Amongst the first to try the new pampers products in the UK, there will be no TV ads or billboards, as me & other parents will be the adverts - putting the products to the test. Over the next few weeks me & Lana will be sharing our thoughts on the new pure collection, so will keep you posted with our honest reviews!!
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The wife 🦊 runs an #aspirational #instagram account, which helps generate income for our family since neither one of us are gainfully employed. But tonight is #DateNight so cleaning up our yard/garage will have to wait, along with the @pamperspure posts that we’ve agreed to do because she’s a #pamperspurepartner. Wait, does this empty box out on our driveway with the rest of our garage stuff count if I tag it in this post? I promise we aren’t #trashy. BTW, like my new gardening gloves that I bought to water the lawn?! Me too. 😎 Not an #ad.

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Talking all about how @amazon has partnered with @pamperspure by offering our favorite diapers and wipes in bulk!!! Head to theivorylane.com to read the full post! #pamperspurepartner #sponsored

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How gorgeous 😍😍 So many women have reported countless benefits of encapsulating their placenta! 👶🏼💊
If you’re interested in placenta encapsulation, you can visit our website http://placentaplus.co.uk/ for more information and guidance on how to start your journey with us. #Repost @chrissyteigen with @get_repost
Look at this tush!!! 😩 After this nugget’s early arrival, @PampersUS preemie diapers from the hospital were the only things that fit his teeny tiny body. Now, Miles has officially graduated to @PampersPure (like his big sister) – they’re free of fragrance, lotion and parabens, making them SO soft and gentle on his delicate newborn skin. Here’s to many more #MILEStones. #OtterBum #PampersPurePartner

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Chrissy Teigen shares photo of seven-week-old son Miles after he 'graduated' from 'preemie diapers'⠀

Chrissy in her caption added: 'Now, Miles has officially graduated to @PampersPure (like his big sister) – they're free of fragrance, lotion and parabens, making them SO soft and gentle on his delicate newborn skin. Here's to many more #MILEStones. #OtterBum #PampersPurePartner'.⠀

Pampers announced in March that Chrissy had joined the baby brand marketed by Procter & Gamble as its first-ever creative consultant for the new Pampers Pure Collection.⠀

'I wore Pampers… John wore Pampers…. we are a Pampers family!,' Chrissy said in a statement about the collaboration.⠀

She added that her daughter Luna has 'super sensitive skin' and that her first diaper was a Pampers brand.⠀


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Sweet Emily had 2 pink shirts to her name when she was born because we did not know she was a girl! Within only a few short hours she was gifted nearly 30 outfits from friends and family! I was so excited to dress a little girl! And it didn’t take long for me to try to coordinate my outfit with her either. I have a feeling the matching temptation is only going to get worse until she’s old enough to shut it down! 😅 Her drawers are filled with tank tops and lightweight shirts that allow her to stay cool in the summertime, wearing just her @pamperspure diaper on bottom. As someone who typically avoids character shirts or shirts with phrases on them, I love how simple and complementary the patterns are on the diapers – the perfect accessory. #ad #pamperspurepartner

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Look at this tush!!! 😩 After this nugget’s early arrival, @PampersUS preemie diapers from the hospital were the only things that fit his teeny tiny body. Now, Miles has officially graduated to @PampersPure (like his big sister) – they’re free of fragrance, lotion and parabens, making them SO soft and gentle on his delicate newborn skin. Here’s to many more #MILEStones. #OtterBum #PampersPurePartner

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What’s your baby’s favorite game to play? She plays peek a boo with whatever she can get her hands on, and it’s SO cute! Oddly enough, clean diapers are one of her favorite things to play with. She’s randomly really into paper products, haha! Sometimes she shoves them into her mouth (so it’s a good thing these are made with plant based and thoughtfully selected materials!) No chlorine bleaching, fragrance, latex, or parabens!) #ad #PureTribe #PampersPurePartner

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Why does she look SO big!?? Her legs are SO dang long #SlowDownTime // I can’t believe she will be 1 year old in about 2 months. It feels like just yesterday that we were taking her home from the hospital. When it comes to diapers, there are seriously SO many options. I like to try multiple out, and report back to you guys! The @PampersPure diapers are made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, latex, or parabens! Honestly, I’m so excited that we live in a world that is constantly trying to make our products safer (especially for our little ones!) Head over to my stories this afternoon for more info about these bad boys & for a link to purchase! #ad #PureTribe #PampersPurePartner

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@pamperspure I just have to share because as a first time mom you know my mommies it’s hard to find the right diaper especially one with great protection #pamp😩😩😩and so far after trying so many brands @pamperspure is my favorite 😍😍😍👌👌👌👌0 chlorine bleaching ❤️free fragrance free❤️up to 12 hours of protection totally true we been using this brand for a few months now and not a single spill😃#pamperspure #pamperspurejoy #pamperpuretoddler ps they also have a app rewards#momlife #momblogger#PureTribe #pamperspurepartner #latinapamperspure #pamperspure <<<<<

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Excited to team up with one of my favorites, @PampersPure to celebrate their new diaper and wipe collection. Premium cotton, stylish prints (hers have the cutest bottles!) and most importantly: thoughtfully selected materials. I love that the diapers combine plant-based materials, and are dermatologically tested. We've had Harlow in Pampers diapers since the day she was born (our hospital had them!) and I've been hooked ever since! She's never had a diaper rash, ever! So grateful for these! Anyone else use these? #PampersPurePartner #ad #PureTribe

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💙Now that Nico is 6 weeks old, I want to share some of the things that have worked for us and that we use on the daily! So today #OnTheBlog, I’m talking “10 Useful Things You Must Add to Your Baby Registry”. Building my baby registry wasn’t an easy task. There are so many products in the market that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. For my non-mommies,if you are looking for useful baby shower gifts, this list is for you too; from @PampersPure diapers and wipes (you already know how much we are loving them because of its quality materials🙌🏼), to convenient zipper onesies, which nail clipper I recommend…and everything in between! Head to the blog, and tell me what would you add- share with a fellow mommy or mom-to-be!
💙Ahora que Nico tiene 6 semanas, les quiero recomendar algunos productos que nos han funcionado y que no pueden faltar en tu lista de regalos/compras porque los vas a usar diariamente🙌🏼 Hay tantos productos en el mercado, que es muy fácil abrumarse. Las "10 cositas útiles" que les menciono en el blog también perfectos para regalar en un baby shower, para todas las no-mamis que me leen y no están seguras que regalar, no se lo pueden perder; desde pañales #PampersPure (que ya saben que nos encantan por su calidad y materiales), hasta los monitos con cierre que son super prácticos , hasta que cortaúñas les recomiendo y MUCHO más. Ya saben pasen por el blog- o compártanlo con alguna #mommytobe!
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I could sit here forever & hold you in my arms. 10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes, the sweetest of smiles, a cute little nose. Marley girl, I hope you know that love will follow you wherever you go. .
For moments like these, I am so glad that I can trust @pamperspure to wrap my sweet little angel in. Made with from thoughtfully selected materials, zero parabens, fragrance free, and with the cutest patterns. #ad #puretribe #pamperspurepartner .
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Going into @Target to get only one thing is a FOREVER struggle. So when I go for diapers, of course I rack up on @pamperspure. Make sure you read my latest blog post of all my perfect baby shower ideas and to get a coupon! #PampersPurePartner #Target

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When you’re traveling and run out of diapers mama stresses! But no worries because @amazon delivers your @pamperspure diapers to where ever you are so you can go back to having fun again! We have had to stay in three different places so far on our trip to bring home baby Claire, and we will have to stay in Florida for another several weeks until we can head back home. Traveling with little ones can be so stressful at times and I often can’t find my favorite necessities on the road so I’m so thankful that @amazon delivers to wherever we are! #PampersPurePartner #puretribe

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There are two things I adore about this picture: 1 Raelyn’s thigh rolls and 2. her perfect locks that never seem to stay tamed.
P.S. Pampers launched a new diapers and wipes collection @pamperspure , made with premium cotton, perfect for baby’s delicate skin. #PampersPurePartner #PampersTribe #ad

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The gang's all here! 💗We never go a day without including @PampersPure into our daily routine. From playtime at home to running around at the park, I trust @PampersPure plant-based diapers and wipes to keep my baby rash-free, safe from harmful chemicals all while working effectively. Moms that have done their research understand the dangers of chemicals and the harm it does to our precious baby's delicate skin. So trust this momma right here that being part of the #PureTribe is the only way to go for safe diapers and wipes! #PampersPurePartner #Pampers #Ad #MommyBlogger #MommyandMe #toddlerlife #girlmom #21monthsold #mommydaughter @katelynpjones

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Somehow my baby is now a tiny boy who carries presents. 👶🏻🎁❤️When did that happen? We're headed to a baby shower (they seem non-stop these days, I guess it's the age!) and we've learned to never show up without a package of @PampersPure diapers from @Target! ✨We love this collection made with plant-based materials and other thoughtfully selected ingredients, and I know how much a new mama needs diapers around the clock! I think at one point Hudson went through over 10 a day 😱- yikes! #PampersPurePartner #Target #Ad

Long Beach, New York

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our sweetest boys with all the energy and all the jumping, roo in his new @pamperspure line that offers parents premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials, cutie pie prints and Pampers trusted protection! 👌🏼🙌🏼 #puretribe #pamperspurepartner #ad

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Pure Bliss. Happiness is snuggling your naked babe and still smelling that fresh baby smell and uber soft skin.
We’re still loving everything about the @pamperspure diaper and wipes collection including their fun prints. XOXO
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You all must know by now how much we luuuuuv @pamperspure diapers and wipes! Dermatologically tested #pamperspure protection diapers are hypoallergenic, free of chlorine bleach, fragrances, parabens, and latex. Not to mention the prints are adorable and the diapers are super soft and gentle on sensitive skin. Link in my bio to purchase #PureTribe #PampersPurePartner #ad

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Harlow's on the move these days, and it's been such a thrill watching her explore. I'm teaming up with my friends at @PampersPure again to share their new diaper and wipe collection! Plant based, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and oh-so-smooth for baby's delicate skin. The prints are seriously adorable, too! Harlow's been in Pampers since the day she was born -- and she's never had a rash. Available almost everywhere! #PampersPurePartner #ad #PureTribe

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And just like that I blinked and we are no longer in the newborn stage. Isaiah is turning 3 months and I have all the feels. It goes so much quicker this second time and all I want to do every day is stare at his little toes and let him curl up on my chest and sleep. Why don’t these babies keep? .
. {ad} If you haven’t checked out the new @pamperspure diapers and wipes then you should! Not only are they cute but they keep our boy dry with carefully selected materials! Check them out at a retailer near you! .
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