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It's no shock to you about my love for @Amazon. Maybe it’s the quick shipping from having a prime account when supplies get low (I love ordering the @PampersPure bundle when I need to restock Vivienne's dresser), the endless shopping options, or the save for later button when I'm just browsing through that makes me the most satisfied. Who else is with me?
For your convenience, I've made a list of all my favorite Amazon purchases for Vivienne that a lot of you ask for on a daily basis. Visit http://spr.ly/LolaAmazonBundle to check it out! #PampersPurePartner

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I always wonder what my girls will tell their teachers and friends that their mommy does.
“My mommy sometimes dresses up and takes pictures…she also likes to shop for other people’s houses and type on her computer.”
Not exactly a doctor or police officer - but man, I’m grateful for this fun, creative work I get to do from the comfort of my home. And I promise you there’s SO much more to it than snapping a cute picture and throwing up a witty caption. I have the tiniest, sweetest colleagues and we get to share the brands we love with those of you that will listen.
The business of blogging is a weird one, y’all. Ain’t no doubt about it - and I know a lot of adults would describe it in the same way that my 3-year-old does. I pride myself on only working with brands I TRULY love, like @pampurespure and @boxedwholesale.
Anyways, thanks for supporting me!
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Milton, Georgia

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I’m excited to be taking over the @PampersPure Instagram account today!!! Be sure to follow along to get a peek at a day in my life with my twin babies! #PampersPurePartner

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Sure, Mother’s Day may have come and gone but I’m declaring May “Mother’s Month”! So, with that, let me share one of my all-time fav mom hacks with you: @boxedwholesale. As a busy mom of two, I’m a fan of anything that means one less trip to the grocery store with kids in tow. #ad
With Boxed, a couple clicks online and our must-have items like @PampersPure show up at our doorstep! Head to my blog to read how I sent my sister and soon-to-be mom her very first Boxed. Passing on that mom-knowledge, y’all.
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Milton, Georgia

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Thank you so much @pamperspure for sending a box filled with diapers for miss Caroline #PampersPurePartner #pampers #pamperspure #ad #sponsored

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regram @chrissyteigen
Motherhood has so many emotions. My heart is now outside of my body, walking around in a little llama diaper, growing so fast. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy Mother’s Day! // @pamperspure #PampersPurePartner #llamabutt#семья 👪

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#repost / Motherhood has so many emotions. My heart is now outside of my body, walking around in a little llama diaper, growing so fast. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy Mother’s Day! // @pamperspure #PampersPurePartner #llamabutt @chrissyteigen ******************************
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Motherhood has so many emotions. My heart is now outside of my body, walking around in a little llama diaper, growing so fast. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy Mother’s Day! // @pamperspure #PampersPurePartner #llamabutt

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Couldn’t wait to post this! I want to wish a FIRST Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most prepared, brave, bossed-up moms I know, my big sis! Such an inspiration to new moms because of her graceful and FLY transition to motherhood. Thanks to @pamperspure I was able to PAMPER @itskaymonroe with all her favorite things for her special day plus the full collection of Pampers Pure diapers and Aqua Pure wipes for my niece Kadence’s little bum. Welcome to the #puretribe sis! #pamperspurepartner

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Mother’s day is one of my very favorite days of the year. Not only because being a mother is one of my greatest blessings, but because in addition to those that are mothers, all of us either HAVE mothers, or we KNOW mothers that deserve recognizing and celebrating.♡

A beautiful friend of mine just had her first baby girl, so I’m really excited to be surprising her with this gift I put together in partnership with @PampersPure ! My friend (who I’ll call Jane *wink*) has such a tender heart and is so full of kindness, so I hope that this can help add to her having a wonderful Mother’s Day:) Welcome to the #PureTribe!

|| Do you have any traditions or something fun that you're doing for Mother's Day? I'd love to hear! #Momsday #Pamperspurepartner #PureMamaLlama

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One of my best girlfriends, Sarah, recently had her first baby and I’m so excited to celebrate her first Mother’s Day with her! I had the honor of being in the room for her son’s birth which was so amazing, and a joy I will never forget! Not only am I so in love with her precious little guy, but I’m also so proud of the mother she has become. Watching her fall into the roll of mama just makes me so happy! @PampersPure asked me to choose a mama to welcome into the #PureTribe and I had so much fun putting together a special little gift just for Sarah to help her celebrate! Thank you @pamperspure for helping me spoil my sweet friend! Happy Mother’s Day all! #PampersPurePartner #PureMamaLlama

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Thanks to @PampersPure I got to spoil one of my mom crushes on her first Mother's Day and induct her into the #PureTribe with a basketful of self-care goodies! It was obvious who deserved some extra pampering in her life right now as I've been in complete awe watching my girlfriend @the_tessa adapt to her new life over the past couple months with twin boys. How she (or anyone with multiples!) does it I just don't know!! I feel like I'm still drowning most days with one. || I'd also love to GIVEAWAY the same package to one of you! Tag any mom friends who deserve it and tell me in the comments below! I'll announce the winner on Mother's Day! xx #PampersPurePartner #PureMamaLlama || Giveaway Closed. Winner: @tonya.baker!

East Sacramento, Sacramento, California

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Happy Mother’s Day to all my mamas out there! This year I’m inducting one of my closest friends’ and new mama, @fashionpulsedaily into the @pamperspure #puretribe. Aside from the necessary ingredients: Pampers Pure Collection diapers and wipes, I stocked her #newmamamusthaves basket with cozy pjs, tons of dry shampoo (because who has time to wash their hair in the newborn stage), skincare, lotions, nail polish and a couple baby blankets and onesies to kick off her very first mother’s day… #dontforgetflowers 🌸🌸🌸🌸 #pamperspurepartner #puremamallama

Astoria, New York

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Cheers to you, Sister! For getting through these first couple months as a new mother with such grace and love for your daughter, Madison. It's amazing to see all the things you once feared completely diminish and you've shined even brighter than ever before. I’m excited to “induct” you into the #PureTribe and celebrate your first Mother's Day (Thank you to @PampersPure for helping us celebrate). Thank you for being an amazing auntie to Vivienne, and for keeping the girl count strong! Love you! #PampersPurePartner #PureMamaLlama

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Celebrating my first #MothersDay! Yay! But I also want to celebrate my lovely sister-in-law @jordanmichele17 who is a soon-to-be new mommy of a baby girl this summer! I can’t wait to meet my beautiful niece and Maeli’s new playmate! I remember my labor and delivery and how important it is to relax and feel comfortable. So I am welcoming you to the #PureTribe and gifting you with this pampering basket so that you are ready for your hospital stay girlie! Also you will be receiving the Pampers Pure Collection! ❤️ On behalf of @pamperspure and I, we wish you a beautiful Happy Mother’s Day! Love you! #PampersPurePartner #PureMamaLlama

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Post diaper shopping excitement courtesy of @shopritestores. Don't have a #ShopRite nearby? You can grab your @pamperspure at ShopRite online! #puretribe #pamperspurepartner #tfdiariesbaby

Shop Rite-College Point

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Ever since Everly was born, she suffered from eczema and sensitive skin. It seems like everything her skin touches can irritate it in a flash! This is why we are super careful about what we put on her and are thankful to have found the new Pampers Pure line at Sams Club. Wipes are made up of pure water and diapers are made of plant fibers! Checkout my blog to read my full review at diaryofafitmommy.com/blog!
Have you tried this line yet?

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~Sometimes I have to pull my mommy ninja moments, caught him while he sleeping. He can’t standby having a wet diaper but doesn’t like the wipe downs for a fresh one 🤦🏾‍♀️, since he’s still in newborn sizes these @pamperspure fits great on him with the extra space, for his belly bottom to heal. Still have that protection for his sensitive skin and super absorbency like the original regular Pampers that he’s sister wore when she was younger. X’s and O’s is sure enough to awww too 😍~
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Guess what guys... make sure you follow @ShopriteStores because we are TAKING OVER their Instagram account today! Ayyeee !! Just so you mamas know, the new @PampersPure diaper and wipe brand is available at Shoprite! We have tried natural diapers and have had to compromise - not with Pampers Pure! New thoughtfully selected materials, cute prints with the same protection. Follow along to find out about some great deals. #Ad #PampersPurePartner #ShopRite

ShopRite of Greater Morristown

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#AD Bringing home your newborn can leave you F E E L I N G in the dark after having
so much help at the hospital😩
Fortunately, you’re not alone. There is help from others who’ve been
through it and know it’s not an easy
T R A N S I T I O N😩
Now that we’re home with our little one, we’re left with a lot of the responsibility
Those dirty and wet diapers we’re changing are a little different this time around thanks
to the new @PampersPure 🙌 Head over to #motherhoodthroughmyeyes.com and learn how the

new @PampersPure collection from at @SamsClub is helping new
parents care for their baby’s bottom | #HelloPampersPure #llamabutt
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