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We are so thankful to @ctoddproctor for his encouragement to our leadership as a guest speaker in this week’s staff chapel and for his time lifting Calvary Church up in prayer as we enter this new season.

Calvary Church of Santa Ana

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Have you heard of Alpha? Curious about what all the fuss is about? I’ll be helping host an event TUESDAY night that introduces Alpha to people... Just one night to get the idea, enjoy a free meal, and experience it for yourself. *note- if the word “evangelism” scares you- this is especially for you. It’s the easiest, most low pressure possible way of bringing hope to a hurting world. Seriously.
Comment or DM me for details!


Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

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We are taste-testing our special homemade spaghetti sauce for Alpha starting Sept. 18 at 6:30pm. You've got a friend that would LOVE this. Register today gracechurchfrisco.org/alpha #tryalpha

Grace Church Frisco

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We are so excited to be launching Youth Alpha for Fortify this coming term. Things will be looking a little different this term so watch out for more info soon 👍🏼 #youthalpha #fortifyyouth #tryalpha

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A few more details for our Youth Alpha launching on Thursday 20th September 😊 During which Sunday evening Fortify Connect Group will be taking a break... get inviting your friends already 👌🏼 #fortifyyouth #tryalpha #youthalpha

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Got questions about life? #TryAlpha Starting at Love Caerphilly September 30th! Message us for more info. To sign up for this course email us at lovecaerphilly@outlook.com. #loveCaerphilly #FamilyChurch #Alpha

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11 ways leaders can inspire their church to get involved with Alpha

8️⃣讓以往的來賓繼續參與 Keep former guests involved


Don’t feel like you need to start building your team from scratch every time you run a course – it’s a great idea to invite former guests back as helpers on Alpha. People who have tried Alpha themselves tend to be the most enthusiastic, and this will filter down to the rest of the church! Plus, it’s great for new guests to meet people at Alpha who have been in the same boat as them.

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【⁉️現已接報名⁉️】啟發隊工訓練 29/8 & 05/9
┗━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ ?====?====?====?====?====?====?====? #Alpha 可以幫到你建立體驗信仰群體生活嘅平台
食嘢・睇片・傾偈 // Food.Videos.Chat
想了解可以去 // To know more ---> http://bit.ly/AlphaHK

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Hong Kong

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In Anis' lowest, she was trapped in the nightmare of drugs, alcohol, and sex. One of which has brought a lasting effect to her life. At her loneliest state, a friend invited her to #TryAlpha. Draped in tattoo, she showed up. And this began her journey of courage to face the world again.
Watch Anis' story 🎥 on the link in bio

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This week we took time out with a group of pastors and.leaders from around Australia to invest invest our marriage because we believe that we’re better together and we’re committed not just to going the distance but to having the best marriage we can! Shout out to our friends form Alpha Int. Chris and Katy Sadler for hosting us this week and for creating time and space to invest in others! So grateful! 👫💯

Red Hill, Victoria

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What a great first night at Alpha! Last night we asked ‘Is there more to life than this?’
In this short clip Alpha director Nicky Gumbel shares some of his journey as he discovered faith.

We continue next Thursday. Hope to see you there! #tryalpha #nambouralpha #switchespressobar #csquarenambour

Switch Espresso Bar

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It’s bright out there!! Have you registered yet? #alpha #gotquestions #tryalpha

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Alpha is a safe place for doubts, questions, and exploration. Join us beginning Sept. 9 - Register online: Harris creek.org/events #tryalpha https://Vimeo.com/204052948

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G R AT I S voor jou als je bij onze Alpha aansluit op 20 september
#alphaenschede #tryalpha #jebentgeliefd #20180920

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Is there more to life than this?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
How does God guide us?
What is God's purpose for my life?

#TryAlpha at Crossings on Wednesday, August 29 = crossings.church/alpha

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Don’t miss out!! The Alpha Course begins on Sept 19! Come and enjoy and meal and good conversation with friends! #tryalpha
Click on #linkinprofile👆to register!

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Introducing our new Alpha venue for next month - Freud on Walton Street. We are so excited to have such a great venue & welcome from the team. All we need is you! Come & join the meal, film, & discussion about the Christian faith. For more info email office@ovc.uk.com.
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Oxford, Oxfordshire

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We just want to thank everyone who came tonight! Feel free to tag yourselves and don’t forget to tag us —-@TheCityIloiloAlpha to your posts as well! Help us spread the word and invite a generation to #TryAlpha!
#TheCityIloiloAlphaS6 #notjustapartybutaFAMILY

Live by Healthy Kitchen

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Who do you say Jesus is?
#tryalpha #whoisjesus

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3,2,1...and this is Alpha! Episode 1 starts now... :) Is there more to life than this? #faithlifemeaning #TryAlpha #TheCityIloiloAlphaS6

SM Southpoint

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#AlphaUpdates The first question is up and the guests are excited to discover answers to life’s biggest questions! Here at Alpha, we encourage free-flowing conversations. This is a safe place to explore life, faith, and meaning! #TryAlpha

SM Southpoint

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This is just the icebreaker game and our guests are already havin’ a blast! Apas na di mga ka-Alpha! We’re starting the video soon. #AlphaEpisode1
#AlphaYoungAdultsPlus #TryAlpha

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Alpha is about much more than food - but the food is so good! Lots of good conversation about life, faith and meaning happened between mouthfuls of lovingly prepared food. #alphaaustralia #tryalpha #foodforthehungrysoul

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We’re launching #AlphaYoungAdultsPlus tonight at Live SM Southpoint. Also, check out our line-up of Alpha youth gatherings in CPU, WVSU and USA! Invite a generation. #TryAlpha #TheCityIloiloAlphaS6 #notjustapartybutaFAMILY

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No pressure, no follow-up, and no charge: Alpha is an open and informal place to talk about life's big questions together.

Alpha at St. Michael's is on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. beginning September 26, and we'd love to see you here. Check out the link in our bio or visit saintmichael.ca/alpha.

#tryalpha #catholicyyc #catholiccontext #catholicconnect

St. Michael Catholic Community

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All the Alphas kicking off @popfb Atlanta! Tag us in your Alpha kick-offs..come Holy Spirit 🕊🔥🙌🏻 #alphacc #tryalpha #runalpha #untilthewholeworldhears

Prince of Peace Catholic Church

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We are very excited to be launching our brand new Alpha Dinner Party next Wednesday at 7pm. Have a meal, make some friends, watch a video, and discover the answers to life’s big questions. DM for more info. #tryalpha #alphaDP

Hope City Accra

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We are excited to announce a new series called Alpha at our parish. 👏🏻👏🏻 Watch this video for a sneak preview and check out the bulletin for more details. Hope to see you there! @alphausa #tryalpha #notredameparish #faith #exploreyourfaith

Notre Dame Catholic Church, Clarendon Hills IL

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Alpha is tonight.
7pm at CityChurch.
Our doors are open for anyone + everyone to come.
#tryalpha #alpha #alphausa

CityChurch Charlotte

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