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👩🏾‍💻 I post #FeliciasWallet money videos on YouTube and Facebook, too — and those videos include allll my idiot bloopers. Can’t fit ‘em on IG! Yet. *ahem former colleagues pls extend video length ahem*
💁🏾‍♀️ Since I took a lil’ production break this week, here’s a completely unnecessary sneaky peek at the bloops than ensue when producing #FeliciasWallet. (For more of this extended ratchetry, you can find me on FB.com/heyberna and YouTube.com/heyberna, aayyye PLUG.)
🙋🏾‍♀️ As a creator, I like performing and writing, but y’all, I LOVE editing. Each video takes at least an hour to film, and about 4 more to edit. I snip out all my mistakes so you only see the 2% shiny end product, but today, let’s celebrate the honest nonsense, no?
👉🏾👉🏾 YOU: Tell me your best (PG-13...? nah eff it) joke! I can never come up with good ones on the spot 🤷🏾‍♀️

Hội An, Vietnam

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I'm so proud of Candice, who just graduated from her student loans with @SoFi! I was the guest of honor on her big day. Get it, Candice! Link in bio🎓 #WhyISoFi #Ad

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Last night Matt and I attended a @sofi member appreciation dinner in North Park! Free food and drinks what?! And the whole place was reserved for and packed with SoFi members. Met some cool people but our table was the best of course. Even a member of the SoFi team Madeline was at our table. Thanks for putting on such a great and delicious event! #sofi #whyisofi #dinner #memberappreciation #northpark #sandiego

One Door North

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Finally found some pictures that were taken at the awards ceremony! We all clean up nice 😍😉👗👔 #newyorkcity #whyisofi #stevieawards #marriottmarquis

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This'll pick your mood up! Wanna share the cutest thing with you! @jiffpom follow him! Epitome of adorable!! #sofi #WhyISofi

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When Delaware meets Salt Lake City! It’s crazy how you can work for the same company and never meet because they are across the country! Had a great time last night! #SoFi #newyorkcity #whyisofi #timessquare

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Well guys, I didn’t trip on the stage! I call that a win in my book!!! So proud of our company and al of our accomplishments!#ABA #americanbusinessawards #stevieawards #sofi #whyisofi #socialfinance

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#WhyISoFi: “Glad I switched to SoFi, finally able to save enough for a trip to visit this beautiful city. It is a dream come true.” - Alex, SoFi Member visiting Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

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#whyisofi so I can have the extra money each month to do fun projects around the house! This time is replacing some of our porch floor boards that had started rotting pretty bad over this harsh winter :) #sofiambassador #sofi

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Just getting my axe on...#axethrowing #whyisofi

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🚨 IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, FELICIAS. #weeooweeoo #likeacopcar 🚨
🙋🏾‍♀️ Your financial hype woman (I just declared that a thing) is back with a new #FeliciasWallet episode, continuing to slay our way through credit! Can we finally talk about #creditscores? GOOD UGH, because they’re SO weird can we juuUuUust.
🙅🏾‍♀️ Like I say in the vid, credit scores come from this SUPER strange, made-up adult game. It’s like your own @Uber rating for how well you pay back debt. And it turns out, your #creditscore can determine all kinds of stuff, like whether you get that phone/car/house you want, or even whether you get that new job. Right? Who did this and can we speak to their manager?!
💁🏾‍♀️ Your credit score starts as soon as you take out your first credit card or loan. (Ooor someone takes one out under your name. Sometimes sneaky parents do that, foreal.) You can check your score, or see if you even have one, a ton of ways, but my favorite is @creditkarma. Simple, free, unratchet. This ain’t an ad. I truly love ‘em and just wanna share my gems, y’all, DANG.
🤷🏾‍♀️ I’ll be back next week with more on how ya build *good* credit, but in the meanwhile...
🙋🏾‍♀️ TALK TA ME! Whatchyall think of these vids? What other questions do you want me to answer about credit? Or money? Or life?

Hội An

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Axe throwing Viking style with @abarons thanks to SoFi #whyisofi

DAGAR Denver

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Let’s talk about the F-word.
It’s time to stop letting money & finances be a taboo subject.
Amy from @momadvice planned a family meal to celebrate being debt-free with steaks, wine and brownies. Nothing says conversation starter like a pan of fresh-baked debt free brownies. 😂💰🍫🥂🙌

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The Battery in FiDi. It’s a private invitation-only social club. #sf #sanfrancisco #whyisofi #nightlife

The Battery

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@maitiestyle is my side hustle, and idea born in Hawaii- behind that derpy walk I’m wearing one. We squeezed this shoot between evening @sofi meetings during the golden hour - it’ll be a weekly ting and I’m looking for friends to model - guys and gals🍹🍹🍹comment if you want to be in the next one 🤙🏼
#maitie #bigmoods #alohastyle #donyc #highline #chambray #denimjacket #summerinthecity #dapperstyle #derp #coworkers #corevalues #bowtiesarecool #goldenhour #yeehaw #whyisofi

The High Line

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Just helping our members reach their goals, one milestone at a time. ✌️💙🥑 #WhyISoFi [photo credit @letterfolk]

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Team work makes the dream work. 💪 Proud of our SoFi members showing up on a weekend morning to give back to their community by volunteering. Thanks to @handsonbayarea for organizing a clean-up/repaint at ER Taylor Elementary School for the next school-year. 🙌 #WhyISoFi

Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary

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💸 & WE BACK & WE BACK. On this week’s #FeliciasWallet, I recruited @asaprocky, @nintendo, some light #crumping to answer a question I get a loottt: SHOULD YOU GET A CREDIT CARD?
💳 Maaaan, I wish someone told me this ish before I got my first one. Starting #datcreditlyfe while you’re young is a powerful thing - but you’ve got to be ready for it, or else it can be a one-way ticket to Debtsville. (I lived there for 7 years, lol.) The poet SpiderMan said it best: With hella power comes hella responsibility. ...Right? #idontfeelsogood
🙅🏾‍♀️ If you’re saying things like, “I don’t have the money for X right now, but if I got a credit caaaard...” STOP. DROP. ROLL into a blanket burrito and look at your life. If you can’t afford something in cash, don’t put it on credit, boo. That’s a bad way to start #datcreditlyfe.
🙋🏾‍♀️ But if you remember how interest works (see my last vid!), have a solid cash flow, and are ready for the insane perks responsible credit-handling can give you? Then aaaye. All aboard Felicia’s midnight train to financial freeedooooom!
🤷🏾‍♀️ COMMENT PARTY: If someone handed you a credit card with no limit, what’s the first thing you’d buy?

Da Nang

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One last post. Not too shabby for 20 minutes!! #whyisofi

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We roll deep! So proud of all our volunteers today! #sf #sanfrancisco #WhyISoFi #sofi #volunteering #volunteer

Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary

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I had THE best time #volunteering with our ambitious @sofi members today! Feels great to be a part of a community that gives back to our local schools. Thanks @handsonbayarea for organizing. Can’t wait for the next one! #WhyISoFi #giveback #volunteer

Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary

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Helping to prevent playground disputes is #whyisofi ☺️ #volunteer #playgroundpeacemaker #penmanship #thatspaintonmynose 🤷🏾‍♀️

Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary

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Kicked off the weekend volunteering with #SoFi and #handsonbayarea at E R Taylor Elementary School. Great turnout. Ended with good beer at #fdrbrewery. #whyisofi

Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary

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Great way to start the weekend. Volunteer event at E R Taylor School in SF with #handsonbayarea and #SoFi #gettingstuffdone #whyisofi

Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary

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Work hard, play hard.. #whyisofi

Ferment Drink Repeat - FDR Brewery

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