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Switched to oil paints to start this new piece...I've missed them without even realising!! Acrylic paint dries at the speed of light (which in this summer heat is a nightmare). Acrylics are for the frantic impatient bursts of creativity. Oils allow you to take your time, because they take a week or so to dry!


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Original Art work by #newboldimages #artiststevienew 48x60 acrylic on canvas. #dmvart #onlyindc #abstractart #copyright


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Ultra x rays.

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Whatever is not feasible is where you should be - Terry Tapp

Sawgrass Lake Park

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We’re here enjoying this beautiful Sunday and just realized how grateful we are for all the love and support you all have been giving us!

A big thanks to all our customers, fans and partners!

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#MOG #TheUberOfHomeRenovation #ThereIsOnlyOneMOG #Atlanta #Marietta

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☆ www.mindfuneral.etsy.com ☆
@mikeblowphoto camera assassin

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Via del Castello, Caserta Vecchia.

Caserta Vecchia, Campania, Italy

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‘Persistence of Information; Dissected’ (2013)

Secret Soc13ty

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‘Lorena’s in the South with Desires’ (2013) •
Part of the L. S. D. Collection by Paulmeddler23; 2013-

Secret Soc13ty

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‘Lost on South Downs’ (2013) •
Part of the L. S. D. Collection by Paulmeddler23; 2013-

Secret Soc13ty

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Dinner time..... some cigarettes and beer

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This drawing is done.

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View right now! Sometimes simple things like listening to Pandit Jasraj Ji sing, discussing the same track with your mom and finding it to be her ultimate life hack (classical music), watching your cat gaze out the window, retouching an old painting and rediscover it layer by layer can bring you all the answers. Like its right in front of us most of the times but we do not see it cause we are busy focusing on other stuff. (@prbh.rt todays blog talks about the same cognitive blind spot, check out his blog at www.prabhuraut.com)

While I was removing all the unwanted layers and paint off this canvas I realised life is like a canvas too, you can always start from scratch, get off the layers which you do not like and repaint it.. repaint your life... start it all over again and do it everytime..till the time what you see infront of you aint beautiful and happy enough, cause thats our true nature love and happiness.. I refuse to settle unless I find it, everytime I run out of it! 🌸😊 #happyvibes #sundaymotivation #repaint #mixedmedia #artistlife #artlife #instaart #instadaily #instalike #potd #goalife #punditjasrajji #classicalmusic #catsofinstagram #layers #tedinspiration #prabhuraut #artbypuja #abstractart #modernart #contemporaryart

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Original Art work by #newboldimages #artiststevienew 48x60 acrylic on canvas. #dmvart #onlyindc #abstractart #copyright


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“La propia Marie-Thérèse, cuyo cuerpo y cuya sensualidad son protagonistas indiscutibles de ese 1932 que #Picasso llenó de maravillas, dijo una vez: «Primero, violaba a las mujeres; y luego se ponía al trabajo». Interesante artículo del periódico @elmundo_es que hemos publicado en nuestra página de #Facebook y a propósito de la súper exposición sobre #PabloPicasso en el #TateModern de #Londres

#Artista : #PabloPicasso
Obra: El sueño, 1932

Tate Modern

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