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You good @slaybyella_ ?•••••••••••••••••#allteaallshade #allteanoshade #aboogiewitdahoodie #ellabands #sipstea🐸☕️

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Voluminous Bundles 😍

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There might a collab coming wit @queennaija and @pontiacmadeddg 🔥••••••••••••••••#queennaija #allteaallshade #allteanoshade #pontiacmadeddg

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Airi calls Tray Bae 👀 via @ddjary18

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@zander904 verse 🔥🔥OR🗑🗑on “BEEF” available on YouTube now.

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DDG ❌ QUEEN COMING SOON. Y’all with it or Trash it.

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Mylana’s Mynks Collection CUSTOMER REVIEW!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨 Deep Wave
Dyed Red 🍓🍒 Y’all still waiting for what reason? 😘

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Mylana’s Mynks Collection CUSTOMER REVIEW!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨 Deep Wave
Dyed Red 🍓🍒 Y’all still waiting for what reason? 😘

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Será que Willam nos dio un gran spoiler de AS4??
Willam Belli , la polémica competidora de la temporada 4 a dado mucho de qué hablar con un tweet en el cual dice que Valentina fue salvada de la eliminación por Rupaul en un episodio de AS4 😱.
Esto puede ser completamente cierto luego de que Rupaul haya dicho en su podcast (el cuál lo hace con Michelle Visage) que las competidoras lo hicieron enojar y decepcionar mucho en uno de los episodios 😨 (parecido a cuando se enojó con las competidoras en la temporada 7)
Aunque él no especificó si era en la temporada 11 o en all stars 4.
Tal parece que Valentina iba a ser eliminada luego de que las dos competidoras que hicieron el “lip sync for your legacy” tenían su nombre en el chopstick , pero su lipsync fue tan pésimo que rupaul decidió no dar a ninguna como ganadora y salvar a Valentina el mismo 👑
Otra razón por la que esto puede ser cierto , es porque los rumores dicen que esta temporada de all stars tendrá más capítulos que las anteriores , obviamente si en este capítulo no se eliminó a ninguna , tendrá que haber al menos un episodio más . 🙊
Qué piensas al respecto? Será esto cierto?
Leave your comments below👇🏻
For more , follow —> @dragrace_lat 🌹

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Messy hair don’t care 💁🏻‍♀️☕️
Got to try a few of the speciality tea blends at @mhteac and the jasmine green tea was my favourite! 🌿 Loved that it was served cold. Perfect for the hot summer day ☀️
#madhatterteaco #madhatter #spillthetea #noteanoshade #allteaallshade
PS the M is for Monica.. right? 😋

Mad Hatter Tea Co.

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y'all new female rappers need to get it together 💯 y'all think sitting on LHH tryna get your music out is a struggle.. 🧐 NO ! y'all sit on LHH & say every season y'all focused on y'all " music " that we neverr hear 😂 but the next episode you fighting over dumb shit like a nigga ! 🧐 try starting from the bottom meaning work 3 or 4 minimum wage jobs just to get studio time 💅🏾 try going out on the so called blocks y'all from & promote y'all own mixtapes ! try not to fuck every producer & make rapper to get to the top 💯 , idgaf what nobody say i have alot of respect for @nickiminaj ! she's the real meaning of coming from the struggle & actually making it without stripping & jumping from different tv shows 😘 she didn't need to open her legs to get signed .. #allteaallshade 🌚 @theshaderoom now post that !

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hi guys welcome to our instagram! we want to start out this account with something fun and bright. since this is a new account remember to follow us so that you can see more of our work. thank you for watching!!💕💕

products used:
@juviasplace the zulu palette(pink and purple)
@makeuprevolution concealer(shade C3)
@maccosmetics single eyeshadow (shade “white frost”)
@maccosmetics “false lashes” mascara

#makeup #makeuptutorial #makeupbylaurel #juviasplace #zulupalette #makeuprevolution #maccosmetics #eyelook #pinkhalo #followme #jamescharles #ily #pink #smashbox #nikkietutorials #halo #13 • • •

sorry about the bad editing! we promise we will fix that in the next video!💗

song: praying by kesha sped up🤩

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Chris old tweets surfaced. Thoughts 👀🤔

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@iamdimepiece Bitch bye...Wayment....How long you been on #Love&HipHop ?? Where has that show taking your career.........?? Pipe down with all that BS have the same ENERGY with you see my bitch @tommiee_ 💪 @iamdimepiece Now go take care of your Fucking Child ho! 👶 #FuckOuttaHereYouDumbBitch #AllTeaAllShade #nickiminaj #jessicadime #loveandhiphopatlanta #explorepage

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DDG says he would pull up to Queen & Clarence baby shower. He also thinks it’s gonna be another boy. “SIPPERS” we need your thoughts 🤔

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LMAOOOOO @nickiminaj is not the one to play with 😂😂😂😂😂 #AllTeaAllShade #nickiminaj #safaree

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@nickiminaj Said She Is Feed Up With These Bitches That Make These Lil Ass @vh1 Check Especially @iamdimepiece IN SHE SAID SUCK D*CK #takeoff✈️ #period #offset #allteaallshade #theshaderoom #getthestrap @officialallteaallshade @theshaderoomteens @theshaderoom

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