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Idontwannabeyou. Anymore.

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Tell the tight dress

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I wanna kiss her

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In need of love.

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Black women are blessings tbh

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Another thing, please don’t under any circumstances bring in the people I love when we argue. It’ll just show a side of me I really hate because I want to be a nice person but I know I’m not, I try to be the best I can. Sometimes I can be too nice and people take that for granted so I go back to being rude. It’s all I’ve ever known and i’m working on changing for better. Thank you❤️ #aesthetic #worthlessaesthetics #beautiful #beautifulaesthetic

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It’s sad, how some people act so nice around others but when someone opens up trying to give them advice they explode on you calling you a cunt,bitch,dog,slut, it’s amusing to see I don’t care who calls me names but the second they bring one of the people I love most they fucked up and I will go off on them and it’ll be a terrible chat. This crap happened today I was trying to tell someone not to openly put over social media that she was sexually assaulted because it makes her look bad and it’ll just create drama she shouldn’t need and it’s mentally unhealthy. And then she goes off calling my girlfriend ugly and such and it pissed me off because my girlfriend was trying to be civil and reasonable. Shit even I was trying to be reasonable. But oh well, this girl ended up taking screenshots and putting them all over social media like Snapchat, here, possibly Facebook. It’s not like I give a shit because again she’s making herself look like she wants attention. So I’ll let her look bad because I am not doing her favors. Technically I created the darn argument just to show the type of person she really is. That’s probably shitty of me because like I’m trash but I don’t care I’m working on myself. -
#worthlessaesthetics #aesthetic #grungeaesthetic #beautifulaesthetic

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We need to start discussing issues on Israel. They’ve been very racist lately and mistreat their own people due to their personal beliefs. May allah be with you all ✨💗

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Issa spam today

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My followers are so pretty (‘:

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Aspiration rn

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Literal mood. School has me gone tbh.

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Yes !! ~~

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Back on it

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Literal art

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I sometimes wish I had green eyes

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I post more on here than my actual pretty spam page.

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Last one for today :)!! Gn loves

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Forests evergreen wither to sand,
There’s still shade in this wasteland.
Shadows of towering glass span,
As far as you can set your sights on.
Take a good long look at that horizon.
°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °°°°°
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