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I realised something , some beliebers don’t like the choice justin made . And now we are arguing ? I thought we were all a family ? What happend to that , and i thought the only thing that matters was the smile justin has on his beautiful face and our support ? The only thing we do is make him sad and cry . Imagine what he thinks now . :( remember u smile i smile . Justin is happy now everybody is happy now we all should respect that❤️ remember beliebers we are a big family and we care for eachother #jailey #haileybaldwin #treatpeoplewithkindness #haileyandjustin #selenagomez #justinbieber #belieber

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Today at Mauerpark I met this vivacious lady from Hungary; she travels around the world to collect people's fears and then she converts them into these shopper bags. Every single bag has a different fear embroidered on it and they can vary from "I am afraid of the radio" to "I am afraid of crocodiles". However, there was a particular fear that caught my eye: "I am afraid of Justin Bieber". When I asked the lady to which city this fear belonged to, can you guess her answer? "Berlin". .
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forget the past and move on #love #fashion #fit #longhair

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Update : @arianagrande via instagram (22th July) 😣☁️💭💜 we will never forget him, sending all my loveee

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what’s your favorite food?

New York, New York

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Im lucky i breath the same air as you . We all lucky for that . As long as you smile we all smile . Don’t drop that beautiful smile we want to see you happy and healthy ❤️ you inspire a lot of people keep going like that baby were proud of you we will never leave your side we have your back 😍❤️ @justinbieber #jailey #haileybaldwin #treatpeoplewithkindness #haileyandjustin #selenagomez #justin #justinbieber #belieber #belieberfamily

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Quem se diz dono do teu cantar... 🎶

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

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Qui a dit que Riadh était partie seul aux canaris?

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