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#thankfulthursday Today I am especially thankful for my health and for my family. Our littlest little turns 4 tomorrow! She joined our family when she was 2 and it has been such a joy watching her learn and grow. It is hard to believe that today is her last day being 3. #slowdownbabygirlπŸ’•

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In hospital you discover that there is nothing beautiful than health.
In prison you realize there nothing better than Freedom.
And in Cementry you discover life is worthless πŸ™

Have you said thank you Jesus today??? πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŽΆ

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Last night turned out better than it could have.
All three woofs were attacked by a large dog. The large dog escaped from the small child that was walking him (never should have been the case).
Our trio was leashed (just a last of the night bathroom break), but then I inevitably had to let all of the leashes go because this dog charged to harm. There was no other intention. That was clear. I thought for sure I was going to be bitten up as well, but all I cared about was getting him off of these three. Some how I managed to use some type of residual vet tech restraint/super scared Mom mode and didn't get bitten at all and removed him eventually.
He really zoned in on Pumpkin and Mo. Mo has some abrasions, but Pumpkin has puncture wounds in her left foreleg. Mo is absolutely okay, as is Luna.
Pumpkin was at the ER last night and had her wounds flushed. She had morphine, and is now on pain meds and antibiotics at home. She is horribly unnerved, but she is a strong girl and is going to be fine. We will be visiting her doctor the beginning of next week, sooner if anything goes down hill. Her elbow took bad hits against the concrete as the dog was attacking her, so that's of great concern.
I thought we had lost Pumpkin last night at one point. It turns out her cries stopped suddenly not because she was incapacitated, but she managed to escape into our house.
Then that's when I saw how bruised and cut and bitten up she was. Bloody and in pain, she wouldn't kiss me until we were well into the room at the ER. It's a thing Pumpkin and I have. The few times in her life when she truly was REALLY not well, she wouldn't kiss me when I asked her if she was okay. It has proved itself time and time again with her. I just about cried when she looked up and licked me.
This was so scary. I couldn't be more thankful that all three woofs are okay. I was so scared. Pumpkin was petrified. Mo was so upset and Luna was just having an anxiety episode. Today is better. And tomorrow will be better still. We are all okay.
Hug all of your woofs and mews.

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Bring on dem summer party vibes!! #blessedwithsunshine #bristol #stwerburghs #zimzimma

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#blessedwithsunshine πŸŽ‡

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