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Received those three 16mm lens recently :) #schneider-kreuznach cinegon 10mm f/1.8
Som-bertiot Pan-cinor 17.5-70 f/2.4
Rank taylor hobson monital 12-120 f/3.3
All in good condition. Only the berthiot needs a bit of work to fit in a m43 adapter and the taylor-hobson needs a good cleaning :)
#16mm #lensporn #bmmcc #cmount

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The Sun Sets in the (North) West. Summer solstice #Chingford #london #bmmcc #zeiss #super16 #summersolstice

Larkswood, London

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🛋 Next up: @smalladultsofficial 💥

Apple Valley, California

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Finessing Cup live screen printing this past weekend at @shoegallery with @finessingmiami, @mostvile, @windowsonearth and @aaoscreenprint

Miami, Florida

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Uncropped teaser for the #fanime2018 Cosplay Film we made! We are pretty happy with how this came out, but this was more of a proof of concept for us. Next we are shooting @animeexpo and plan to make something even better! We’ll be running around all day Saturday! Keep an eye out for us! .
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If we let her, she would spend all her waking hours with her eyes glued to this iPad. When we do let her have it, I take advantage of her stillness and try to grab a photo.

Los Angeles, California

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LINK IN BIO! @focusbayfilms .
#fanime2018 #fanime #cosplay #cosplayvideo #cosplayhighlights #bmmcc

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RAWLITE OLPF replacement for BMMCC and or BMPCC. Fixes moire and Infrared Contamination. Cost about AUD$500 plus shipping, I'm selling for $250. It has marks on it, but they do not occupy the image circle. DM if interested :) #bmmcc #bmpcc #rawlite #ircontamination #ircutter #ircut #olpf

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Shooting a new commercial today for #mountainpostliving with actor @brandendarcel coming soon!

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Here is an example of footage from the BMMCC color graded and not!
LOVE THIS CAMERA! Let me know if I should do more of these. Maybe I should try to mimic Looks from other TV shows or Movies!


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Hab ein neues Spielzeug 😄 da bin ich nur zwei cm vom Objektiv entfernt. 5 mm Brennweite oder so 😂
#bullshit #bmmcc #smile 🤓

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Frank Cope is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles. His sound ranges from pop to alternative, hip hop, etc. For this session, he showcased three different styles, while keeping his acoustic guitar as the core sound. He kept it simple for two songs, but for "Brother" he utilized a loop station to stack harmonies of both his vocals and guitar. My Mom said she got "goosebumps" hearing the end to the video, and I was equally blown away filming it live. All three performances are in the link in my bio, and follow @frankcope

Apple Valley, California

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