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My favourite ways to get sweaty, blast a little fat and keep the heart healthy and fabulous 👏🏻🌚
As I’ve mentioned plenty of times I never used to be a cardio woman but these past few months I’ve fallen in loveeeee with the sweaty endorphins ❤️
1️⃣ Sprint Intervals - I usually do 10 secs off 20 secs on for 10 mins! These make you the jellyest of women’s but they’re great cos they’re so quick 👏🏻👏🏻
2️⃣ HIIT Circuits - squat jumps/elevated jump lunges/toe taps. This is just an example of a circuit but they’re the easiest thing to create and prob the most fun for the brain too 💅🏼
3️⃣ Stairmaster Intervals - fast walk into lunges (skip a step). I tend to do 1 min of each for 20 mins. I find swapping between walking and lunging helps keep my brain focused as I personally find this the most boring form of cardio lol but still love it cos it gives you a bit of a booty burn too (and I can watch vlogs while I do it he heee)🌚👏🏻
ALSO I purely filmed all 3 methods for the purpose of this video in one go, usually I do one method per cardio session!
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First bench session in 2 months. Previously I could do 225 for a 3x5 but I only did 225 for 2 reps (could've had 3) then went down to my working set of 185 for 5x5. Highkey sick of running the ICF 5x5 but still on it to chase the elusive 405 conventional deadlift. Also if you're in League City, TX you definitely have to check out this gym. Best gym I've ever been to hands down. @gymshark

Roman Iron Gym

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As one of the most common and impactful lower extremity injuries among the athletic population, especially in females, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are frequently examined in the scientific literature to determine ways to reduce their incidence. While complete prevention is ideal, it is simply not possible due to many uncontrollable variables. Instead, we strive for injury reduction.
To reduce the rate of an injury, we must first understand how it occurs. ACL injuries generally share three common characteristics:
- 1. They are usually non contact. While direct impact to the leg may be associated with an ACL rupture, the injury is more common during movements such as landing, pivoting, and decelerating.
- 2. They usually happen at the position of no return which was defined by Dr. Ireland as hip internal rotation and adduction, knee valgus with minimal flexion, and tibial external rotation on a pronated, externally rotated foot.
- 3. They usually occur during dynamic movements with relatively high loads to the knee. You're unlikely to tear your ACL while walking around the park.
One way to combat these issues is by addressing neuromuscular imbalances. Neuromuscular imbalances, defined in the referenced study as "muscle strength or activation patterns that lead to increased joint load", may put an individual at risk for injury by exposing the ACL to excessive forces. The four neuromuscular imbalances are ligament dominance, quadriceps dominance, leg dominance, and trunk dominance.
Throw up a 🤚 if you want to know the differences and tag a friend!

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Boa Noite! Vá tentando. Continue tentando. E quando você achar que já tentou demais, tente de novo. A Vitória consiste não para quem tem sorte. E para aqueles que colecionam Experiências!!!!
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Transamerica Expo Center

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This was my finisher for chest tonite. Great finisher. I got such a great pump to end the nite. Cable pull overs. The key to this exercise is to take the ropes and almost spread them apart at the end to activate the squeeze in your pecs. I don’t focus on the weight being pulled but more the squeeze at the end. Lay out far enough that you get a stretch in your chest when your arms are extended. Keep your arms locked with just a slight bend at the elbows. Pull over and fucking SQUEEZEEE!!!! Add these into your chest routine and I’m for sure you’ll like it. #allornothing #chest #bodybuilding #instafit #gaintrain #pecs #drive #heart #desire #movethatweight #npc #ifbb #alphamale #dadbod #freakfrompa

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"Ao Vivo e a Cores" esta no topo das música mais tocadas do brasil...🇧🇷💗

👉sigam: @mundoanitters E @blog_anittaa 👈💗

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Throw back to NYE in LA 💕

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I don’t diet. I don’t run miles and miles (well maybe back when I was running track and oh yea,🙃when I was training for the Broad Street Run last year😆) I LIFT! And I love it. 💪🏽 Today I stepped back in the gym and gave 💯. My schedule gets hectic but one thing is for certain and ✌🏽things for sure...I will always be Fit. For. Life.
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It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs. #fitfam #fit #fitness #fitnessfirst #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #offseason #bulking #girlsthatlift #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #lift #beastmode #iron #instafit #gym #traindirty #fitspo #dontquit #workhard #figure

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my favorite tricep exercise👌🏽 single cable pull downs


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*insert motivational fitness quote*

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