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Meanwhile in the alley... #Ninjas #CantBuffThis #OnceAVandalAlwaysAVandal

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INDECLINE proudly presents “DEATH METALS”. “GolDome,” a former gold ore processing mill, is located in the Mojave National Preserve. The mill was closed in 1994 and classified as a “Superfund Site” by the Environmental Protection Agency due to the hazardous substances left behind. Some of the substances include: deadly amounts of cyanide, contaminated heavy metals and hydroxide, all of which cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem.
This project is meant to protest man’s quest for wealth at the expense of our earth and her natural resources. It took 8 people over the course of 6 days. #INDECLINE
Projects like these are made possible by your contributions to the collective. To support INDECLINE visit www.thisisindecline.com. 100% or proceeds go towards creating new projects and standing up for injustice. Help us fight for those who can’t.
Billy Strings “Red Rocking Chair”
Eco-Friendly Paint Sponsorship: Sugar Artists’ Acrylic by
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