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🍑⚡️ Bubble Butt Here We Come @caseylovesfitness 🏋️‍♂️🔥
15reps x 3sets - each leg | Banded Donkey Kicks
15reps x 3sets - each leg | Banded Side Plank Hip Abduction
15reps x 3sets - each leg | Banded Glute Bridges
15reps x 3sets - each leg | Banded Plank Straight Leg Raises ~ 📹: @kevinostaj ~ ❣️ LETS GET IT 🔥
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[Massage and Foot Spa]
Do you like massage?
Yuan Massage is famous among shipbuilders who barely sit all day.
You can take from foot spa to the special massage that ease your muscle.
#nagasaki #japan
Tag your friends 👇👇👇💋
who love massages🔥 .
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ほぐしCafe 遊庵

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Even their fitness center is ridiculous! DM me for a private tour @livetenthousand #nestseekers

Ten Thousand

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Refreshing breakkie bowl!
125g light greek yogurt
60g frozen raspberries
10g bran
40g banana
Sprinkle of cinnamon
35ml sugar free maple syrup
1/4 granny smith apple (between 2 bowls)
1 tsp natural pb (10g)
Calories: 283 | Carbs: 32g | Fat: 11g | Protein: 14g

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Throw back to NYE in LA 💕

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New Merch Alert 🚨 @officialstarfitclub 🧢 👕


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Salam Clap Clap, Freeatletes !!! SIAPKAH KAMU UNTUK WORKOUT LAGI MALAM INI ??!! after tarwih siap siap untuk kembali menggila dengan menu ramuan untuk yang benar benar menguji determinasi kamu sembari membuka weekend dengan keringat bahagia...😂😂😁😁😁
Workout Tonight, Standout Tomorrow! •

Ajak teman yang menurutmu sudah darurat butuh latihan keras..
Kenakan pakaian olahraga ternyamanmu, bawa matras dan hidrasi favoritmu !

tak sabar menunggu untuk jatuh bangun lagi bersama kamu !!! 😂😂😂 see ya!

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Leg day!
For years I never ever hit a serious leg day. I was always to busy working on my “beach muscles” and didn’t realize what I was doing. Legs are the structure to your body, the base. They’re where your power comes from and some of the largest muscles in your body.
When I finally realized I had twig legs it was too late! I had to put in some serious work to grow my legs and I did. I squatted everyday for months and honed in on making some serious leg gains. I learned to love the squat rack, it was my alter and I was there everyday no mater what. Blood, sweat and lots of tears went into forming my legs and it wasn’t easy.
I still squat multiple times a week not including a full leg day, some will say it’s over training but those people are soft.
Long story short, never skip leg day....ever! It’s so important when you want to change your body and get stronger. So next time your about to train arms for the 4th time in a row, think of those legs and how’ll they’ll look in 6 months!
Leg day>all days!

Cornwall, New York

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Clark Kent Front Double

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One day or Day One, which one is it? If you decide Day One let’s roll. I’m helping serious contenders work on their results for our upcoming June Transformation Challenge.
Message me your goal if you’re ready to make a change for Summer 💪

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Run Month - Day 22
Brought the whole family tonight!! ...still walkin, but Stayin active and finding time! #veryunderstandingwife #dadbod #dadlife #runmonth2018 #worstpacescenario
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Da pump!
Having a super long week working up in Coxsackie NY. Currently running hundreds of feet of under ground wire and pipe, covered in mud and gnats all day but can’t be missing the gym.
At times it’s hard to keep pushing and I just want to lay down and rest but I can’t stop. I’m to motivated to not go to the gym everyday. Once you have a reason to go and stop making excuses it’s easy! Think of the big picture, what your doin for yourself. Simply put yourself first, being tired isn’t an excuse. Im telling you anyone can do this shit, it’s all mental. Your mind will work against you until you make it work for you, that’s the key.
Despite being tired (again...not an excuse) I managed to hit a nice arm workout with lex . I’ve been really focusing on isolating my biceps to create a nice peak kinda like a mountain. As for triceps it’s been more focus on each individual part. The triceps are split into 3 sections
1. Long head
2. Medial head
3. Lateral head
Training all of these individually gives your triceps really nice shape and overall good symmetry.
Just remember, train like Arnold is watching! Happy hump dayyy y’all!

Anytime Fitness Cornwall, NY

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The Simple Bare Necessities.
💯 sleep💤
💯 water 💙
💯 UnderArmour Sleepwear 👖👕
💯facial routine and hydrating mask🧖‍♀️
💯brush and floss 😬
💯greet your loved ones goodnight 💫
💯reflect all the good and great things you have accomplished for the day 💖

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Another chest day in the books!!!!📚📚

So damn happy with how my chest is forming! 3 weeks down!!

15 lbs down and feel like a million bucks!

Consistency is 🗝🗝

Stay on track and have discipline and good things will happen. I promise you that!!

Progress baby!


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@signaturefitnessnj @1stphorm @joeyswoll

Signature Health & Wellness Center

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Live you dream
I believe everyone was born for a purpose. Some people might loose site of it and others don’t. When your working for that purpose it can be hard to stay on track but you can do it. You have to do it for yourself, dig deep down and truly do what you believe in. Not for this person or that person but for you! You can accomplish anything you put you’re mind too if you work as hard as possible. It’s better to try and fail then to say what if.
Keep working towards that dream or goal, don’t loose site of it. One day it’s gonna all be worth it but you have to believe that first! See your dream laid out in front of you! Do it!
Can’t wait for this week to be over, need some serious time to rest my body. Happy almost weekend! He’s a epic picture to set those Friday feels and to go explore shit!

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Just cause it’s Friday doesn’t mean you can’t put that work in. Can’t wait to get out and explore this weekend! Happy Friday peeps! Go get at it!🏋🏻‍♂️

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530pm crew making this sweat fest look good!
Every 2 minutes for 40 minutes:
1- 400m run
2 - 30 burpees
3 - 450/375m row
4 - 20 box step ups 24/20 + 15 V-ups
#somuchwork #gettingitdone

#emom #stamina #conditioning #sweat #cardio #bodyweight #running #burpees #rowing #stepups #vups #530crew #crossfitcommunity #fitfam #fitfriends #itcfcommunity #irontaloncrossfit #itcf @crossfit @train_ftw

Iron Talon CrossFit

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I don’t only flex on mountains and at the gym...I flex anywhere💪🏻

South Street Seaport, Pier 17

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