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Father & daughter - that’s Love right there looking back at me!

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I love when someone captures me #smiling! I never knew what a stressful situation I grew up in until I became an adult. I just thought it was "normal." Nowadays I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and a lifetime of negative thought patterns that I've had to learn how to catch myself in and turn around.
But, because of this, I value smiles and laughter and happiness so much. I value people so much who have had a positive impact on my life and I never forget the people who have helped me along the road. Now that I've learned that I can bring my own sunshine, it's been a journey every day to change my future into something much more exciting than my past.

To all the sufferers of depression or other mental disorders out there, YOU DO HAVE A CHANCE! <3

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A friend caught this photo of me :)

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Ever feel like a failure? Or like you just have to get it ‘perfect’ in order for whatever your doing to be good enough?? .
Today at church the Pastor talked about how perfection and excellence were different. He talked about how God doesn’t expect us to be ‘perfect’ (because no one is), but he does expect us to be excellent. .
This really resonated with me, because it’s something I’ve had to learn over the years. Everything we do should be done by giving our all, but we have to understand that sometimes we’re going to mess up, we’re going to make mistakes, we’re even going to fail at times... and that’s just a part of life. .
Over the last couple years, I’ve had to learn that living IN my struggles, shortcomings, insecurities, and failures of trying to find ‘perfection’, is NOT an option. When I put my identity in my performance, I will fail every time because I’m trying to achieve this idealism of perfect that’s just not possible. But when I put my identity in God and give my all, the difference is huge. .
It’s been a long road since trying to learn that. But when you feel defeated, stuck, or discouraged like I did after a rough journey... let me just remind you: .
This is a battle. Don’t step up camp in the middle of the struggle. Get up & fight back at the fear, lies, and the insecurity. Remember your identity is not in how ‘perfect’ you do or don’t do something. It’s not in how many people ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you. .
Your identity is found in God alone. We should strive everyday to live in excellence and not perfection, for Him. Stop being defeated by your failures or insecurities. You are not a victim. You walk in victory. And even if you’re not at your destination or where you think you should be, it doesn’t mean you’re at a dead end. This middle ground is where you find your defining moments. .
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Wichita, Kansas

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This guy right here, he is pretty damn magnificent. No matter what, he loves his children with a fierceness, do not mess with his babies. They are his blood, his life force his life. There are no perfect parents, but he is pretty damn perfect to us. Happy Father’s Day Baby ❤️. #familyiseverything #familyfirst #familyforever #lovemyfam #habitandhome #mytinytribe #nestingly #thepursuitofjoyproject #littlestoriesofmylife #thatauthenthicfeeling #makemoment #thehappynow #simpleandstill #myeverydaymagic #choosejoy #dad #father #fathersday #utah #ipreview @preview.app

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My daddy is someone I’ll always look up to for a million reasons. He means everything to me and I love him a lot. He may not tell you that he’s the best dad and he might tell you he went into fatherhood without ever being taught what a good father looked like, but if you ask me, he’s the best dad in the world and is a natural at leading and loving his family, always pointing us to what matters most in life, which is Jesus. Exactly what a good father does. He’s also the sweetest grandpa and adores his grandchild! Cal loves him and the yummy popcorn he makes. ❤️ Happy Father’s day to all the other dad’s out there, and to those who have never known a good earthly father or maybe you don’t have a dad here, God in heaven is the greatest father anyone could ever ask for. His arms are so full of love and grace and he yearns to call us his children. He’s the best example of a father that there ever was, or ever will be. You matter to him on this father’s day. 💛

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Kale Caesar salad with Turkey Zucchini Cilantro meatballs (recipe below), almonds, walnuts, avocado and @sietefoods ranch chips. This is on my list of legit ideal meals! 
Turkey Zucchini-Cilantro meatballs:
1 pound of ground turkey thigh, 1 small shredded carrot, 1 small chopped onion, 1 shredded zucchini, 1 egg, 1/4 c of chopped fresh cilantro, 1/4 c fresh chopped parsley, black pepper, lots of paprika, garlic powder, @primalpalate adobo seasoning, pink salt and a dash of turmeric. Hand mix all ingredients together and form into balls. Place on a baking sheet sprayed with @chosenfoods avocado oil and bake at 400F for 20-25 minutes. enjoy! #healthymoodsf

San Francisco, California

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Efy at Flagstaff was awesome! We definitely saw miracles and I had a great time! #efy2018Flagstaff1 #choosejoy #week2

Flagstaff, Arizona

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Ok, just a couple more because they make my heart so happy! We braved going out to eat to celebrate this awesome dad, and we made it! And afterward, we danced on the benches outside, and had to be jumped down from the planter boxes again and again. ❤️

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H A P P Y F A T H E R S D A Y ! ! !
To those who are working hard and still present with their families.
To those who are learning to be single dads and appreciating these moments.

To those who have stepped up to raise children as their own.

To those who are merciful, and patient in this learning experience of parenting. Parenting with grace and much LOVE.

To those who are patiently waiting for their own children.

You should know that you are appreciated! You are NEEDED! You are someone’s hero! You are someone’s first love!
This world needs you. Your children need you!
No matter what this world says, we believe GOOD men are out there. We stand beside you, but most importantly GOD Goes before you and He’s ALWAYS ready to pick you up when you feel down.
I’m thankful for the strong men God has placed around us to encourage and build of the body of Christ.
YOU are NOT alone!
Sending special prayers to ALL men! #RestInHimBlog

Santa Ana, California

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This is so true. No matter what you are going through, remember you have the power to choose how you feel and how you react. Don't let negative thoughts bring you down. The mind is a battle field and in order to win you've got to keep your head above the waves. Keep your mind focused on the positives! Keep going and never ever give up!
Your stronger than you think.

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Saw this billboard while navigating the crazy streets of P-town with @twfetters earlier today. #choosejoy #bejoy

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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Duck 👏 Confit 👏 Eggs 👏 Benedetto 👏 so good, @tiramisu_bistro! 😍

Tiramisu Bistro-Edmonton

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|| We are pretty lucky. #happyfathersday

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Douse yourself in #rosequartz & watch what happens. Especially when it’s a custom #Mala handmade with 💗💗💗 by @trishasoul #magic #love #lifeisbeautiful @who_let_da_monk_out #thinkpink #rockon #crystals #choosejoy 💕✌️🙏

San Diego, California

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Our best seller this weekend was definitely our cactus collection!
We can’t wait to see all the fun ways you party! Be sure to tag us in your pics so we can share! 🎉💃🏻🌵

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Take time to do things that make you feel good. Or better than you’re currently feeling.

(Even if it’s lying in bed eating dark chocolate, rolling around in happy baby pose, while reading a good book and trying not to feel suffocated by your monthly cramps.)

Even if it means skipping a live video you’re supposed to do and putting it off to another day. Because your emotional health is important and affects how well you can help other people.

Let me repeat that.

Your emotional health is IMPORTANT!

Give me a ❤️ in the comments if you agree.

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Walk with me through the hoops of my journey from scientist to spiritual podcaster in an interview I did on the Dirt in Your Skirt @dirtinyourskirt podcast!

Being on the other side of the mic is always intense, and I love it. 🤣 It gives me so much perspective and respect for all the people who are willing to share with me through DFB.

I also can't help but get all adamant about shit I believe in when I'm being interviewed (or really maybe all the time...), and I do plenty of that in this episode.

Check it out, it's episode 108 on the Dirt in Your Skirt podcast, and I've linked to it for the time being in my profile at the bottom of the list.

If you listened to it, what did you think?! Xo

Amazing forest art by @spencerjbyles and photo by Leo Fry.

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This woman is getting me so clear on the power and responsibility of sacred service. As we give we receive. There is no other way. #lynnemctaggart @lynne.mctaggart

Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Happiest Father's Day to my husband. Words can't explain how wonderful you are to our children. I could sit here and write out how amazing you are but, I want to get off my phone and play with the kids and you. Thanks for being the wonderful man you are.

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Wanna know a fun fact about Motherhood? ...you appreciate Fatherhood that much more... because watching your Dad & Husband love on your child is pretty indescribable! Happy Father's Day to the BEST. DADS. EVER. ☺️

-❤ Alexandria #FallingRightSideUp
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Happy Father’s Day two these two amazing dads. Thank you for the endless laughs, love and support. We love you both so much!

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My senior year of high school, a newspaper reporter called our house to interview my dad about my track season. When he asked my dad what it would mean to him if I won the state track meet in my two hurdling events, my dad said, “We delight in Sarah whether she wins or not.”
I have always known my dad’s delight in me. I knew it when I was five-years-old and he laughed uproariously at my childish jokes. I knew it when I was in sixth grade and he prayed with me before every track meet. I knew it when he drove me 15 hours to my college in California, the sunroof open to the starry night sky above us. I knew it when I told him I had been accepted into my dream graduate program in philosophy and his “That is absolutely wonderful!” skipped across the room with joy. And I knew it when I got sick and was no longer able to run fast, or pursue degrees, or even carry a full-time job, and his eyes still lit up when he saw me.
When I was empty, weak, and unimpressive, with little to offer the world, my dad delighted in me. His delight helps me understand the heart of Father God, who rejoices in us when we have nothing to give Him but our tender, broken hearts.
Thank you, Dad, for using your life to point me to the heart of God.
I love you.
Happy Father's Day, Daddio!

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Wishing the best man I know and Dad to our crazy crew a very happy Father’s Day!! ⠀

If I write a sappy post about how much I love you and what a great Dad you are, I’ll end up crying. 😂 So instead, I will simply say...thanks for crawling around on the ground so I don’t have to! 😂😂 The kids and I love you the most!! 😘

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“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” - (John 15:22)
3 Thieves of JOY
1. Comparison
2. Fear/Anxiety
3. Weakness

What to do if your JOY is stolen…
A. Joy is a gift and can be accessed at all times - it's not based on what circumstances you are facing - psalm 98:4
B.Joy can be given (psalm 45:7)
Look not just for God to give you strength, for HE is your strength…look to HIM alone
C. if it’s stolen from you, it won’t walk back to you, you must SEEK it. #joy #joyofthelordismystrength #seekpeace #verseoftheday #hope #havehope #choosejoy #choosingjoy #amen #devotionoftheday #liveforgod #godsword

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