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📮 FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY 📮 Created by a holistic esthetician @leahlaniskincare’s Champagne Serum was one of the first products I experienced from Leahlani, and I still absolutely adore it. A few drops used every evening and I wake up to calm, dewy skin! 🍃 It is also amazing for reducing redness, and evening the skin tone 🙏🏼⠀⠀
You can shop Leahlani Skincare from @eveorganics and use code LIBERTYGREEN for FREE SHIPPING within Australia until midnight tonight. Link in bio to shop now xx 💕⠀⠀
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A day waltzing around the city shopping and eating and discovering fabulous places like @credobeauty 💄👯‍♀️🍦. Hashtags .
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Deliciosa velada ahorita mismo en @elmotetepty junto a @viviendohandmade y @supergpty hasta las 8pm con degustación 🥂 y 🧀, y muchos premios y sorpresas 🙌🏼🛍🍃

Casco Viejo

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All Natural Green Tea Facial Scrub fresh from the blender to your face! We pride ourselves on handmaking custom products that fit our customers. Check out for Facial Friday for our specials!

Essential Body Bar

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Day sixteen: SHAVING CREAM!
I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely not one of those girls that can go without shaving gel and have to have something to later on my skin before I shave. For years I had been using full fragrance shaving cream that was jam packed with allergens and potential carcinogens. Good stuff, right? No. Once I found out what I was using on my legs.. I quickly sought alternatives, thus Dr. Bronner! We use this brand for our body wash and you simply cannot go wrong with these products. They are organic, fair-trade, and completely all natural! Even their fragranced products are only given fragrance from all-natural essential oils. These products do the job and do it the RIGHT (and healthy!) way. Anyone else tried this for shaving? 🌿✨ #healthyisbeautiful

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After having had the pleasure of interviewing various brand founders, I started thinking that it would be interesting to learn from another kind of skin expert. I have enjoyed Angela's account @wholisticskinandcare since I first started this page, so I instantly thought of her for this interview, and was overjoyed when she kindly accepted to answer all of my questions. Scroll through to read Angela's thoughts on themes such as exfoliation, sunscreen or aging... I hope you will enjoy her answers as much as I did!

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Picking up my @meekabody order today for you guys ✨ organic, natural body care! Love the skin you’re in ✨

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📸 @sosodoesmakeup -
I'm talking to the shadows
1 o'clock to 4
And Lord, how slow the moments go
When all I do is pour
Black Coffee
Since the blues caught my eye 🎶 .
Wearing @bitebeauty #frenchpresslipgloss in Black Coffee ☕️ is it weird that I love how it’s settling into my lip wrinkles here? .
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San Diego, California

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It's a vibe. 👌🏼

Live Live and Organic

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🍅My Backyard Abundance! Summer candy! Who else? Tell me your favorite ways to enjoy this beautiful fruit...

Avocado🥑 toast with a tomato on top is my go to right now. Give me all the tomatoes!

Canaan, Ohio

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🤕Una fórmula natural para el dolor de cabeza 🤕 💊En las crisis de cefalea tensional (la más común) se usan analgésicos y antiinflamatorios: 🍃¿Un analgésico y antiinflamatorio con efectos probados en distintos estudios científicos? La Menta piperita, que se usa para fatiga mental, dolor de cabeza, migraña, neuralgia, etc🍃
👉🏼Diluí/mezclá 50 gotas de aceite esencial de Menta [Mentha x piperita] cada 100ml de aceite vegetal (puede ser girasol, coco, jojoba, almendras, etc.). Llená un envase con tapa roll-on, o el que quieras (de vidrio o PET), y frotá el aceite en la sien (al lado de los ojos), la nuca, y la frente (si no te vas a exponer al sol). Usalo cuantas veces quieras
✍🏼 Si además querés promover la concentración y la memoria, agregale aceite esencial de Romero [Rosmarinus officinalis], sin superar en total las 50 gotas de AE cada 100ml de aceite vegetal (25 gotas de c/u)
👉🏼También podés inhalar aceite esencial de Lavanda [Lavandula angustifolia] puro directamente de la botellita durante 15 minutos, como sugiere un estudio del 2012 para el tratamiento y control de migrañas 🤯¿Una acción más potente? Aplicá la mezcla de aceite de Menta y aceite vegetal en el cuero cabelludo, masajealo y dejalo actuar 30 minutos. Los AE actúan más profundo en las partes del cuerpo donde hay pelos. Esta mezcla de paso sirve para estimular la circulación y el crecimiento del pelo, y se usa para la caspa y la dermatitis seborreica
💧¿Un recurso al alcance de todos? Agua. Tomá mucha y contrarrestá los efectos deshidratantes del café, bebidas endulzadas y alcohol
🚫Seguridad: Hay distintos tipos de dolores de cabeza, y siempre tenés que consultar al médico porque puede haber una condición subyacente (esta publicación es sólo educativa)📚No aplicar AE de Menta en niños; evitar en heridas abiertas y pieles sensibles; evitar ante fibrilación cardíaca y deficiencia de G6PD
🛒En mi historia destacada que dice Insumos, te cuento dónde conseguir todo (envases también).
📩¡Los workshops de agosto y septiembre están agotados! Escribime a duba@mividabotanica.com. Vemos Aceites esenciales y productos naturales para el cuerpo, velas de soja y más✨🍃

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So many newbies, so little time! 💕
#boscia Rosewater Mist with Witch Hazel a refreshing mix for refreshed skin and an afternoon pick-me-up! ☀️💦 #socobotanicals Austin-based wildcrafted skincare line that aims to simplify your regimen! Can’t wait to test out their bestselling anti-aging facial elixir made from plant & flower extracts. Detailed review to come... My latest work project is their grand opening here in Austin!
#bumblebizz journal peeking in this shot ☺️—————————————————
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🌈 I went into August with such a positive mindset and I’m reallllllyyy being tested let me tell ya. I’ve been more stressed recently than I ever have been (mostly job related). One of my favorite things to do to unwind is to put a face mask on (Orgins Charcoal Mask), lay in bed, and put on Friends or Parks and Recs. •

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So... I recently took the plunge and invested in @younglivingeo’s essential oils! 🌿 Before I made the decision, I contacted my friend @rgalv1988 who is so knowledgeable about oils. She was patient and answered EVERY question I had lol. Please reach out to her if you’re interested! I always knew I wanted to start my non-toxic journey and I’m so excited to start with essential oils. I also recently switched to an ALL natural skincare routine too! I’m so amazed at how something this simple has really supported me mentally and physically. I plan on doing a YouTube video on this soon (please subscribe 😊 www.youtube.com/misschriscash) and I’m SO excited to share it with you. If you’d like to get started in the EO world, create a member (no commitment) account and you get 24% off with my link: https://yl.pe/8qrh which I’ll link in the bio! ✨ —
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Silver Spring, Maryland

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My new shampoo and conditioner. No sulfates ,vegan,toxin free,and ethically sorced. This shampoo has taken my thin dry brittle hair and turned it to healthy beautiful hair in a week. This professional hair care definetly works. Thanks for helping me be a more beautiful me.#teadora #teadorabeauty #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #sulfatefree #veganhaircare

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I’m just a girl, standing in front of a flower wall, wishing to be back at @simply LA! 💁🏻‍♀️ #tbt #simplyLA

The Americana at Brand

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We created a line of luxurious aromatherapy soaps, that are handcrafted in Florida.
We wanted to give people a “little me time,” and the ability to transform their bath or shower time into your own personal spa to help yourself unwind.
Our HoneyBee Naturals, Luxe Collection line consists of 6 soaps. Made with @FreshfromFlorida ingredients of pure, raw, unfiltered honey and honey derivatives with the purest essential oils and natural plant based extracts.
1. Bee Pollen Citrus Honey Mint- Invigorate
2. Chocolate Honey Decadence- Indulge
3. Honey Orange Blossom Spice- Calm
4. Lavender Honey- Relax
5. Propolis Cool Mint- Refresh
6. Royal Jelly Lemon Drop- Uplift

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💄Bridesmaid makeup!💄

Toronto, Ontario

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I love pacifica super flower facial oil!🌼 If you dry/sensitive skin like I do, this is a good one!🌿
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The ultimate #cleanbeautybabe
Emma @emmalung wears 👉🏼
@oseamalibu Atmosphere Protection Cream.
@hyntbeauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in Medium Tan.
@olioeosso Balm in No. 2 (French Melon).
@cloveandhallow Lip Velvet in Fiesta.
Shop the look ~ Tap for details!
📷 @emmalung .
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Vintners daughter ($185) - you all knew this review was coming
WHY (are you so obsessed)
I went to my hometown for an engagement party (#headoverhill) and kept hearing that my skin was the best it had ever looked - I had been using @vintnersdaughter for a month and it was obvious that small yet mighty (expensive) product had transformed my skin
WUT (is it)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
@vintnersdaughter active botanical serum is a facial oil that penetrates deep in the skin (like a serum). It is hydrating like a moisturizer and gentle enough to use as an eye cream. BASICALLY, it’s an all-in-one product created to simplify your routine. All you need is to cleanse + tone + vintner
WUT WUT (is in it)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It is said to have the highest concentration of actives and is made of 22 plant-derived oils and extracts
HOW (do I use it)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This is critical: put a few drops in your palms, rub them together and press it into your skin. The rub + press is cousin to the bend + snap (and they both have an 92% success rate)
WHEN (will I see results)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
There was a visible difference in my skin after 3 weeks - so be patient and don’t rage quit after a week

Napa, California

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At Elle Johnson Co., we believe that skincare should be; nurturing to the skin, easy to use, smell delicious, and feel incredible. We bring to you a botanical based skin care line. Gentle, uncomplicated and extremely effective.
Founded by North Carolina native and brand strategist (you've actually seen some of her brand concepts and events on VH1 and Bravo networks), LaVonndra "Elle" Johnson became a skincare enthusiast after witnessing so many women struggle with skin conditions, often times leading to lowered self-esteem and confidence, and a reliance on artificial beauty. Her own battle with extremely oily skin, causing black heads, lead her to seek viable options for skincare. After trying chemical based products, which contained harsh chemicals and caused severe dryness and rash, Elle sought out natural remedies to calm the skin and aid in a clearer and even skin tone.
With a formal background in branding, and after creating stellar platforms for her clients locally and nationally, Elle decided to put her skill set to use and launch her own brand. Known for her knack for design, a key component of the line would be the look and feel. A signature look and luxurious experience is the goal with each product created. Comprised of a simple 1-2-3 format (check out CLEAR 3) the Elle Johnson Co. brand wants your skincare regimen to be simple, yet effective. We believe that all things should be beautiful, even your skin care!
Elle's personal brand mantra: "Effortless, glowing skin; both a necessity and a luxury."
Follow Elle on social media @thebeauteboss

Mercantile Annex 38

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Softer skin = more kisses. The eXO Couple is *just* what your relationship needed. #theexocouple #exoskinsimple #simplicityisradical

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Hi Luvs , Do you have tips on the best place to get a cupping certification? Do you have a certificate yourself ? I’d love to know more ! Thank you ❌⭕️ .
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Exfoliate your sun-drenched skin and get your mo’jo back! Local fair trade Kickapoo coffee and clove essential oil give a great scrub every morning! Coffee is a smell cancelled that makes a great 👍 kitchen soap too!
#coffeesoap #kitchensoap

Madison, Wisconsin

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Did you forget to reapply your sunscreen? Give your irritated, sunburned skin relief with our Soothing Mask Sheet Set. It includes cucumber and aloe sheet masks from several brands to help you undo the sun damage! (Bonus tip)
Keep them in the fridge for an extra refreshing treat!
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