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No one likes cleaning toilets - so spend 5 minutes making these bombs and just drop them in daily! Toilet smells fresh and you don’t have to scrub as often!
Bonus 1 - leave your toilet seat up and your entire bathroom will smell fresh and amazing!
Bonus 2 (for my sinus sufferers) - pop one of these in a bowl of hot water, put a towel over your head, shut your eyes and breathe deeply! It will unclear all your airways and you’ll feel instantly better!

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We don't add sugar, salt, oil or any additives. 
All natural. 
Get spreadin'. @noya.nutbutter

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With kids going back to school and Winter just around the corner, it really is a great time to get the completely natural & effective tools in your home to support your family💜
My top Starter Kits have everything you need for everything from immune support, sniffles, coughs, tummy upsets, muscle & joint discomfort, skin irritations and much MUCH more✨
DM me and I will share with you the kits on promotion plus you will receive exclusive access to my education, support and welcome gift, everything you need to use your oils safely and effectively for all your needs 🌈🌨️⛄ #endofsummerholidays
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My fave colour #green 🌲🌿 Something about this photo though. #inspiration #art #lifeisart #theliaproject #alcoholfree #rawvegan #cleanliving #vancouverisland #thelittlethings #Repost @lauraponts
Detox. 🌱 #verde #green #verd #bondia

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Good morning!! I hope everyone has awoken on this Monday morning ready for a new week!
If you are the type of person that hates Monday mornings then try these three things. .
1. Get up and move straight away, don’t lie in bed and let negative feelings impact you. . . .
2. Have direct daylight on your face within 15 minutes of getting out of bed. This will help your your circadian rhythm jump start your body into day mode. .
. ☀️ ☀️ 3. Not for the faint hearted - have a cold shower. Not an ice cold shower, a normal shower but just at the end, turn the temperature down to cold for two minutes. This will rejuvenate your skin, make your alert, reduce Internal stress and make you feel refreshed and alert. 😱😱 .
🤗🤗🤗Bonus - give your kid/kids a big hug. After all, there is no one you will love more than your kid and they are why you do it 🤗🤗 .
🤗 #priorities #mondaymorning #newweek #beginnings #balance #revitalise #earlystart

Drammen, Norway

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Sometimes I’m worried to buy expensive products because you never know if they work.
I bought this product at @greensoulcosmetics and it will definitely be one of my favourite ever!
It repair my skin, reduces my blemishes, make my skin really smooth, healthy and regenerated, it visibly helps to renews skin cells overnight!
My momma tried this out and she noticed an improvement for what is about her wrinkles!
There is not much to say but that is really a magic product. Truly amazing. One of the best I’ve ever tried before!
It comes into a beautiful deep blue jar, this beautiful white cream is really light weight and it smells divinely!
I usually apply two drops into my hand and I gently rub it on my face with my eyes closed and deeply breathing.

Do you believe me if I’ll say to you that this product will forever be a part of my skincare and it deserves EVERY SINGLE CENTS spent on it!

“Bella Aura blends modern science with ancient spiritual knowledge drawn from Berber, Chinese, and Mediterranean herbal medicine traditions.”

A volte sono titubante nel comprare prodotti costosi perché non sai mai se funzioneranno davvero.
Ho comprato questo prodotto da @greensoulcosmetics e rimarrà sicuramente uno dei miei preferiti in assoluto!
Ripara la pelle, riduce le imperfezioni, rende il viso liscio, sano e rigenerato, aiuta visibilmente a rinnovare le cellule della pelle durante la notte! Non ho mai provato NIENTE DI SIMILE!
Mia mamma dopo qualche utilizzo ha notato un miglioramento per quanto che riguarda le rughette!
Non c'è molto da dire se non che è davvero un prodotto magico.
Veramente stupefacente. Uno dei migliori che abbia mai provato prima!

Si trova in una bellissima boccetta di un blu profondo, la crema biancastra dalla consistenza impalpabile è davvero leggerissima e profuma divinamente!
Solitamente applico due
Mi credete se vi dico che questo prodotto sarà per sempre parte della mia skincare e che merita OGNI SINGOLO CENTESIMO speso?!
"Bella Aura fonde la scienza moderna con antiche conoscenze spirituali tratte dalle tradizioni di medicina erboristica berbera, cinese e mediterranea".


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Reduce your plastic consumption with theses fabulous @bewater.water glass bottles infused with crystals.

Crystals have the ability to purify and neutralise harmful substances, improve the pH-value and oxygen content of water and balance the body energetically.The water also tastes smoother and sweeter too.

Adding rose quartz crystals in your water enhances our self love and improves our relationships with others - you can choose what crystals suit your needs on their website.
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Doesn’t look attractive but tastes super yummy 😋

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It’s just one of those days for me today ✨ health isn’t just about the supplements and the veggies it’s about overall caring for your body ✨ let’s all be happy and healthy inside and out!

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Abdominal bloating, cramps, swollen and tender breasts, acne, changes in mood, digestive upsets, fluid retention... sound familiar? Premenstrual symptoms are extremely common but it’s actually not normal to experience these. PMS is a sign that something is not quite right and your body is trying to let you know so it’s important to see a health practitioner to determine the cause such as an underlying hormonal imbalance, PCOS, endometriosis or uterine fibroids. There are many dietary, lifestyle and herbal remedies that can correct any imbalances and support these conditions to ensure you feel your best each and every month 🤸🏼‍♀️ 📸 @thecolourstudy

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Recycling and reusing old essential oil bottles to make my own blends .... tonight I’m trying “Peace Out” .... Lemongrass , clary sage and patchouli... 💗😍 #essentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #relaxing #mondaymotivation #lemongrass #clarysage #patchouli #blends #diffuser #recycle #reuse #flowers #unwind #wellness #wellbeing #lookafteryourself #clearthemind #healthylifestyle #cleanliving #naturalremedies #oillove #oils #oilblends

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Imagine what would happen if you put yourself first?
If you didn’t quit.
If you took care of your health and well-being.
You’ve got this!
Happy Monday xoxo

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Today the sun came out just long enough to enjoy a homemade organic veggie breakkie ~al fresco~ (in the dreary day August drizzle). Just waiting for my enormous pot of minestrone to finish cooking and ill be just about ready to turn in 🙈😴 discussing our futures over breakkie, no better way to spend a Monday than with a friend 💕 @kirstenpannekoek

Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia

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20/08/2018 • Küchenliebe • Ich freue mich jedesmal wenn ich die Küche sehen. Würde aber auch hier wieder was anders machen. Ein Vorratsraum hinter der Küche - das wär so toll. Dafür die Küche einbisschen kleiner. Nichts desto Trotz liebe ich die. Und ich habe mir entschieden das ich an die Wand (hier rechts im Bild) anbringen. Momentan läuft es bei mir mit Entscheidungen treffen 🤩
Hoffe ihr freut euch auch dann wie ich 💖 Wünsche allen einen schönen Start ins die Woche. •
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The perfect salad! 🙌


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Thanks so much to @jodiejackmanyoga for your kind donation of $500 to the @whiteribbonaust foundation. You can support our chosen charity this Saturday at @burleighstudio our Lifestyle Essentials Event 11am to 4pm #thelifestyleessentialsclub #essentials #whiteribbon #cleanliving

Burleigh Studio

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@tonicarlstrom putting our muslin bags to use as cheese bags ~ so many uses for these versatile bags 🙌 what would you use them for?

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