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“We have an obligation globally with climate change and water scarcity to together to prevent a disaster on this National Heritage Listed Fitzroy River and learn from lessons of the Murray Darling Basin” -
Dr Anne Poelina ⍣ ⍣ ⍣ ⍣

Kimberley Traditonal Owners met with State Government representatives in Perth today during the first ever gathering of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council.

The Aboriginal body will urge the government and industry to support the council as the new Traditional Owner representative group for management of the Fitzroy River and its catchment. Read more on our website.

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Every time I get on the water in falsebay I am astounded at the beauty of the place but I am also reminded of the changes I have seen in the last 30years of diving there. The changes in the fish life which has diminished greatly since I first started diving as a teenager. In the protected area of the MPA’s there is a noticeable increase in fish stocks which is good to see, we must just be careful that these areas remain protected as there are some who are attempting to break down the laws governing the protection of these important areas. #conservation #mpa #fishlife #kelp #falsebay #fishermen #southafrica #nikon #nauticam #capepoint #nationalparks

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❤🦏 how many horns in 1 photo?

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A #Repost from our friend @abc4explore

Reposting this despicable dirty secret about @Starbucks supporting the slaughter of Sharks & the SharkFin trade, WTF! @oceanicpreservationsociety- Hey @Starbucks, we need to talk. It’s time for you to cut ties with Maxim's and the dirty Hong Kong shark fin trade.
JUST RELEASED via @wildaidhk:
Maxim's Secret Shark Fin Menus Revealed, as Starbucks Stays Silent on Issue:
@wildaid activists have obtained documentary evidence of shark fin being offered for sale on à la carte shark fin menus in multiple Maxim's restaurants across Hong Kong. This is despite claims by Maxim's Catering Limited that in 2017 it had become "the first Chinese restaurant chain to completely phase out shark fin dishes from our à la carte menus; and it was completed in 2017".
Further, WildAid activists found that many of the secret shark fin menus offered by Maxim's are titled “The Premium”, implying a coordinated effort by Maxim's Marketing Department to promote shark fin across its many outlets. This contradicts Maxim's claim that it has been “promoting shark-free menus since 2010”, as it has clearly been doing the opposite.
Maxim's may have removed shark fin from their main à la carte menus, but they have made the controversial dish available on different à la carte menus usually kept under the counters at the majority of their 55 Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. By the use of clever wording Maxim's have misled the Hong Kong public into believing that it phased out shark fin sales entirely in 2017.

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Today I have for you a negative post about my job, but more the state of what our society thinks is ‘ok’
I’m always told by my friends are family how amazing my job is and how incredible my photos looks, you always put your best self online I guess, so here goes for today the horrible side of my job.
Today I found in the creek;
Countless bottles
Countless bit of pollysturene
Countless bit of single use plastic in various sizes
A vhs tape
A stake knife
Children’s stroller
Half a $fivea
Baby wipes
A parking fine
Clothes rack
Green bags
Items of clothing
Suit case x 2
Chemical container
Drivers license
Old mobile phone
Multiple homemade bongs
Ratchet strap
Realestate signs
Spray paint
Nurf bullets
Washing basket
Vacuum cleaner
iPhone charger
Bone shaped cousin
Tape deck
Deck chair
Human shit ( stood in by a workmate )
All of this in a stretch of 1.5km of creek. And none of this was dumped ( except the human turd that or obviously dumped 🙄)
It’s all come down the creek in storm water. So there is the not so warm fuzzies of my Work, doesn’t make you feel good about the world.
Would love to hear people thoughts on this? as I’m fresh out of ideas.
Something needs to change
#waronwaste #litter #healthwaterways #polluted #cleanupaustralia #melbourne #enviromentaleducation #enviromentalproblems #urbanwaterways #Conservation

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Some days i wish i have thick toxic skin 😂

Sketch of the day no 1195 in my moleskine art journal: long horned cowfish.
#cowfish #tropicalfish #marinelife #conservation #natureinspired #pendrawing #mymoleskine #sketchbook #quoteoftheday #sketchoftheday #instaarte #artist #huffpostarts #boxfish #marinelife

Penang, Malaysia

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So grateful for you Radi.

Yesterday was really a hard day. 🏥
A day of emergency hospitals - here and far, pain, tears, and an indescribable fear for my loved ones.

Life can throw you some serious curve balls and nothing can prepare you for what's around the corner, however no matter what the situation - you can always choose to see the positives.

The positive was a hard wake up call, a lesson to embrace the bigger picture, a gratitude for health and love.
A chance to rechoose my priorities, and a reminder to appreciate health, relationships and family. Because at the end of the day, that's all that truly matters.
Thank you for being my rock. ♥ miluji tě x

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

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'Travel has evolved from the adage of taking only photos and leaving only footprints. The world’s wild places need us to do better than that. Now it’s about taking memories and leaving a legacy.' - @jossakent founder and CEO of @andbeyondtravel -- link in bio -- #wildlifephotography #conservation #transformationaltravel #adventure #zebrastripes

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Day 4 - Image 1 - #Takeover @jasonflorio - Conservationists remain divided over whether to #dehorn rhinos—and what to do with the horn. Proponents of the practice say a controlled trade in horn is the only way to ensure that the rhinos are more valuable alive than dead, and the revenue would enable owners and breeders to protect animals whose security is otherwise unaffordable; opponents say it mutilates animals and deprives them of their primary means of defence, at least temporarily. In 2015, two breeders in South Africa, supported by many scientists, sued the government to lift its moratorium on trading rhino horn, arguing that the measure had inadvertently created the black market. After protracted litigation, South Africa’s highest court in 2017 came down on the side of dehorning, lifting the ban on trading horn within the country. That decision, however, has had limited effect: Few legal trades have been completed, and international trading is still banned by treaty. - Jason Florio / floriophoto.com
The rhino population in Africa has fallen by more than 95 percent since 1900, to just 21,000 southern white rhinos and 5,000 black rhinos; 80 percent of those animals are in South Africa’s game reserves and on ranches. In a response to the dire situation that is facing rhinos in Africa, with rhino poaching at an all-time high, concerned conservationists teamed together to create Rhinos Without Borders. RWB plans to relocate 100 white rhinos from South Africa to safe havens in Botswana, where poaching is almost non-existent. Writer, @ToddPitock, and I joined the first convoy of 15 rhinos to make the 800-mile journey by road from Free State, South Africa to their new home in the Okavango Delta. Read the story here: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/dangerous-work-relocating-5000-pound-rhinos-180969008/
#Rhinorelocation#smithsonianmagazine#botswana#photography#documentary#rhinocerous#savetherhino#poachers#SouthAfrica#jasonflorio#rhinoswithoutborders#OkavangoDelta#FreeState#conservation#R44helicopter#whiterhino #blackrhino #dehorning

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Another day, another turtle 😃#turtles #conservation #mauritius

Blue Bay Mauritius

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Shorebird Silhouette premium tshirt. www.redbubble.com/people/40degreessouth/works/30944368-shorebird-silhouette-black-on-white?p-mens-premium-t-shirt&rbs= #40degreessouth #shorebirds #silhouette #silhouettes #seabirds #tshirt #birds #grebe #sandpiper #redbubble #redbubblecreate #duck #ibis #egret #darter #birdwatching #seashore #fashionnature #sanctuary #nature #environmentalism #conservation #conservationist #biologist #ecosystem

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Swipe left to see the top 5 smallest vertebrate animals in the world.
1. Pygmy rabbit
2. Pygmy marmoset
3. Madame berthe’s mouse lemur
4. Etruscan shrew
5. Speckled padloper tortoise
#animals #animal #birds #facts #pigeon #animalkingdom #fact #animalsofinstagram #wildlife #conservation

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I think I have 2 hedgehogs visiting now. If so, I shall name the second one Dinsdale. This is Spiny Norman from last night. DSLR camera trap.

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It's time for an epic #TongueOutTuesday from our girl Honey Bun!

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Always check those Buzzards sat on a post...

Whitburn, West Lothian

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The ISFAS symposium last weekend was a big success. Thank you to all participants for making it a great event. Looking forward to meeting you again in 2 years.
#isfas #symposium #conference #research #conservation #southamerica #marinemammals #marinemammal #event #meeting #participants #nuremberg #yaqupacha

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Elephant road blocks....I am pretty sure they do it on purpose, always into the road. In areas that are over populated by elephants this can cause negative impact on an area, reducing overall tree coverage, resulting in less diversity. Here we still don’t have enough elephants so the pushed over trees can be a good thing; opening up grassland areas, allowing browsers to access leaves they may not be able to reach. There are no fences in Coutada 9 which means the elephants are free to come and go as they please, as we are not a closed system the elephants are self regulated and will never cause too much damage. #elephants #responsibletourism #nofenses #safarilife #conservation

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A scenic lunch in the bush, this is where we want to be today🇲🇿🇲🇿
📍: Zitundo (Maputo Special Reserve) 📸:@puursonja

Zitundo, Maputo, Mozambique

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Are more people looking at wildlife conservation as a preferred career choice?

A large number of young people have chosen this field as a reasonably well-paying, respectful, engaging career option.

Wildlife photography too is offering thousands of young people a living and is being used to communicate conservation issues.

Ditto for tourism, with many dedicating their lives towards making tourism work for wildlife and for the communities living in and around our wildernesses.

The number of Indians visiting wildlife destinations far outweighs their foreign counterparts; this is a welcome trend, for only if people fall in love with the wild will they try to defend it.

In this five part series, we bring you excerpts from an interview WCT president Dr. Anish Andheria gave to Sanctuary Asia magazine. Link to the full interview in bio.

Photo by WCT

#tiger #savetigers #endangered #nature #naturelovers #animal #animalkingdom #animals #wild #india #biodiversity #forest #outdoors #earth #wildlife #conservation #wildlifeconservationtrust #sanctuaryasia

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Conserve our precious wildlife - start early and make every moment on this planet count!

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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An interesting news I want to share with you from here. The bill to includes 11 species of elasmobranchs (previously 12 before the fairly recent taxonomic arrangement of the genus Mobula by White et al. in 2017) into protected species list of Thailand is passed and will be taking effect in the next 60 days.

The upcoming protected elasmobranch species are
- Reef manta (Mobula alfredi)
- Giant manta (Mobula birostris)
- Shortfin devilray (Mobula kuhlii)
- Giant devilray (Mobula mobular)
- Bentfin devilray (Mobula thurstoni
- Giant freshwater whipray (Urogymnus polylepis)
- Shark ray (Rhina ancylostoma)
- Knifetooth sawfish (Anoxypristis cuspidata)
- Smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata)
- Largetooth sawfish (Pristis pristis)
- Green sawfish (Pristis zijsron)

Obviously, the problem is not magically solved with this listing, but it is encouraging to see the initiative from the agencies involved. Elasmobranchs are mainly caught incidentally in non-selective fisheries, thus requires additional conservation management measures in order to mitigate the intensive exploitation of these vulnerable group in this region. As shown in this photo of a Giant devilray M. mobular (previously known as Mobula japanica before the reclassification) being caught incidentally by a Thai commercial purse seiner.

There might be some update on the listing of the hammerheads, and the Sicklefin devil ray (Mobula tarapacana) faily soon.

#ray #mobula #devilray #elasmobranch #bycatch #fisheries #conservation #conservationphotography @ilcp_photographers

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our Shinisaurus crocodilurus :)... its a awsomme spicies to work with .... there have been a lot of matings this year ....i hope to get babys :)...follow me an my projekts here an on facebook :)
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