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Dưới những cơn mưa 🙃
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Ho Chi Minh City

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The Bryan/ Baker boys #cheekychaps #cousinsgoal #icecreamtime

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Hayden's POV
"I'm sorry, Hayden," Katie whispers as she gets up to follow Hayden. "Katie, don't. I'll go," I say, giving her a warning look. She sits back down grumpily and I hurry inside.
I find Annie in the guest room she's staying in. She's calmly sitting on her bed, scrolling through her phone. I knock on the door to get her attention. "Hey," she says, putting her phone away. I lean against the door frame. "Hey, are you okay?" I ask. She nods. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just... I don't know," she says. "I guess I'm just tired of people asking, especially when I tell them not to." I nod, trying to think of a response. When I can't think of anything, we fall into a long silence. It's not awkward though, it's actually kind of like we grow closer in that amount of time. We're both going through the same thing, and we're going through it together.

After another while, my phone chimes. I pull it out to see my instagram blowing up with people tagging me in the comment section of a video. Annie's phone is doing the same. Before I click on anything, I go sit beside Annie on the bed so we can watch the video together. We both take a deep breath, then I click on the first one I see and the video begins to play.

I'm speechless by the time it's over. Annie's mouth is hanging open. "They... they filmed us again?" she stutters. I nod, unable to speak. The video was of us at Starbucks. "It was someone inside," I say. "Maybe it was a fan-" "Hayden, play the video again," Annie demands. I do as she says. When we've finished watching it once again, she's shaking. "It was one of the people in that group that rolled their eyes at us. That's where they were sitting!" she says. I realize she is right. "And you can hear the name. Andrea something? That's who has been filming us!" By this point, Annie and I both have tears streaming down out faces, and Annie is shaking very badly. With one glance at one another, we wrap our as around each other and stay that way until we drift off to sleep.7 - - - "Hayden?" a voice says from the doorway. I jump, then realize it's just Katie. I jump again when I realize that I'm still laying in the bed with Annie. Quickly and quietly, I slip mic

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✌ Sunday ✌

The Tisha, med stort T från 👉 @anakondakidswear 😍🐶👌

Vilken vecka! 😅
Vi har haft familj å vänner här som hjälpt oss fixa med huset, å lekt massor med barnen och när dom åkte hem för denna gång sov jag till klockan passerade 13! Heeelt slut... MEN vad vi har fått gjort mycket, yay! 🙆‍♀️
Och det har badats i massor till grabbarnas förtjusning, å byggts vattenbanor på stranden med bästa Alice 💙💦

Tack tack tack för all hjälp, SÅ otroligt tacksam... 😌 det blir nog ett hem av Långagärdet tillslut ändå 😘💕💕

Nu trampar vi vidare in i nästa vecka 🚴‍♂️ För nu ska sambon iväg på jobb några dagar och sen... SEN ska stora altandörren sättas in å altan/soldäcket på plats, iihhhh... LÄNGTAR! 🙊😝✌🎉

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Hayden's POV
My jaw drops as I look down at mine and Annie's joined hands. I didn't even realize that I was still holding on! "Umm..." I stutter, and quickly drop her hand. "Catch me if you can!" I yell nervously and start swimming away as fast as possible.
Annie's POV
Katie and I share an look before going after him. "What's up with him?" I think to myself.
Katie catches up to him first, and I climb out of the pool just in time for and epic splashing battle to start. "I'm going inside," I yell, and Katie nods. I go find the room we set our bags down in and grab some dry clothes to change into.

After I get out of the shower I decide to go check out the rest of the upstairs area. Katie and and Hayden are still outside, and Dylan, Hayden's brother, joined them. I wander around upstairs, checking out all the guest rooms. Eventually I find Hayden's room, and I pause. I really shouldn't go in, not without him.

After pondering it for minute, I hurry back to the window to check and see if they are done yet. When I see that they are still playing around in the water, I quickly run to Hayden's room and slowly open the door. Artwork, and photographs line his gray walls, and it's surprisingly clean for a boys' room. I decide to leave and let him show us later, but before I can walk out a picture catches my eye. It's a picture of Hayden and I at the beach on the first day we met in person. I smile, remembering how he pulled me up out of the waves and gave me a huge hug. Before I can go look closer, I hear a door opening and closing downstairs.

Oh crap.

I hurry our of the room and shut the door, making it back to the guest room just in time to see them round the turn in the stairs.


Katie walks in and immediately runs and tackles me. "Ahh! Katie, I just took a shower!" I say, laughing. She steps away. "Oops, sorry!" she says, and a smirk spreads across her face. "He held your hand!" she whisper yells. I roll my eyes. "Yeah, because I was trying to keep him from swimming away while you punished him for pulling me in the pool!" I exclaim as quietly as I can. Katie continues to smirk. "Katie, I really don't want to talk about this right now. Can we mic

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Ooh Felix, such a cool dude! 😎
How gorgeous does he look in his grey crosses harem and tee set?
Thank you for the tag @raisingthegremlins 🖤
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A fullish night sleep over here with the boys and we are all bathed and ready to get ready for a family christening today. The weekend has gone way too fast 😫

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for our Future Legends
The bright Colours represents their bright future and equal opportunity for all kids.

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6 months up to 5 years old
Sizes: 62 - 104

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Zwolle, Netherlands

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You can't sit with us. You'll have to stand.

Prambanan Temple

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Love yourself. .
It doesn’t matter what anyone else things of your ❤️ Holding yourself back and not chasing the life you want because of other people will leave you stuck. Who cares what other people think of you!!!!
Wouldn’t you rather be the person who works toward your goals rather than the one who sits... waiting?
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Castlegar, British Columbia

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California nights 🙌🏻

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Hayden Summerall's House Tour

Annie's POV
I get up and give Hayden a hug. "Can I join?" he asks, and I nod, gesturing to the empty seat at the table. He takes a seat and joins us in watching the video.
"OH MY GOSH!!!" Katie screams as she watched our game of truth or dare from the night before. Hayden joins in with her hysterical laughing and soon I do too. Before long, the entire Starbucks is looking at us! Some people start making weird faces at us, so we make weird faces at them. One of them rolls their eyes and looks away, but the others laugh. "Come on, kids! We have to go!" says Mrs. Jill as Katie, Hayden and I burst into yet another fit of laughter. After we have calmed ourselves down for the most part, we gather our things and hurry to catch up with our parents. "What now?" Katie asks after we finally catch up with our parents. They look at each other. "I think we're going to call it a night and head back," says Mrs. Jill. "No!" we all three complain. "Can we please have a sleepover tonight!?" I ask. The adults discuss the idea until finally my mom turns around. "Fine, you can have your sleepover! But you have to go to Hayden's house, Hayley has Txunamy over at the apartment," she says. We all squeal jokingly, even Hayden.

When we get to Hayden's house, Katie gasps and Hayden and I laugh at her. "What?" she questions. "I had the sane reaction," I say. "Me too," Hayden adds. We both turn to look at him. "What? I only moved here a month ago!" I roll my eyes playfully and hop out of the car.

My jaw drops as I enter the house through the huge mahogany doors. "Is it just me, or does this look like something from the titanic?" I ask Hayden with a smile. He shakes his head. "I know, I know, it's huge!" he says. "I'll show you around." By the time we get to the bedrooms, I'm speechless. "Question," I say. "how do you even live here?" "We share with Johnny's family when they come into the states, and sometimes music videos are filmed here for the people associated with rock your hair," he explains. I'm still in awe. "Oh! I forgot to show you the backyard. Pick a room to drop your stuff in, I'll show you mine later," Hayden says. Katie and I choose the mic

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You know what we did today? Absolutely nothing! We stayed in our pajamas watched movies, read some books, played some games and did some grilling for dinner. It was a perfect day. And for one moment I caught them huddled together in a corner when clearly there were plenty of other seats. My heart just exploded 💓 #livingourbestlife

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Annie's POV
I wake up before everyone else. Jayden and Kenzie are passed out on the bed, and Lexi is asleep on the air mattress next to me. I grab my phone and slip out of the room to head downstairs.
Kenzie's mom Melissa is in the kitchen making breakfast. I slide into a chair and say hi to her. "Good morning! How'd you sleep?" she asks. "Pretty well, I'm tired from staying up so late though," I tell her. She nods. "I could hear you guys yelling! What was going on?" I laugh a little. "We were playing truth or dare, and Jayden had to go yell about fidget spinners. It was hilarious," I tell her. I hear footsteps and turn my attention to the staircase. Jayden emerges, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She wakes up when she smells the pancakes and bacon, though. Soon the other girls join us and we eat breakfast. "My mom is picking me up in half an hour," I say as we all head back upstairs to get ready. Kenzie frowns. "Why so early?" she asks. "I have an early meeting with Disney" I explain. She nods. "Well, I hope it's a better  meeting than the ones I've been to!" she exclaims, and we all laugh.

My mom pulls up just as I finish getting dressed. I say goodbye to the girls and grab my things, then head out the door. "Annie's back!" says Mommy as I slide into the car. She vlogs me and I tell her about the sleepover, then we drive back to the hotel. "Hurry up girls!" Mommy yells. "We're leaving in five minutes!" My eyes widen. I just got dressed, and I haven't done my hair or makeup yet. I begin to throw on my usual natural makeup, then I straighten my hair. I pull on my Adidas superstars and grab my purse, then run out the door.

We arrive at the building right on time and rush inside. We check in and head to the meeting room, to find that the meeting hasn't started yet. "Hayley, let's go take pictures by the Disney wall!" I tell her. "Yeah!" she says, and we rush off together.

About half an hour passes, and we are still waiting for the meeting to start. "What is taking so long?" Hayley asks me. I shrug. We decide to do some gymnastics to pass the time.

As I am holding my handstand, someone comes over and does a press handstand next to me. I'm mic

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I strongly suggest listening to the song so it's not so awkward just reading the lyrics 😂

Annie: I feel so scared and underprepared
When I'm next to you
Hayden: I feel so cold and overexposed
When I'm next to you
Annie: I feel so weak I can hardly speak
When I'm next to you
Hayden: I feel so scared and underprepared
When I'm next to you
Both: Cause it feels so frightening
My chest starts tightening
Hits me like a bolt of lightning
No, I've tried, I can't fight it off
I've started shaking
With every move I'm making
And every breath I'm taking
And now I'm breaking down in your arms
Oh. Oh. Oooooh.

Hayden: I wonder if you see my insecurities
I try to hide behind
I couldn't keep my cool, don't think I had you fooled
Darling do you mind? Ohh.
Both: Cause it feels so frightening
My chest starts tightening
Hits me like a bolt of lightning
No, I've tried, I can't fight it off
I've started shaking
With every move I'm making
And every breath I'm taking
And now I'm breaking down in your arms
Oh. Oh. Ooooh.
Oh. Oh. Ooooh.
Now I'm in the dark, sleeping as I walk
Don't leave me behind
Now I feel the cold, cut right to my bones
I'm shivering inside, oooh.
Annie: I feel so scared and underprepared
When I'm next to you
Oh. Oh. Ooooh.
Oh. Oh. Ooooh.
Both: Now I'm in the dark sleeping as I walk
Don't leave me behind
Now I feel the cold cut right to my bones
Im shivering inside, oooh
Hayden: Cause you've come so far now
I wonder if you let your guard down
What would we find?
Annie's POV
As Hayden ends the song, he looks over at me. I smile at him. The audiences reaction? Dead silence. Then loud cheering and applause. We walk to the front of the stage and bow, then Hayden wraps me in a warm hug. We stay like that for a few seconds, then run off the stage to join our friends again. They all tackle us with hugs, and rush us outside before we get stuck in a sea of people telling us good job.
"OH MY GOSH GUYS THAT WAS SO GOOD!" yells Jayden. I laugh. "Thanks," I reply. "It felt good." Hayden laughs. "Yeah, it really did," he says. "Hey, you wanna go skateboard?" asks Carson. "Yeah!" we all say. Only Carson and Hayden can actually skateboard, but the rest of us enjoy mic

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Golf Cart Rides
Annie's POV
"Hayden!" I scream as he begins to speed up and goes over a bump in the road, sending us all up into the air. He laughs. "Don't worry! I've done this before!" I shake my head. He hits another bump and we fly up again. I punch him in the shoulder. "Ow!" he exclaims. "I don't wanna die today!" I respond. He begins to slow down. "That's good," I tell him after a few seconds. He looks at me. "Oh really? Are you sure?" he goes even slower. "I'm sure! You don't have to go that slow." He continues to go slower, until the golf cart is only inching along the road. "Come on, Hayden!" I say playfully. "What? You wanted to go slower!" he says jokingly. I roll my eyes. "Bye!" With that, I hop out of the gold cart and start running, laughing as I go.
Hayden's POV
I stop the golf cart and look back at Jayden, Lexi, Carson, and Christian, who are all doubled over laughing. I begin to laugh too. Lexi looks up. "Go after her!" she says. I begin to drive the golf cart, then Lexi puts out her hand to stop me. "That's dangerous! I mean RUN!" I stare at her for a second, then decide she is right and jump out and run after Annie. I am crying with laughter, and I can hear Annie laughing too. Soon we have run so far that the golf cart is out of sight, and the only thing lighting our way is the dull streetlights. Annie keeps running at full speed in front of me. "Come on, Annie!" I yell at her between bursts of laughter. "You'll have to catch me!" she yells back. I sigh and keep running. Eventually she begins to slow down, so I use the last of my energy to sprint at full speed towards her. She screams as she realizes what is happening, but it's too late. I reach my arms out and pull her to the ground. "Hayden Summerall!" she exclaims, giggling. "That's my name," I reply, and she glares at me. I sit up and stretch. "Why did you have to run? I'm tired now!" I say. She laughs at me. "I had to make sure you got your exercise," she replies. I make a face, then stand up and offer her my hand. She takes it and I pull her up off the ground. She smiles mischievously and pushes me lightly, making me stumble and fall, then runs off again. I sigh and pick myself up MIC

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here’s an edit of me and my friends, this is like a meet the editor thing and a glimpse of my life and i tried a transition it didn’t really work😂💘👌 •

#adorable #annieleblanc #bratayley #hannie #haydensummerall #edits #meettheeditor #cool #coolkidsclub #okayyy

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Annie's POV

Hayden and I arrive at the party before most of the other people. We tell our plan to the "volunteers" and they go hide the water balloons in a supply closet. I begin to laugh. "I can't believe we are going to do this!" I tell Hayden. He smiles. "They won't see it coming!" he exclaims.

People start arriving soon after the balloons are hidden. I go to hang out with Lexi and her friends for a while, until Hayden comes to get me. We head over to the megaphone and I hand it to him. "Attention, musically headquarters! If I could have everyone's attention please, we have a request to make," he says, then pauses until everyone has stopped talking and started looking at him. He hands the megaphone to me. "Could you please place your cell phones in the huge basket up here? I know it will be so hard to leave them, but trust me, you will thank us in a few hours," I say. Everyone looks at us and begins to complain. "For real guys, you won't be complaining later!" Hayden says. Slowly people begin to come up and place their phones in the basket. Hayden and I walk away until the line of people begins to thin out. I head back over to the megaphone and Hayden follows. "Okay, so does anyone still have their phones on them? If you do, please come put it in the basket now." No one moved forward. 'Okay! So could we please have our surprises brought out?" I say excitedly. Everyone starts talking excitedly as the "volunteer" brings out the bucket full of water balloons. Hayden and I exchange a look. Little do they know their "surprises" aren't so great! We wait until everyone calms down, then Hayden and I gather around the bucket. "You guys ready?" he says mischievously. Everyone screams yes. "Close your eyes!" I say. Once we see that everyone's eyes are closed, we each grab a huge pile of water balloons. "One two..." I whisper. "Three." We launch the water balloons into the crowd and grab more. People open their eyes and begin to laugh, scream, and shout playfully. We continue to throw them until they are all gone, then run for the nearest room so we don't get mobbed by a bunch of wet people. We double over with laughter. "I can't believe we just did that!"Mic

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