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Homemade vapo rub with easy air essential oil for all those winter nights when kids are 🤧😷 Just beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils ❤️ #essentialoils #doterra #wellness

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• AUTHENTICITY • Been thinking about this a whole lot lately. I am quirky, I am awkward, kind of nerdy I love my kids, yoga, reading, how dancing makes me feel, I love dogs, studying the energetic and physical body ... I’m not vegan I guess I’m vegan”ish” I have vegan days, I’m not a soccer mom, I don’t enjoy small talk unless the conversation ends up being about yoga, massage, essential oils, crystals and moon rituals ... I love being ME more everyday. ... something I have noticed lately is how easy it is for people to be told what is best for them ... that’s bullshit only you know what’s best for YOU. Am I right?! Be you and do you boo! ... also empaths be like “I know you are hiding but come on out” #empath #yoga #awkwardyogi #momofsavage #savagefamilyrules #crystals #massagetherapy #ayurveda #mantra #mudra #doterra #greenwitch #beyouboo

Waxhaw, North Carolina

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Oh my..... this is pure divine on this cold misty day in Perth! I just added one drop of each - cassia, cardamom, fennel to a teaspoon of yummy organic honey from @wild_olive_farm_organics then stirred it into my organic chai tea! Yummy and warm- not to mention all the therapeutic benefits to my immune and respiratory system! I feel warm and comforted! Thank you doTERRA! #naturaltea #supportyourmoodsnaturally #naturalpickmeup #doterra #essentialoils

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Beautiful post by @_choosing_joy_ I had to share. 😍 When your ready to jump in, please let me know so we can jump together!
TEN USES for EASY AIR - Respiratory Blend:

1. Diffuse during sickness to support easy breathing and to help open the airways.

2. Diffuse for a refreshing aroma and a clear house scent!

3. Put 3 drops in a box of tissues – every time you use one you’ll get the benefits of the essential oil blend too!

4. Dilute and apply by dabbing a very small amount across the bridge of the nose to help with seasonal allergies (careful not to put near your eyes). 5. Place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and inhale.

6. Place a drop in the bottom of your shower, have a hot shower and enjoy the steam and scent to wake you up in the morning.

7. Use with fractionated coconut oil and apply to the chest, soles of the feet and upper back to help ease a cough and assist with deep breathing.

8. Can help with noisy sleepers – diffuse at night or put a drop on their pillow.

9. Use topically prior to exercising to help deeper breathing and a better workout.

10. Experiencing grief or sadness? Use Easy Air diluted with fractionated coconut oil on your chest to encourage more oxygen to enter the body and calm the mind.

It's BOGO week (buy one get one) so if you order Easy Air today you will receive Grapefruit essential oil for FREE!

Stay tuned for uses for Grapefruit essential oil. And message me if you need a hand with completing your order. This is a fantastic offer as you'll use heaps of Easy Air at this time of year :) #easyair #breathe #bogo #buyonegetone #essentialoils #doterraessentialoils #doterra #oils #oilsforeverything #respiratoryblend #health #wellness #choices #choosingjoy

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Watch this short video to learn how you can use essential oils for children's health! LINK IN BIO! 💪🏾🍊🌳👶🏻👶🏿👶🏾👶🏼👦🏻👦🏽👧🏼👧🏾👧🏻👨‍👨‍👧👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎉🌱🌏
#aromatherapy #childrenshealth #doterra #essentialoils #gutlovin #healthy #healthychildren #healthyfamilies #healthykids #nuts4butts #plantbased #plantmedicine #vegan #weaponsofmassnutrition #wellness #yourbootyismyduty

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Goodnight from the homestead. ♥️🌠 #Sunset #Goodnight #AtholIdaho

Homestead Essentials

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本格隠れ家エステサロン 🍀今月のおすすめ🍀
ブラジリアンWAX Vのみお試し

ブラジリアンWAX VIO





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First time I was privileged to do this amazing womens hair. Her fine hair needed some extensions coupled with brightening and grey coverage color to get closer to the inspo pic. I am super busy so I rarely have an extra hour for just styling but at least we got what matters done and it looked great. #extensions #brunette #moneypiece #utah #utahhair #doterra #hairlove #hotmom #cosmoprof #redken #saloncentric #joico #behindthechair #modernsalon #utahstylist #masterstylist #ittakesapro #summerhair #thathairtho #haircut #salonowner

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A quien no le gusta un relajante baño de burbujas? Sin embargo, la mayoría de los disponibles en el mercado contienen muchos químicos y fragancias que irritan la piel.

Con esta receta podrás hacer el tuyo en casa con el aceite de tu elección! Puedes usar Lavanda o Serenity para relajarte; Citrus Bliss o Menta para despertarte y energizarte.

👉🏻 1 taza de jabón de castilla sin aroma
👉🏻1/2 taza de glicerina vegetal
👉🏻 2 cucharadas de agua
👉🏻 15 gotas de aceite esencial de tu elección

1. Combina todos los ingredientes, poniendo el aceite esencial de último.
2. Revuelve hasta que esté bien combinado.
3. Vacía a un envase de vidrio.

A poner la bañera 🛁y agregar 1/4 a 1/2 taza de nuestra mezcla casera. 🧖🏻‍♀️

Panama City, Panama

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BOGO Day 3
Let’s keep the good vibes rolling.

Buy = EasyAir
Get = Grapefruit
I have spoken extensively about the life changing impact EasyAir has had on our family. With a son who suffers from asthma this blend has meant he no longer needs ventolin to manage the condition and I have the security that I am able to proactively care for him naturally.
This incredible Respiratory Blend promotes clear airways and breathing, restful sleep and can minimise seasonal threats.
This delicious oil has an energising and invigorating aroma that uplifts mood and has a clarifying effect on the mind. It also promotes healthy and clear skin and healthy metabolism.
A few drops in the diffusers or a drop in sparkling water are my favourite ways to benefit from this oil each day.
The goal for myself and my family is to proactively promote high level health and longevity and so having dōTERRA essential oils in our home is not a nice to have but a necessary part of our health journey.
I want everyone in the community to experience the physical and emotional benefits of these oils first hand. BOGO is the perfect chance for you to get started and enjoy some free oils in the process.
If you have a wholesale account, jump in and add EasyAir to your cart and dōTERRA will automatically add Grapefruit for free.
If you don’t have an account but can feel your gut, heart and soul saying I’m ready, then message me and I can get you set up today.
Love Jess

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So glad you’re happy with your custom aromatherapy bracelet @seabreeze13hi !!! Such a great sports mom got her bracelet to match her daughters team colors!! 📥 DM to customize your Aromatherapy Gemstone Intention Bracelets. Follow us for more magic 🤗✨ @stardustandsucculents #stardustandsucculents #oilsandgemstones #intentionjewelry #makeyourownmagic #aromatherapyjewelry #gemstonejewelry #love #essentialoils #doterra #wristcandy

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A sore throat is easily dealt with. On Guard protecting throat drops plus On Guard all over my glands. Will be back to “normal” in no time. #essentialoils #doterra #winterwellness

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Day 3 BOGO is a great deal especially with winter here 🌧❄ BUY a 15ml Easy Air for $27- through your wholesale account and receive a 15ml Grapefruit for FREE!

If you don't have a wholesale account, head over to my page now and set one up

Easy Air is great for when environmental threat are high. Simple to diffuse for opening the airways with a refreshing scent in offices or the home or inhale directly from palms, or rub on the chest or feet diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
Grapefruit essential oil can provide an uplifting environment due to its invigorating and energising aroma, while acting as a cleansing agent when added to a skin care routine. Grapefruit is also great for motivation while studying.
#BOGO #day3 #easyair #grapefruit #essentialoilswithjody #doterra

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Jaboncitos de #aceiteesencial menta 🌱#doterra #doterraessentialoils #soap #soapmaking con menta deshidratada

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Got to do some @doterra themed cupcakes for a doTERRA Silver and Above Training Retreat. I am so happy to get to be a part of it! 😍😍😍

Mesa, Arizona

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Had a fantastic day learning all sorts of science behind the oils I love so much! Super lucky for this opportunity to have Dr. Hill teach!

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Frankincense is one of my very favorite oils! 😍 It has so many uses including anti-inflammatory properties, stress and anxiety reduction, and immune system support.
I use frankincense in a blend I use for calming my son who has autism and I also like to add it to Deep Blue in a roller bottle for aches and pains.
How do you use frankincense?? 😀🌱💧
#doterra #essentialoils #theresanoilforthat #frankincense #autismmom #anxiety #stress #painrelief #anxietyrelief #oilsforautism

Lebanon, Tennessee

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Be careful when purchasing essential oils. A lot of what you see on the shelf in a grocery store is very misleading. The #FDA does not regulate #essential #oils and there are many companies out there taking advantage of that just to make a profit. #doTERRA is well known for their high #standards when producing their essential oils. They accept nothing less than #CertifiedPureTherapeuticGrade essential oils. They work with farmers in the different countries that these oils are indigenous to where they will flourish, creating a more #pure and #potent version. More often than not, these crops are harvested in countries where they don't even have access to clean running water. doTERRA has what is called #HealingHandsFoundation that make sure that these communities have access to clean running water, schools, medical clinics and much more. Without doTERRA, a lot of these communities would still be living in poverty. By purchasing doTERRA products, you are supporting a greater cause... Not to mention the wealth of #knowledge that doTERRA provides to you on their website and your direct access to a #wellness advocate that can help make suggestions along the way, making sure that you have #positive #oil experiences. ♡Support the greater cause and go with doTERRA♡ ■Click this link to watch a video that helps you understand what the Healing Hands Foundation is all about:


If you are interested in starting with doTERRA, please contact me either by Instagram, Facebook or by email at:
Order retail directly from my website:
Wellness Advocate#: 4678951

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Feeling so #relaxed #calm and #free from my back pain. Diffused a drop of dōTERRA Balance from the palms of my hands 👏🏼. I also applied it on the bottoms of my feet. 😉 This wonderful blend known as the #groundingblend combines Spruce, Ho wood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense and German (Blue) Chamomile.
Spruce: grounds the body, creating the balance and the opening necessary to receive and to give. It may help dilate the bronchial tract to improve the oxygen exchange. It may also help a person to release emotional blocks.
Ho Wood: is soothing to the skin, appeasing to the mind, relaxing to the body, and creates a feeling of #peace and gentleness.
Blue Tansy: may help cleanse the liver and calm the lymphatic system to help rid oneself of anger and promote a feeling of self-control.
Frankincense: contains sesquiterpenes, which may help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands. As one of the ingredients for the holy incense, #frankincense was used anciently to help enhance one’s communication with the #Creator. It may help promote a #positive attitude.

German (Blue) Chamomile: is soothing to the #muscles and joints. It may help ease nervous tension and eliminate #emotional tension.
DM for more information.
#doterra #naturalremedies #naturalsolutions #wholehealth #wellness

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You have the power to help yourself. 👊🏻 I can teach you how. #ihaveanoilforthat #helpmehelpyou #oils #oilsforthewin #oilupbuttercup #naturalsolutions #integrativemedicine #emotionalwellness #doterra

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Watch out world, Jessi and Ryan are learning chemistry! In Canada. Woah. With Dr. Hill. Double woah. Seriously though, every time I get to make a quick trip up to Canada it’s a good thing. Plus, we got in extra time with my Canadian BFF Melissa and her amazing team. Have I said It lately? I sure do love my life. 🍍
#blessed #doterra #fulltimefamily #essentialoils #doterracanada #ōhanatribe #ōhanameansfamily #naturalsolutions #ilovemyjob #ilovemylife #firstroadtripinagnes

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When you are having your husband's team for a BBQ. One must give appropriate Thank You gifts... #spOILme #doTERRA #oilguysrok #healthwellness #makingtheworldhealthyonespoilmeatatime

Ok Corral

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We’re changing things up in our kitchen, and these are one of our newest additions. We eat pretty clean, and I cook almost every meal, but there’s always room for improvement. I mean in everything right? .
One of my littles in mini tiny, and is a total grazer. So getting enough calories, and enough nutrient dense foods in her each day has been a struggle. So, we’re switching gears, and bringing out the big guns #nutritionaltherapy { aka. #wholefoods #allthetime } This has been, and will continue to be a transition, but it pays to have @beautifulandcleanliving as one of your besties 😉 .
So on the agenda for today was homemade gummies, and they do not disappoint! Plus, you only need a few ingredients - juice of 2 lemons, raw honey, high quality organic gelatin, and your favorite essential oils. That’s it! .
If you hopped on the homemade gummy bandwagon before I did, I’d love to hear your recipes! Please fill my comments with your faves! { I’ll be posting the kid approved recipes as I make them 🙌 }

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🍊🍊🍊Grapefruit Sugar Scrub🍊🍊🍊 1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup Raw Sugar
up to 1/4 cup Almond Oil (Olive Oil or Coconut Oil)
3-4 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)

Mix the sugars together and slowly add the almond oil until you reach the consistency you like. Add Grapefruit Essential Oil, food coloring and Vitamin E if adding. Mix thoroughly and store in an airtight container. Good for up to 3 months if kept bacteria free.
To use: Rub a little bit of the scrub on your body or between your hands with a little bit of water. Rinse with warm water to remove excess oils. It will give your skin a nice exfoliation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling fresh and clean. Great for use in the shower or bath

Get your grapefruit oil free... Today only!!
DM ME for details!! #happyalchemy #essentialoils #promo #nzpromo #doterraausnz #doterranz #doterra #grapefruit #grapefruitessebtialoil #buy1get1free #buyonegetonefree #essentialoils #oilymama #youngliving #oilymama #toxfreeself-care #selfcare #loveyourself #freebie #freeoils

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Você vai a academia, vai fazer aquele 5k , no crossfit com aquele treino monstro e... Sente aquela dor muscular, tendíneas , ou sofreu uma contusão. Esse aí é o queridinho dos Atletas de Elite dos EUA. NBA , NFL, Soccer , Ginástica e Atletismo. Todas as comissões técnicas só indicam doTERRA. Quer saber mais sobre esse outros produtos #doTERRA #aromaterapia #fisioterapia #fisio #crossfit #musculação #academia #atletismo

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These are core oils in our home. As a mom these come in handy daily! They are often used in what’s referred to as the Aromatouch technique which is a massage technique that is designed to return the body to homeostasis and help the body with supporting its systems however there are SO many more ways to utilize these 8 oils in your home- I could only fit a few on the image but they can serve most purposes you need them too!
What is your favorite ways these 8 come in handy?
Haven’t yet brought oils into your home? These 8 come in one of my affordable starter kits and not only does it include these oils but fractionated coconut oil, a petal diffuser, but right now you’ll also get a package from me including an essential life reference book, a package of rollers to make your own blends and an oil clutch bag (limited quantities available)! Message me for info on how to get started with the Aromatouch diffused kit! And getting a kit means you get access to free wholesale customer pricing which means no buying minimums, no selling, just the way dōTERRA uses get the best price on oils, plus access to myself and my leaders oil community education!

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My dōTERRA lifelong vitality pack arrived on time. LLV pack contains Alpha CRS, XEO Mega and Microplex VMz supplements that will help you look, feel and live longer. Read below for the benefits 👇


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OMG where would I be without these vitamins! I had the WORST stomach ache this weekend (hello new country, new food) and these babies saved me!
GX assist paired with my normal daily vitamins helped me get rid of whatever was causing all the issues 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Do you take daily vitamins? And are you certain the quality of ingredients in them?
I was MOST resistant to starting the Lifelong vitality pack, Bc honestly, I wanted to spend my 💵 elsewhere. But when I finally smartened up ;) and began taking them about 9 months ago, everything changed! My skin was better, my scalp did not ❄️ in the spring, and my mood was more stable! I know I can go to my #medicine cabinet for all my needs and am eternally grateful for their support in this big change!
Are you ready to take your #wellness into your own hands? I’d love to help! Reach out for a #lifestyle consult and you too can feel difference of #naturalsolutions

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