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Leaving tomorrow, peace out Michigan #follybeach #yearlyvacation #drinkdrankdrunk #squadtrip

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Come get a drink with the hottest girls in the triad here at Centerfolds💋🥂🍾 #drinkdrankdrunk #girlsgirlsgirls #goodtimes

Centerfolds Gentlemen's Club of Greensboro

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May long was a slice 🍻☀️ #maylong2k18 #drinkdrankdrunk

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The happiest of birthdays to this one! So happy you were born my life would be way to boring without you. You make everything brighter cheers hun let’s get white girl wasted #itsyourbirthday #drinkdrankdrunk

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Best part of drinking cheap wine with reusable ice cubs, never gets watered down. #drinkdrankdrunk #twodinosaursandadog #dinosaur #cheapwine #icecube #timetorelax

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GNO. 🍾
Out celebrating Cheys 21st birthday, decided we’d show her the real Savannah before she moves on to Washington for bigger and better things ❤️ Gunna miss you girl! @cheymatts

Savannah, Georgia

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Because it was 5 o’clock somewhere!! #drinkdrankdrunk #coronanegra

Tamasopo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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So true! Tag your mates! 😝🌮🌯

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Kiss me like you miss me, Red. 💋💀🖤

Los Angeles, California

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My favourite snapshot from our mini getaway depicting one of my favourite nights I've ever had.
Picture this: 4:30am at the Kraken Cru. Sam and @therealkcarter randomly stumble upon this little gem and quickly befriend the bartends, who are also the co-owners of the bar. 5 hours, a few oysters, a bunch of beers/quadruple shot, extra-extra-extra-extra stiff gin and tonics (drunken free pours ftw), and a hella lotta nobody-knows-what-the-fuck-we're-drinking-but-keep-'em-coming (mostly really disgusting) shots later, this semi-blurry, very wasted photo happens (photocreds to an equally wasted Kent).
To the right: Sam and co-owner Olivier, having the grandest of old times laughing at the two boys to the left - Philippe (other co-owner) and friend, face down, completely KO'ed at the bar. The lot of us literally drank the bar dry but managed to escape with laughs and stories for years to come (and a pretty wicked hangover, to say the least). What a stellar city you are, Québec!
#krakencru #quebeccity #longweekendvibes #drinkdrankdrunk #blurrynights #newfriends #laughter #memories #happiness #love #friendship #travelgram

Kraken Cru

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Honey, I’m a shot of cherry @burnettsvodka disguised as a slice of pie; one bite and you’ll damn near forget your name! 🍒💁🏼‍♂️🥧
#toxic #vodka #dallas #cherry #cherries #pink #mural #pie #drunk #drinkdrankdrunk #wasted #gay #gaystagram #gayguy #gayboy #gaydude #instagay #likes4likes #likesforlikes #like4like #likeforlike #vsco #vscocam #hashtag #shot #shots

Beauty Bar Dallas

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So about last night... The amazing vibe. The connections. The new people you meet. Knowing you have the 🌍 literally beside you. Wasteland was a dream for me... To see all the fellow lovers of Hardstyle all together in one spot, same time, next to each other and feeling every beat running through your body.
Kineticfield, I've officially left a piece of myself with you. Thank you @alanwalkermusic for your set. While you played, I saw the horizon breaking it's first light behind the stage...thats when it hit me.. We have been up from dusk to literally dawn.
I had the experience to go on the Ferris wheel and see ALL of EDC. It was so breathtaking.
For those who haven't went.. It's like a PNE x10.
Day 1 done. Day 2 here we come.

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Cheers to a bomb ass trip to Nola! Haven’t left yet, but can’t wait to come back. Until next time... #meandmarge

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Some days are for taking on the world, other days are for extra doses of gin and champagne 🥂 #atlasbarsg #ginitup

ATLAS Singapore

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JOY RIDE by Thievery Corporation (featuring Sitali & Mr. Lif) — Thunder booms as I drink my Manhattan, chill to the absolute money that is @thieverycorporation and critique for my @forsythpubliclibrary writer’s club meeting in a couple of days. Damn it do I dig this downtempo, summertime vibe that makes me want to drive through the night with my hand swimming through the air outside my rolled-down window...

Cumming, Georgia

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There are so many ways to get in more water. 1.) Flavor it! Use some fresh fruits/veggies/herbs or a nice citrus essential oil like lemon, grapefruit, lime or wild orange 2.) Keep a gallon jug near by 3.) use a marked bottle that tells you the ounces 4.) drink a glass after a bathroom break 5.) use an app 6.) drink 16-20 ounces prior to even getting out of bed! (This one is my personal fav!) 7.) eat water-rich foods... zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, grapefruit... 8.) invest in a filter or a water cooler

We drink a ton of water in our house. Personally I drink 16-ish oz prior to getting out of bed, I carry a 32 oz bottle with me at all times and we have invested in a nice water cooler. My kids grab their own cups and get water whenever they want! (My son, who is 2, also starting watering the house plants!!!) #drinkmorewater#water#waterintakeonpoint#waterintake#drinkh20#h2o#doterraoils#livingwell#healthylife#helathylifestyle#clean#waterconsumption#drinkmorewater#easysteps#drinkdrankdrunk

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We are so excited to feature @mustangharrysnyc on the Swing app! Swing by soon to start earning these amazing rewards💥#repost ・・・
Swing by, earn rewards! Mustang Harry's is now live on @SwingAppNYC—the free app sends exclusive drink specials and rewards to your phone anytime you’re inside Mustang Harry's. Swing by and start racking up for special rewards, like tickets to MLB games, upcoming NFL season, Growlers To Go, Mustang Harry's gift cards and more!

Mustang Harry's NYC

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