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Just finished up a quick spelling drill to reinforce sounds, prefixes, roots, and suffixes utilizing our dry erase circles! Who says kids can’t write on the walls?! •

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Finished Book 2 and feeling pretty good!

Carlsbad, California

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Many congratulations to our student, Tanner, who was a 2018 Scholarship Recipient at Embracing Kate’s Way 6th Annual Charity Dinner last weekend. In Tanner’s words, “Hard work pays off!” Yes, it does! 💙🎉📚💙

Big Spring Country Club, Inc. Harmony Landing Campus

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"Tell me that'll you'll open your eyes"---Snow Patrol.

Open your eyes to getting yourself to the top of your game. Open your eyes to what's going to get you to the top, what you've got to overcome what obstacles you've got to get over to reach the top. Me, my biggest challenge in life is my dyslexia. No one knows this I've never told anyone this. I didn't develope it till later in life. First I noticed it in my reading, I could read something then read the same thing again and the words would be different my brain would automatically presume what the next word would be. Then it started to effect my speech and my vocabulary and my brain acts totally opposite, it can't find the right word or words or any word if I'm in a conversation with someone. I'm in a conversation with someone I've got to think what to say I'm having a conversation in my head panicing to find words to say which happens pretty much 90% of the time I talk to someone. If there's more than 1 person in the convo then I'm fucked I just sit there quiet or I'll really panic and say the wrong thing which I just get embarrassed about and shut down even more. It's a mental fight which I know I've got to overcome so when I get home I read a book or anything out loud trying to improve my speech and I've started to force myself to speak in conversations which inside me I'm an anxious mess. I've been getting better over the years but I know to some people I can be awkward. I stutter trying to find the words and it's embarrassing but I say fuck it now it's me I fighting it I'm trying my best i won't let it beat me it's not going to stop me from getting where I want to be I've got a dream I look up to my dream see where I want to be, I want to be in that penthouse baby. Overcome your fears don't let them overcome you open yours to what's stopping you!!! #Fear #Fears #Dreams #Dream #Dyslexia #Overcome #OpenYourEyes #SnowPatrol #Personal #PersonalBlog #Blog #Blogger #BlogPost #Post #TommyBlog #Manhattan #NYC #NewYorkCity #NewYork #NewYorkNewYork #USA #UnitedStatesOfAmerica #NorthAmerica #LittleBitOfAmerica #Universe #Travel #Explore #Adventure #LifeAdventure #TommyAdventure

New York, New York

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#Repost @balldontlienation with @get_repost
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My parents invade my privacy quite a bit it’s not okay at all if I wanted you to know something I would tell you this is one of the reason I had to come out quickly to them 💕 #adhd #anxiety #anorexia #agoraphobia #belimic #breathe #bopo #dyslexia #depression #epilepsy #follow#insomnia #instagood #love #toliveandlovelife #loveyourselffirst #lgbt #mind #mentalhealth #mentalillness #ocd #obese #ptsd #panicattack #relief #smile #stretchmarks #💕

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I love this hard working boy! Today we start a journey to help us with dyslexia! It’s a long bumpy road but i today is the turning point! #dyslexia #learntoread #help

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#Repost @brainbalancecenters
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If you're the parent of a child that struggles, there are some steps that you can make to minimize how difficult the back to school transition will feel. Here are some of the simplest and most effective - http://bit.ly/2KPynVR
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DYSLEXIA | designed a poster to inform individuals about the learning disability and its wide spectrum that effect many people.

Kingston upon Hull

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All pain is a gift. It’s easier to say that when you’re not in pain than when you’re in the depths of suffering, but it’s true. It’s really easy to only focus on the negative side, the downside of a pain event. More often than not, that’s the pain itself (sometimes it feels impossible to focus on anything else at all). Pain is not one sided. There’s no such thing as a one sided event. There’s a balance to everything & there’s ALWAYS another side. If you’re not looking for it however, it may be a little difficult to see or to find.

Pain is a feedback mechanism.

Pain is your body trying to get you back to balance & / or authenticity. 
Pain is an opportunity to really appreciate & be grateful for the other side of the event that you’re experiencing & then by extension, the (pain) event that you’re experiencing.

Be grateful for the opportunity to learn & be grateful for the balance that the pain is trying to get you to. Getting see people come to me in pain & leave pain free is a gift for me & nearly always it's the gift of a learning experience for them, as they go away looking at & understanding their body just a little differently.

Be grateful for the opportunity to learn. Gratitude & love are the two greatest healers that we know of within the body

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Presenting the official bracket for the ‘Hoop to Learn’ Tournament! Come out and support the athletes tomorrow @ The Richmond Oval.
Who’s going to win?

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Eek! It’s so exciting to see our materials copied and bound! Absolutely loving the cover on this Instructor Manual!! 😍

Do you want to ensure that your literacy intervention is meeting the needs of your students?? Are you tired of spending your nights and weekends pulling materials from Pinterest and TPT to create your lesson plan? Join our Comprehensive Training and Curriculum to learn how to deliver SMARTER Intervention and watch your students make HUGE gains this year! Use the link in our bio to get more information!

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Back To School 🎒📓📚📝🖤✅ #backtoschool Two high school boys 9th & 10th plus one 2nd grader. So ready for a regular schedule again!

Rowlett, Texas

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Just your dose of Monday Motivation!! What are you doing this week that is pushing you towards your hopes and dreams? 🍎📚⭐️🍎📚⭐️
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You are amazing, you are brave, you are strong. #8yearsold #childmodel #dyslexia #homeschool #targetmodel

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Working on some slides for Accessibility Camp Chicago. This one day un-conference will focus on digital accessibility and coding & designing for all! #a11ychi #a11y

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Sometimes I see stuff like this and it makes me feel better about myself. My poor speech, reading & wirting, not knowing left and right often makes me feel dumb or stupid. My poor balance, memory and concentration affect my life daily. I often feel like I'm making excuses saying "it's not my fault why I'm like I am".. but with diagnosed Autism, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia, sometimes, it actually isn't my fault.
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BİR GÖNÜLLÜ YOKLAMASI YAPALIM 30 EYLÜL 2018 İZMİR BULUŞMASINDA BURADA OLACAKLAR EL KALDIRSIN ! #akademidisleksi #dyslexia #türkiyedisleksihareketi #başlıyor #gönüllüler

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I don't want to write an epistle but hey I can't help it!! We made a movie!!! It's about dyslexia, well am sure you already expected that😬. If you know me either personally or have followed up closely on social media, then you know how passionate I am about the dyslexia course. So you can't begin to imagine the half of how excited I am making this post. 💃💃💃 it's about time we share this baby we have been nurturing with you. We are gearing towards screening this movie #gifted #giftedmovie. So let the official countdown begin💃💃💃💃💃And if you want to get involved in whatever capacity just send an email to onewordafrica@gmail.com cc @onewordafrica Using this medium to also say thank you to the best team ever @philipstheactor @amapsalmist @abdul_tj @barnyee @mz_tomiiee @otitowilfred you guys are the best.💙💙💙 details coming through! #dyslexia #education #sdgs #unitednations #unicef

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What number do you see? I have to concentrate to see "819". My mind automatically gives me "918" or some other configuration of numbers. Some might call me dyslexic... but I never had that label growing up. I would work really hard for my straight A's... especially in English. I still don't understand spelling and the rules... but my memory and cleverness made up for my lack of comprehension. So how then am I a writer? How then was I the Editor-in-Chief of a national magazine? How then have I written articles for tons of publications? How then did I write an award winning screenplay? FUCK these labels!!!! Our intelligence goes WAY beyond our minds! We have emotional intelligence... spiritual intelligence... physical intelligence... instinct AND intuition!!!! I thank god that no one told me that I was dyslexic. I didn't even know that something was "wrong" with me. Oh... and I also thank my mom, the times and technology. Spellcheck is one of my best friends (sometimes🙄). Btw... I'm totally out of my comfort zone sharing this because writing IS a part of my livelihood. All of my close friends and family know this about me... and have always been so supportive 🖤 #dyslexia #dyslexic #dyslexicchild

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Last Thursday, LDAV held the first workshop for our in-house instructor training program! This project has been the result of countless hours of work by our outgoing Program Manager Kate Anstey and Education Consultant Norlan Cabot. Congratulations on your hard work, and we can't wait to see what these wonderful new fledgling instructors achieve! .
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Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver

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Applying for benefits doesn’t have to be puzzling and frustrating. That’s why we are here!
If you need help with applying for benefits gets in touch with us and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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Throwback* to 2014. Ainsley & Dave blowing up on YouTube! 🤮

Compton, California

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It’s back to school time! Sometimes getting out the door and getting back into the routine can be a challenge. Many of our students not only struggle with dyslexia, but with other developmental challenges. A simple checklist, like this free printable from @createcraftlove can help kids stay on task and take on the day! #backtoschool #learningisfun #multisensory #dyslexia

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IT’S HERE... Poet In Da Corner Official Trailer! Link in bio. ‼️‼️ “And the skies are all empty cause the stars are on the ground” @Dizzeerascal #getby ~

I can get frustrated with the language we use around different art forms - how the poets I studied at uni were pitched as ‘higher’, ‘more refined’ and more important. Uni and academia have done many amazing things for me but so has grime and spoken word.
As a dyslexic, Grime gave me the tools to enter into being a writer through rhythm, my body, my ears - the spoken word and the real world around me.
In a Mormon house, Grime gave me a new home when it felt like my parents would always love God more than me.
As a pansexual struggling in my own skin and trapped in the repression of how religion effected me, Grime gave me a space to be physical and feel safe in my own skin.
#poetindacorner celebrates Grime, Dizzee and many of the MC’s that in so many ways were my education, were my stars, were my landscape - my template for greatness who I feel are all too often to celebrated or archived to the extent they deserve.
THANK YOU to film maker @thealicerussell AND to @mikeyjdotnet and @jammzthemyth for the music and feature 🙏🏼❤️
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London, United Kingdom

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