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i know i just posted the first pic in this and i know i just posted something like an hour ago. BUT i just thought of something very important to me that i'd like to share. BLOATING. •

so the first picture on the right is from this morning, before eating anything. and the pic on the left is from probably an hour ago after eating all of my meals. i know its kinda hard to see in the first pic but it's clear i'm a lot skinnier in that than the second pic. obviously after eating all day u are going to get bloated, and that's normal!!!! everyone gets bloated so don't be ashamed of it!! -
i'm still learning to be completely fine while being bloated. even though it's normal for people, its not everyone's FAVORITE thing ever. it could even be annoying sometimes (depending on how bloated you are). and certain foods make you more bloated than others, so if u wanna feel less bloated after u eat,, eat foods that wont make u that bloated. - -
• honeydew melon •kiwi
•pineapple •carrots •eggs
•asparagus •bananas •almonds
•green beans
•dark chocolate - -
•fizzy/ carbonated drinks •dairy products •pizza
•canned soup
•apples (shockingly)
•popcorn •salty food (like chips)
•sugary food (like candy) -

and alsoooo some ways to prevent getting bloated by eating are to eat slower, don't eat ur food or meals super fast. don't eat too much at a time (i always do). drink lemon water.

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I didn’t get the physique I have by knowing it all. I got where I am, by learning. I was open to the process of bodybuilding and I studied what other successful people were doing. The biggest lesson I can pay forward is that your mind will give up far beyond your body. We always have another rep in us. Going further than your mental resistance is what will set you apart from the rest. 💯

Los Angeles, California

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Philippines’ 🇵🇭 finest part 2! 😂
Ma braddah from anada maddah!
@jj_cabrera .
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Sad salad 😂 I was so hungry but just couldnt be arsed, so I chucked a load of chicken in the oven, and then leave and cute! This is just the top layer of the chicken. Because my beautiful son fiddled with the oven and turned it up full whack and burnt it 🙄 topped with habenero sauce! Because yum! #exercise #keto #weightloss #ketoeats #ketodiet

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one of my goals is to gain weight not lose weight. building muscle requires weight gain, no matter what muscle ur trying to build.

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As mentioned earlier in my previous post, the adductors of the leg and the calves are responsible for pulling the knees in this position. Self myofascial release is the first step to alleviate this problem. The second step is stretching.
Perform this two stretches holding 30-60 seconds for 2-3 sets. It will dramatically improve your range of motion and set the lower body back to proper alignment during the squat 🏋🏻‍♂️.
In the next post we’re gonna be covering some exercises that can help activate the under active muscles for this case (third step), which are typically the abductors of the lower limbs in charge of pulling the knees out.
Make sure to follow and heart this post so you don’t miss the rest of this series. Stay fit 🤙🏻
🎶 Ojos que no ven by @maluma

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pic is a couple weeks old bc i have none to post today.

i took a rest day today but walked around the mall for about 2 hours so i'm SO tired now😂my legs were seriously in pain😭😭
i'm gonna have a nice and early leg workout tomorrow. i'm gonna add more weight to my movements. if i remember to, i'll post what i do later tomorrow.

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Day 11
1️⃣Today is Back day! So I did my deadlifts, yep, not a lot of weight but again focusing on form. Did 10x5 and feeling nice and sore.
2️⃣breakfast with strawberry papaya protein shake.
3️⃣Went to Trader Joe’s and got a lot of healthy snacks. Not sure about the honey butter potatoes chips, but sorry guys, had to get it 😉. 4️⃣Had my liquid motion class at @aradiafitnessloudoun and the ladies got together for a sexy pose of Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Great class, everyone was very welcoming.
5️⃣Dinner was trying to finish all the left overs; The green thai curry with cauliflower rice and I made myself some salmon burrito using the low carb high fiber tortilla from TJ. Delicious.
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Better late than never

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i didnt feel 100% at the gym today so i didn't do AS much as i wanted to but w everything i did i added more weight to it than id normally do. and my legs were in painnnn my whole workout. -
i started w backwards walk on treadmill for 10 mins.
then did lots of glute activation movements
leg curl 4x15
leg press 4x12 weight at 270 lbs
hip thrust 4x12 weight at 135 lbs

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Stop generalizing male/female exercise selection!! 🛑✋ If I had a nickel 💰💵💸 for every time someone said: “that’s a girl exercise” or “that exercise will make me have arms like a guy.” There are exercises that promote weight loss i.e squats or other compound movements as opposed to isolated body building type exercises. In the end nutrition is what will be the game changer whether weight lose or lean body mass gain. If the movement you choose keeps you motivated and doesn’t hurt your body your winning 👏 Than ks @roballenfitness for the illustration 🏋️‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️💪💪 #nutrition #healthyfood #health #fitfam #smile #workout #mixedmartialarts #motivation #grind #inspire #weightloss #weightlossjourney #wellness #crossfit #bodybuilding #exercise #mma #strength #fight #fullbody #onnit #bjj #hiit #highintensity #wod #sanfrancisco #newyork #potd #happy #kettlebell

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So I’m no beauty at the bus stop in the early AM especially, after 5 days on vacation. But wanted to post the damage done so I can follow up with getting back on track results! #vacation #rtnathlete #teamrtn #rtnsupplements
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Lmao 😂😂😂

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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lilll physique update before the gymmm. training abs today and im so ready to really push myself as much as i can. i feel like i haven't gotten a REALLY good workout in a while so thats what i'm aiming for when i go. -
abs are SO easy to train and u don't even need to be in a gym to train them. i'm gonna post some ab workouts as my finisher that no gym or equipment is required for. -
as i keep on working on my abs and any other muscle group, i'm learning what works best for me and what doesn't. a year ago i was focused on using the machines only when i did abs, but now i'm realizing that not all of the machines work well for me. its more of the body weight, basic ab movements that i LOVE while training them (i use weights/ medicine ball for some).

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Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise and exercise also teacher the pleasure of discipline.. I feel so fresh and prettiest when i sweat 🤪
การซื่อสัตย์กับตัวเอง ก็ถือว่าเป็นแบบฝึกหัดอย่างนึง และ การออกกำลังสอนให้รู้ถึงความสุขของการมีวินัย... สดชื่นมาก และรู้สึกมีเสน่ห์ เวลาที่เหงื่อออก อิอิ 🤪😜😍

Bangkok, Thailand

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I didn’t get the physique I have by knowing it all. I got where I am, by learning. I was open to the process of bodybuilding and I studied what other successful people were doing. The biggest lesson I can pay forward is that your mind will give up far beyond your body. We always have another rep in us. Going further than your mental resistance is what will set you apart from the rest. 💯

Zoo Culture

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took lots of pics after my workout td lolll. i loveeee when i feel soo good about myself after a workout. -
killed my abs today and tried some stuff i never did before (i didn't like 2 of them so i didn't record them). butttt i recorded everything NEW i did. i still did some workouts from my last ab vid i posted. i'll be posting them later today after i finish my homework!!

Planet Fitness

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some new tings i did today. some of these are machines/ movements i did before i just made them more challenging for myself. -
1. 4x25 no weight added
2. 2x12 no weight, make sure your on a angle so its harder
3. 3x25 10lb medicine ball
4. 3x40 (20 on each side) no weight added

Planet Fitness

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He prepped for it, he did the work and he absolutely smashed it. He took 17 days off of training to travel to China with his school, and the day he got back he had less than 24 hours to mentally prepare for the annual Colorado Fear The Dear half marathon trail race. It was rainy, it was foggy, muddy, cold as hell and he smashed it shaving 25 minutes off the first time he ran his race last year. Not only did he shave off 25 minutes, but that’s a bronze 🥉 he’s holding. I’m so proud of you brother and so excited to see what you’re going to do in this life of yours. The best part about it, his lifestyle is what got him his result. It’s a blast watching people of all ages adopt the healthy lifestyle 80/20 concept and still smash goals while making gains. Joe is a solid example! You did it man!
#colorado #boulder #fearthedear #bronze #transformation #soproud

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Not a diet, a lifestyle. Not for him, for me. Not to feel good in a dress, but to feel good in my skin. Not for the beach, but for my mind😊❤
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