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Hello weekend

Stamina Trening Tønsberg

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#torreselfie 3.27.18 🦄 today I’m taking over @inthemirra’s shiny new IG with “A Day in the Life” plus sharing my skincare routine to their 40k blog subscribers, they are the @superfoodschool_ of skincare...😍check them out 🙏🏽

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Book review: Sell or be Sold by Grant Cardone.
Summary of the key points I got from this book:
1. Everything is selling, selling is one of the most important skills you could ever learn. In anything you do, you are selling, if you are going for a job interview you are selling, if go up and talk to someone you like you are selling.
2. Success should be your duty, your mission, god put you on this planet so you can be successful in any field you choose.

3. Everyone, no matter what industry, is in the business of people. Learn how to talk to people in a way that provides value, rather than trying to get something from them.

4. One of the most important things people need to become successful, is positivity. No matter who it is, you need to cut negative people out of your life.

5. If you ever want to do something great in your life, you have to be willing to accept that at some point you are going to get rejected/fail. Don’t be afraid of the rejection or failure because that’s how you grow and learn. You may feel like shit at the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s over, you have to learn to have the mental strength to keep going. •
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sweet or savoury? (Savoury 🍕🥑)

Great Britain

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Need a snack without the guilt?
🍓 Natural Greek yogurt with chia seeds, fresh strawberries and manuka honey 🍯

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I’m screammmming 😂😂😂😂😂 @kingbach
•Tag 5 friends who don’t follow me and people in group chats
F O L L O W 4 M O R E

Miami, Florida

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Dream. Focus. Reach everything. 🔝🔝 #dream #motivation #athletics #fitness #unstoppable #fitfam #lifestyle

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Blesses everyone🙏🏼 hope you all have a happy heart day❤️

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I’m not sure I’ve ever put numbers out there like this before (and it makes me feel super 🤷🏻‍♀️ awkward) BUT I think the opportunity is also too great not to share!

So here’s the deal...MANY people talk about FREEDOM and firing their BOSSES yet don’t always show the true progression and TIME it takes! 👉🏻it’s also why so many women quit before all the good stuff starts to happen! 😉

I spent 6 years at a job being handed more and more work every year yet my pay never increased! 🤨🤷🏻‍♀️ I knew what my cap in that job was and there was nothing I could do to get above that yet my bosses kept piling on the work...🙄 Talk about a pyramid...😝 they benefited and little ole me below them didn’t!
Then on my second mat leave I found an opportunity where my first job was to take care of ME 🏋🏼‍♀️ and by sharing what I was doing and helping other women make their health a priority I could earn an income! (I mean kinda seems like a no brainer right)

The thing that drew me in after I learned a little more was that it was up to ME how much I chose to earn 💰 weekly or monthly...there was limit but I had to put in the work!

I could literally out earn what I was making working for someone else from home 🏡 taking care of my own health! ➕With time, consistency and patience of course...that’s the secret sauce!

Earning an extra $3400 a mth ain’t too shabby and beats the $3000 I made working for 3 Agents 40 hours week 🤭 ✨And I know next year this number will DOUBLE!!✨ So because I’m looking for other mommas 👭that see the big picture...on June 1st I’ll be going live to chat with a group of women interested in learning MORE about what I do and how I’ve been able to slowly grow this business from home using our fitness programs and nutrition courses! 👉🏻maybe a few extra thousand a mth doesn’t mean anything to you but to some it can mean paying off debt, paying for their kids activities, covering the mortgage or groceries.....and to those mommas this opportunity is everything!! If you are in 🇨🇦, 🇺🇸 or 🇬🇧 and already love fitness or simply want to work on your own health while making a few extra hundred or thousands mthly...keep reading in the comments👇🏻

Kelowna, British Columbia

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Crimson-colored everything ❤️

Five & Dime

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My whole world 🌎 💕#mymotivation #family #fitfam #tacticalbabygear #bestdad

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Are you afraid of losing all your hard earned muscle whilst not eating enough during this Ramadan?😯
Is your goal to lose as much fat as possible whilst maintaining muscle mass?📊
Some tips from a training point of view📝:
◾️Don’t stop going to the gym. lifting weights will signal to your brain that your muscles need to get bigger/need to be retained in order to manage the load you are lifting, making it less likely for you to lose muscle. If you don’t lift, there will be minimal stimulation of your muscles and hence they are more likely to break down and get smaller🚫❗️
◾️Make sure the foundation of your workouts are based around compound movements. stick to the movements that  created the muscle mass in the first place🏋🏽‍♂️
◾️Don’t lift lighter weights intentionally. Try and maintain as much strength as you can which will in turn help you retain as much muscle as possible. Vary the rep ranges. Mix it up💪🏾
◾️Decrease the overall volume of the workout. Keep the workouts short and intense. 45 minutes-1 hour. This will prevent sore muscles and a delay in recovery taking into account the restricted nutritional intake during this month🍎🍌

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O lanchinho de domingo está pronto! Não resisto a este Bolinho de 🍌 e 🥜 ! É simplesmente divinal 😋👌
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My tattoo

Tønsberg, Norway

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e non mi importa di niente, tu stammi vicino 🦋♥️

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Second day at @vegfestuk Bristol! If you haven't managed to come and try our Lattes this weekend, find us at @freefromevents in London tomorrow with more samples ☕💕

Ashton Gate Stadium Bristol

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Who’s out for Bank Holiday drinks tonight? It doesn't have to ruin your hard work!
Of course alcohol contains empty calories, but there's no reason you can't go out now and then and have a great time. You want to opt for drinks that fit within your daily targets, and aren't detrimental to your progress 👎🏼
Cocktails are tasty AF, but just 1 can rack up a hefty amount of calories. Not to mention they often lead to overconsumption 🤤
🍸Opt for spirits and diet mixers as they allow you the freedom to indulge a little more. Rum and Diet Coke is great. My personal favourite is gin and slim tonic with a lime wedge 👌🏼, but there's a number of options you can try.
Hopefully this helps some of you stay on track 🙏🏼. Stay safe and have a sick time 🎉

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