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;; Post fasted cardio breakfast - A 450 calorie choc banana protein smoothie 😋 Smashed out 40mins of fitness marshall dance cardio burning 280 calories. I also have a netball game to play tonight so today will be a a higher carb day 💪 #weightloss #breakfast #protein #smoothie #australia

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Join MONAT as a UK VIP Customer in May, and receive a FREE The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo with your enrolment order. #MONAThairCARE #mumlife #mumhair #toddlermum #ukhair #royalwedding #fitmum #🇬🇧 #hairsalon #hairsale #veganmum #hair #dryshampoo

United States

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Challenge accepted! I hate winter - the cold, the sickness, the cold!! Im such a Qlder. It’s good to have a goal to distract me from my winter complaining and work off that winter comfort eating. #dancegoals #betterthanwinter #coldsook #whosewithme #fitnessmotivation #dontdancealone #fitmum #jazzercise

Jazzercise Nambour & Cooroy

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Post workout feels with my FAV person @muscleeffect ➖ we are both blessed that our ‘therapy’ is E X E R C I S E and we absolutely love motivating each other | we work so hard to get our life b a l a n c e right and don’t get me wrong, there are days we don’t get to even see each other! Life can get so busy but one thing to remember is that... if you don’t make time to work on creating a life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t ✨ #MrsMuscleEffect

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My #WeighEverydayMay progress. Yes I weigh everyday. I need to do this for my own mental health. I can't wait a whole month or even a week. Some people won't understand this and will decide to judge my decision and make assumptions of who I am as a person. Go right ahead. I don't need anyone's approval of what I am doing or even who I am. I am happy with me. I am proud of me and my progress and I share it to look back on and not to be in competition with others. Have a great #humpday people 😊🐪

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Athletica done aka Deathletica ☠☠. A few PB's and over 600cals burned. Boom wednesday workout done. With one of my fav training buddies @bel_f45_fitjourney and thanks for the heads up on the death pod pod 1 @allydeeerby.
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Trying on a pre baby skirt! This skirt is a size 6 from zara and the last time I could fit into this skirt I was starving myself and hated my body so much. It’s crazy that I’m on this fitness journey filled with self love and only positive comments about myself. I eat healthy but I still live my life and eat a pizza now and again or if I’m craving a cookie I’ll just eat the cookie!! No more starving myself, no more weighing myself everyday, no more making myself unhappy to get to a size/weight. If I can’t naturally get to a weight while being happy then it’s not worth it!!!! But it just goes to show taking care of myself and doing things slowly do pay off because I can now fit back into a size 6 denim skirt that has no stretch! Clothing size isn’t important but I’m just trying to show that my approach of slow progress is better than no progress, eating full healthy meals and not being on crazy diets has lead me to this place 💞 always listen to yourself and give your body the time it needs! It will always get there eventually 💋💕

Credit to the owner: @mimifituk. Text by @mimifituk. Check this amazing page to get inspired 😍

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#fitmum #postpartumfitness #csection #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation

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Literally allowing myself to log out and shut down... woke up at 6am and had a two hour yoga session overlooking the ocean... What an incredible start to the day 🙏🏼
Follow my yoga journey in Bali as I delve into mindfulness in an aim to not only grow myself but help others to live in the moment and truly be happy within 🙏🏼
Follow my fitness and wellness journey...
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- Email - info@saralouisefitness.com
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Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

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Having support and encouragement from your team helps you to focus and take on something that you have failed before!
Repeating Monday’s Front #squat sets, after giving myself some recovery time from Sunday’s run.. (I’m getting better at listening to my body the older I get!! 😉) Lifting is so much a mental mind game . 👍✅🤸‍♀️

National Strength Performance Centre

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Curls4dagirlz 💇🏻‍♂️
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Just about covers everything right? 🌏💜🍑

Club Med Bintan Island

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This is a wildly unfair misrepresentation of my sparring match 😂

Last time I saw my opponent in the ring she was busy winning a State title. So, landing a couple of shots over three rounds and not getting sat on my ass repeatedly was a pretty good outcome for me!

She obviously landed far more shots with far more skill and won the match easily. Not overly happy with my form, but it was a great experience and opportunity to learn (how to take a few solid hits and keep going 😆). #muaythai #sparring #interclubsparring #muaythaimama #muaythaimum #roundhouse #southpaw #luckyshot #fightprep #fitmum #fitish #somuchrunninginmyfuture

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Day 19 @doyouyoga May Yoga Challenge: Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana).
Amazing how a picture of self breaks the perception of self. I always thought I went a lot deeper in my backbend. Clearly I don’t. No matter, I’m still feeling like a graceful as fuck unicorn rocking a warrior stance.
I am hashtag totes loving this hashtag selfie 🦄🧘‍♀️✌️💜 .
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Badung, Bali, Indonesia

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In the spirit of post-baby body confidence and transparency online... here are two photos of me this morning! Unedited (filtered only)... my body is not at my fittest, leanest, or at my ultimate goal... It is not incredible but it’s not terrible!! It’s exactly where it needs to be 4 months after my 3rd baby!! I’m eating well (with balance) and I’m exercising at home when I can! I’m not getting solid sleep and I am breastfeeding my beautiful baby boy!! I’m not content with where I am at for the long run; but I am proud for now!! And I am happy! And healthy!! 💪🏼 -
I was scared to post and show where I am truly at because I was so fit and relatively lean prior to being pregnant and during my pregnancy. Hell, even after my pregnancy, I remained fairly ‘in shape’... but true to form (and previous pregnancies) my body continues to change in the months following birth, during breastfeeding and sleep deprivation.. It is what it is and I hope that sharing this; has helped someone! 🤷🏼‍♀️
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This is me.

As much as I would love to say it has been a 2 year journey, reality is it’s been more like a 20 year weight battle. I’m going to call it a “battle” because that’s what it has been. It’s been a fight with mirror, a fight with the wardrobe, a fight with my friends, a fight with my family but mostly - a fight in my head every god dam day!

The pic on the left was taken June 15, 2016. The start of me saying “enough is enough”. “It’s time for a change”. “Its time to finally for once in my life start to change the way I look at myself in the mirror”. And I am so glad I made that choice. When people look at these pics they see a few kgs in change over a couple of years. But what I see is so much more.
I see a woman that hated herself, had zero self love or respect for what my body had been through and someone who thought “this was it” for me. Fast forward to the middle pic. This was taken just before Christmas. I wanted to start taking my before and after challenge pics in my bikini because all I’ve ever wanted is to look good in a bikini. I never actually stopped to think that it wasn’t actually about how I looked - but more about how I felt. Was also after our first family holiday - and that was the first time I actually spent time in a bikini and felt good.. in my whole life.

And now pic 3 - 21 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Gotta be honest - not feeling great. I threw out all my “big” clothes because I decided I didn’t need them anymore so I’m back living in trackies and jumpers (covered up) because that’s all I can squeeze into 😂. But one thing I can say is for once in my life I know this feeling isn’t going to keep me down long. I know I WILL get back to that middle pic and I WILL get back into a bikini. Not because I want to look good but because I loved how I FELT. 29 years and it’s taken me this long to realise it’s not about looks. If you feel great and you can HONESTLY say you LOVE your body then I want to give you a massive hug right now because that right there are #seriousgoals.
And if you don’t - do whatever it takes to get there because YOU bloody well deserve it 💝.

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Today was a good day up to a point. Facing something unexpected and very difficult to deal with, after taking appropriate action I then decided to do what I felt was the best course to help me through
I did my workout. And not just one. But three
I had to do three because in facing my issue I was reminded of the strength I've built inwardly over time and that it was in fact beginning to lift weights years ago that helped me cope with it the very first time it had ever surfaced. It's actually the reason I started to lift years ago, and has since become my favourite form of exercise
I didn't stop tonight until I felt it was right to. Tonight I empowered myself where my past self would have crumbled. I know now more than ever that I am ok, and I can make it through.

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An hour a day is enough time to get into “the zone”. #fitmumof3 #postpartumjourney .
📷 @thelimitless_1

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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“YOU must do the things you think you cannot do” - Eleanor Roosevelt 💥
TAG us in your workout photos : #fernwoodevertonpark 📷💪 Happy snapping!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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@fernwoodfitness @evertonplaza

Fernwood Everton Park

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I don’t know about you but I never wake up and say yay it’s time to sweat. So I don’t give myself the choice. Gym clothes on and straight there after school drop off. If I procrastinate, it doesn’t happen and I always feel better after. Sweaty and all😜.

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🌦🌬❄️🏃🏼‍♀️🍵🥄Soup Making. Wash, chop, add water, big pot cook & simmer. Let sit for at least a few hours for flavour to release. Note oil is to help transport vitamins. I don’t use onion or fresh garlic, although great for the immune as I’m intolerant & the pre cooked garlic in cooked meals works best. Then use potato hand masher to make soup blended. Most times I don’t use machines. Maybe my inner wholesomeness or historic caveiness woman is shining! Love arty or cooking making moments like this. It makes my heart sing 🎶 💚💙 . Reheat to serve very warm. The family will be stoked. 🌦❄️🌬Wintery days are here this Autumn. This soup making is wellness~warrior in action. There are many head, chest, stomach viruses going around in our community still. Warmth, sleep, healthy foods, cut the junk foods, hydration, hygiene home (bath, kitchen cloths, towels & bedding/pillows regular washing are great tips to protect the rest of the family too), most of all be caring to your community as it’s contagious, “inform others”, stay away & keep warm. 🌳🌦❄️🌬 Winter is a wellness obstacle, & it’s also a great time of different hobbies to enjoy as well. Make soup, toasty fire places, windy or rainy walks, see the snow. Enjoy my soup inspiration 🔥🍵🥄⛷🧤🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️🧣
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💥Decide that you want it more than your afraid of it & then do the work 💚
Training done for the day ✅ 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃
Remember IG Oz fam, winter is coming, don’t let winter be a reason to feel sluggish & off track 👉 Beat the winter bulge Join the get healthier, happier, fitter 30 day challenge kicking of June 1st! Get in touch for details.


Epping, Victoria, Australia

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