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Birthday & gains 👐🏾💪🏾🍑🍑
Grateful for all the gainz this year 👐🏾 .
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Que gusto poder trabajar desde casa ayudando a gente de cualquier parte del mundo a mejorar su vida, gente que te conoce a través de una red social, simpatiza contigo y se une a tu equipo de trabajo

What a pleasure to work from home helping people from anywhere in the world to improve their lives, people who know you through a social network, sympathize with you and join your team

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Jaén, Spain

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😱💪😍 Well it’s over! The 12 weeks are DONE!!! I gained 12kg in the 3 months, going from 73kg to 85kg. Hot dang that took an insane amount of effort, discipline & mental manipulations. I learnt a lot about food, the traditional gym & mostly myself & my ability to do shit I don’t FEEL like doing (a skill we need for thriving in life). >

How did I do it? 3,500 calories a day; 100% clean wholefoods (basically a bodybuilder's competition diet with NO cheat meals); working out at a traditional gym like 6 days a week; but above all mindset. >
What’s interesting: 1) how little fat I put on 2) I gained 10kg in 6 weeks, and then in the last 6 weeks only gained 2kg (80/20 rule showing itself again)

Big learnings = I CAN do shit like this. I can kinda do anything if I have a strong enough reason why & have accountability. Also, that I don't need cake haha. My sweet tooth is so optional. >

People have been saying to me throughout the journey (that I fully documented on my Instagram Stories) that they cant do it, they couldn’t make the time, they can’t eat that much etc. I used to think ALL OF THAT, until now haha. >

If you make a true commitment, then your life moulds around that commitment. That’s what happened for me. >

What do you think about my transformation? I should’ve had a happier face? haha

Anytime Fitness

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We need more laughter and smiles in this world. I keep feeling really down about the lack of ability people have to being more friendly or just simply choosing to be nice in a situation even if it was frustrating.
Maybe I'm feeling hyper sensitive to this at the moment during a transitional phase where I'm so ready to move on but equally it just gets in my head and I just want people to speak nice to each other. It's not too much to ask for is it?!
Also laughter is the best 'secret' for a healthy mind and healthy body! Be nice to people even if they havent been to you, it's always better to send love not hate ❤ (you can do the screaming in your mind as you walk away!!) 🤣

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STRETCHING: IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO DYNAMIC STRETCHINGS BEFORE WORKOUTS AND STATIC STRETCHINGS AFTER. Spend 10-15 minutes after workouts to stretch. With will make your muscles flexible and help avoid injuried from tight muscles.
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GET SOME GREENS INTO YA 🥦🥒🍏🍐🥑 I’ve been sick for the last 7 days & haven’t been able to train 🤧🤒 so I am pumping my body full of the good stuff to boost my immune system! Greens are good to take on a daily basis anyway because it ensures you get all those vitamins, minerals & nutrients that you may not get from food. The @whitewolfnutrition Super Greens contains spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass, MACA powder, spinach, kale & more 🙌🏽 plus it is tropical flavour & is the best tasting greens I’ve tried 👌🏽 Order online & use my discount code JADE10 for 💰 off
HAPPY MONDAY babes, stay healthy 💚
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Perth, Western Australia

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Met name de brede kennis, de totaal eigen visie, de enorme veelzijdigheid
en de unieke technieken die worden toegepast, maken de opleidingen van Overload Worldwide™uniek.

HealthCity Premium

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✌🏼 it got too crowded in the shadows ✌🏼

Darling Heights

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#revoflexextreme NEW MODEL.
Jipatie Revoflex extreem mpya
yenye #twistdisk .Itakayokuwezesha kufanya mazoezi ya sehemu ya juu, ya kati pamoja na ya chini ya mwili wako.
Kuondoa Tumbo la mbele na nyama nyama za pembeni ya kiuno na pia kushape vzuri kiuno chako.
Inayokuwezesha kufanya mazoezi zaidi ya 44 tofauti tofauti
Item: Revoflex Extreem
Revoflex Extreme
twist disk
Travel bag
Exercise quide
Function: Abdomen, Waist,Thigh, Legs, Arms exercise
Price: 55,000Tsh
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Do You like Nutella? I propose you the more Natural version with Nocciolata, the taste is exactly the same, Italian production, without palm oil and Organic (you can buy with less sugar) also you like it?😋🍫
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Day 9 - 15.7.2018 - Today I started to realise the extent of damage I’ve done to my body over the years and just how long of a journey this will be to fix what I have done. I don’t regret anything but I’m thankful I’ve come to the decision that I need to change now rather than later and I’m glad that this lifestyle change is what I want in my life. It may be a long journey ahead of me but I am excited to walk the road. No matter how many mornings I wake up tired from yesterday’s workout or how many times I slip up and have to forgive myself or how many times I have to convince myself to just do the workout or any workout at least. No one said this journey was going to be easy. If it was, I would have done it years ago. I feel thankful that I’m moving into the right state of mind and proud that I’m sticking with it. I’m notorious for giving things up, especially when it becomes difficult or I get bored but my health is more important than anything else and so I’ll keep going and I’ll keep pushing. Today I did a forty minute workout on the bike, I ached whilst doing it but felt great afterwards and then later in the night, my partner and I decided to watch a movie and so I took this time to fit in another short fifteen minute workout to break up the period of sitting on the sofa. I tried different resistances on the bike and pushed myself through. I am thankful I am here, living this beautiful life and being able to make these choices and see the difference in myself not only physically but mentally too. I am taking it day by day but can’t wait to see what the new day holds. Is this living? If it is, then I’m only sorry it took me so long to realise that the control of my life was in my hands all along 💪😁👊 #workout #weightloss #weightlossjourney2018 #myjourney #newlifestyle #healthylifestyle #health #workoutoftheday #weekendworkout #endingtheweekendright #sundayworkout #getfitforlife #gettingfit #beatthebinge #cravings #proudofmyself #myjourneyisjustbeginning #down2stone #mygoalsarebiggerthanmyexcuses #foodaddiction #beatingthehabit #fitnessquotes #fitnessandhealth #theweekendwontbreakme #tryingmyhardest #keepingmyselfaccountable #pcosweightloss

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Kill your Monday Blues with Bataz workouts
Teaser out now!
Link in Bio
Stay tuned for more
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Bangalore, India

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Styleee. 🔥💕💋 @grettyrose

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You are your priority.

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