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Well besides sleeping a total of 3 hours I woke up at a pretty good weight of 78.2 kg's while being a bit flat looking pretty on track! 💯 So holding onto that as something positive! 😊 #nottodayoldfriend

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Lots of veggies, espresso beans covered in dark chocolate, my first Starbucks Nitro with Sweet Cream 😍, a great personal workout, successful bootcamp and a new client who rocks.... today was good! I'm going into Friday with positive vibes. Stay happy and healthy my friends! #diet #iifym #iifymwomen #macros #flexibledieting #fulldayofeating #fuelingcrossfit #rogue #nitro #weightloss #dietinspo #broccolitots #fatloss #hardworkpaysoff #absaremadeinthekitchen

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So remember that time (2 weeks ago) when I was going to do a 5k with my mom on Mother’s Day? Well we decided to sleep instead 😴 we’re not morning people 😂 but I found out about the @blacklightrun so we’re doing a 5k tomorrow night! Super stoked about it! I’ll definitely be posting to my instastory a lot during it! It’s going to be so awesome 😎#5k #blacklight #blacklightrun #5ktraining #fitnessmotivation #fattofit #weightlossjourney #fitness

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Smiling cuz I’m done with cardio and now it’s time for ice cream 😍 ok, protein ice cream but I’ll take it. Nothin but some #momabs with #tigerstripes to be proud of here. Wouldn’t trade them for anything!

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Lots of people asking for the recipe soooo here we go . .

I made a savory sweet potato hash and a sweet version . .

Savory: garlic, red onion, sweet potatoes, red/orange pepper, cumin, chili powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, salt/pepper, bay leaf, fresh rosemary (Cook garlic/onion first then add sweet potatoes second and peppers last). .

Sweet: sweet potatoes, cinnamon (be generous), nutmeg (very little), vanilla extract (not a lot), Walden farms pancake syrup, 1 packet of spenda (optional)

You’re shmelcome

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Throw back Thursday!! This pic is 6 years ago and you boy is still shredded 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. You can cheat the grind, it knows how much work you put in 💪🏾. Shoot for greatness in all areas of your life fit fam 💪🏾. .
💎For more fitness related posts or questions that you might have DM @diamondfitlife
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Aurora, Colorado

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We in 😱TheStartUp magazine & Medium😱 Check out the full feature below and Garnysh on!!! https://goo.gl/MqPDsH

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Feels like I’m stronger when the odds are against me. Health wise, that is. 200x6. “One or more, shit?” - @hybridstrengthathletics

Hybrid Strength Athletics

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Some people selfie when they feel pretty, or accomplished, or confident and that’s awesome. I am pro selfie. 🤳 But I was feeling none if those things today! So here’s my “screw it, I’m just proud of myself for making it outta the house with pants on selfie.” And that’s awesome too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #realtalk +
#owned 💍✈️ #pilotwifelife

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i’m just posting this picture because i need one to post lol. i haven’t been to the gym in what feels like forever. i have intentions of going and then school knocks me down and i’m unable to do anything else! i’ve been stressed for the whole month tbh and this class is almost over but i don’t even know how it’s going to go!! i’m soooo nervous. i’m trying to think of how i’m going to divide up my time for my next class which starts 4 days after the class i’m in ends. i need to figure out a plan so i can get my 5 days at the gym, i know it’ll do good things for my overall health but especially my mental health!!! so i’m just basically updating y’all. i also ate mcdonalds today. i had a medium iced tea and a medium fry, and then i went out for lunch and got wings 😂😂😂 IM GOING TO Get my shit together I FEEL IT COMING!!! pray for me y’all

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Which would you prefer?
#Repost @smurray_32
Although I am a firm advocate of flexible dieting and consuming “anything in moderation”, I do still feel very strongly about weekend alcohol intake as I know first-hand that this is likely the cause of so many diet failures out there.

Now, while I am not going to go into yet another entire post about how easy it is to “cancel out” your hard-earned weekly deficit on your weekend (I’m sure you already know what I am talking about), the goal of this post was to simply make you more AWARE that, calories don’t just come from food and that, the wine, beer, vodka that you are consuming tonight, likely has far more than you perceive it to have.

Remember, alcohol contains 7kcal/g (Traversy 2015) thus, while if consumed in moderation, can “fit” into your lifestyle with relative ease, IF ABUSED, has the ability to shift you into EXTREME surpluses of calories and thus cause you to store any carbohydrates and fats that you consume directly as fat tissue due to alcohol taking priority no.1 when it comes to metabolism (Siler et al 1999). Studies even show that is one of the main contributors to weight gain by promoting excess energy consumption with a lack of satiety (DiMeglio & Mattes 2000 Pan & Hu 2011, Tieken 2008).

Furthermore, alcohol is associated with increases in ghrelin, the main “hunger hormone” (Röjdmark et al 2001) thus, not only could you be consuming 1600kcal worth of liquid calories tonight, but then “binge” on further “FOOD calories” and thus shift you into an even LARGER calorie surplus.

Think about it, for some petite females, 1640kcal worth of vodka alone (no food) could be their entire DAILY requirement. Add another 2000+kcal from the pizza they consume when they get home from the club along with what they have already consumed PRIOR in the day before going out and you can see just how easy it is to have a day comprising of 4, 5, 6, 7000+ calories which, as you know is likely only repeated tomorrow.

Just some food for thought?

San Vicente, Heredia, Costa Rica

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越長大 越想珍惜與爸媽的時光
從小到大 能在這麼幸福的家庭
而我能給的 還太少
現在能做到的 是給爸比媽咪的簡單晚餐💜
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551x3 Paused beltless deads. Wanna make paused deads hard? Use a noodle bar and bumpers lmfao. This felt so hard pausing due to the whip. I hate deadlift bars but practice how you play!
Something I’ve been working on is not being a little bitch on my RPEs. It’s been a while since I’ve grinded reps due to my injuries and so RPE 6 feels like 8 on squats/deads. This is really common with time off or detraining intensity for a while.
While there is some slight room for subjectivity in RPEs it’s important you’re as objective as possible most of the time. The real goal with RPE sets is targeting a perfect stimulus. A certain amount of reps @ a certain exertion to induce the best possible outcome of the workout. So I’ve been forcing myself to feel what it means to lift heavy again hence why I said “that was a true 6” lol.
Also as for the programming videos I promised watch my story!

Iron Warehouse

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Is it one (or both) of your parents, who’ve guided you your whole life? Maybe a mentor who’s shown you the life path you want to take? Or maybe it’s someone you’ve never met in person, but found on here or elsewhere that motivates you like nobody else. We’ve all got people we look up to who inspire us because they’ve reached the peak we’re climbing towards.
But why don’t we ever say I’M MY OWN HERO?? We’re the most important person in our story. We are the ones in control of our daily behaviors that determine success. We are the ones who put in the work. Trust in your own heroism to better yourself each and every day. That’s all a true hero does: takes one step forward each day to be the best you.
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Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

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“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must...but take the step” 👊🏼 Super proud of my client Misty for showing up and working towards her goals...and hey she got a new 5 rep max tonight during our ladies lift class 🎉. What steps did you take today to make your life what you want it to be? #mindset #teamfitbliss #pr #ladieslift

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Post cardio abs 🤗 it’s a lot of patience and consistency to get you where you want to be. These fad diets just don’t cut it for long term goals 🚫 it’s not a quick fix no matter where you are in your journey... it takes conscious effort and daily commitment. It requires you to be honest with yourself... are you doing your best? 🤔💭 I know I do pretty damn good but I still could do better... we all can. That’s life but work hard and find ways to improve in the little things because that’ll add up and make the big difference 💕 excited to see more shredzzzz 👊🏼👊🏼 -
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Bringing the drills I learned from @eliteperformance91 and @gb_speed_is_life to Edmonton! Doing some track drills at @evolve_strength_dt in preparation for my race against @faith_joseph!

Evolve Strength Downtown

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The ultimate mastery is the self discipline to control what you eat... once you master this, you have the power to conquer anything in life ✨ #Jewel

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“I’m not lean enough.” “I’m not big enough.” “I’ll never be perfect.” BUT I will always strive to better....every single day.

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Someone flagged my a*s the other day....seriously?! The poolside pics got removed because they offended the senses of someone. 🙄 I think I can get away with it today because somehow Wednesday has become synonymous with 🍑’s. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Anyway, this is hands down my favorite bikini because the cut is so perfect! 📸 PC: Mr. Pilot (Owner of said 🍑) #owned 💍✈️ #pilotwifelife +
Check out sealtielswim.com/ 👙 FREE shipping on all orders. 🧡💛💚💙❤️💜🖤 #swimwear #tanning #squats #bootybuilding

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Honolulu, Hawaii

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Always keep it simple!

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THIRSTY THURSDAAAY🤪 @pescience strawberry cheesecake edition, yesss 🍰 🍓

Spencer, Nebraska

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