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s/o Ash for the backyard #35mm

Brooklyn, New York

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É dificil consegui tirar foto da safira bocejando haha mas consegui kk

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Happy #SeniorSunday
This session with @gabbriella.leese was filled with laughs. I loved chatting with her mom and hearing them banter with each other. Her mom had some great ideas and was a wonderful support.
Bringing mom along for your session can help you to relax and bring out the belly laughs like mom did in this image!

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New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

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Always exploring in my trusty Keds.

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Good morning.
Having the Monday Blues ?

Mercu Mustafa Kamal

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What better day to make a comeback than #worldphotoday Remembering how much fun we had shooting our boy @Aaronmontes!! Contact us for your next photo session, especially with the Fall season and Christmas season fast approaching!

WaterWall Place

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✖️What makes you come alive? What makes your heart soar and your eyes sparkle? Is it adventuring and exploring new places? Is it a cup of tea and a good book snuggled under blankets on a rainy afternoon? Meeting a friend for coffee and dreaming together about your future goals? Whatever it is, make space in your day for more of what sets your soul on fire. Life is too short to not allow every moment to be magical, beautiful and full of promise. Let yourself dream and believe for the best, because no matter what you’ve gone through in the past, there are amazing things ahead for you. 💛

Milford, Delaware

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Beberapa cara orang memberikan perhatiannya kepada orang lain dengan cara menatap, sama halnya pelangi indah bisa kita miliki dngan cara menatapnya bukan memilikinyaa..

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here is a cute pic of my cute (not so) lil sis. she’s now taller than me, hotter than me, and way too adult-y to only be 17 :/ this was the first fam vacation that I wasn’t the only one being hit on by the creepy ugly drunk dudes on the beach. while she usually appeared to be little sister following around big sis, we now could pass as the same age, as friends (bc no one guesses we’re sisters...) so now all the creepy ugly dudes on the beach hit on her too😜

Pensacola, Florida

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No, really! I think I’ve cracked the code - just follow these tips:

• Find photographers whose content and style you enjoy or find inspiring, e.g. via the Explore tab, hashtags, and who the people you follow engage with.
• Follow them.
• As you see their photos in your feed, “like” them.
• Add comments to share when a photo particularly strikes you or if there are certain elements you find intriguing. These don’t always need to be gushing, but try to stay respectful, be constructive, and overall just be encouraging!
• Over time, people may follow you back... or they might not! They may follow then unfollow, or even block. But all of that’s okay! Everyone has their own reasons for who they follow, and there’s no need to take it personally.
• Relatedly, if an account just makes you wish you were somewhere else, bums you out, just aren’t your style any more, etc., it’s okay for you to unfollow too.
• Ideally, try to diversify your feed (this is something I need to work on more) - follow accounts with people, styles, and perspectives outside of what you’re used to. Follow people who speak other languages - that “see translation” link comes in handy!

I can personally attest that after doing this for several years... you may not have a very high follower count or make any money, but you’ll see a bunch of great photography, get to know some awesome people, learn a bunch about different locations or cultures, and enjoy plenty of visual inspiration throughout the week. And to me, that sounds like a pretty successful Instagram experience! ☺️

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💐🍃 @carole_emanuele


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So proud of my baby @jakezmich for working so hard towards finishing his first half marathon!! 🏃🏾‍♂️It was a hard journey but he finished with a speedy time! #couples#halfmarathontraining#adventure#travel#starlightfeatures#adventure#photographyislifee#ftwotww#photooftheday#liveauthentic#go#instagood#instagram#happy#like#fun#instadaily#like4like#igers#instalike#sun#love#sandiego#fitness#fitlife

Balboa Park

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face it •• @juliaroseo + @_shopnshare

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