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After a long weekend, I'm trying the @soshapeparis 5 Day Reboot Challenge to help get back to feeling lighter and more energetic. They're incredibly easy to prepare - and make life so much easier for me when I'm on the go! I am loving the Cookies & Cream and Coco Choco shake 🙊

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Tower Bridge

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Wandering around Imerovigli finding all these beautiful blues 💙🇬🇷

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Enjoying wonderful city life in Bregenz.... 🌞🌞🌞❣❣


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✨3 reasons why I love New Orleans✨

You can’t walk far without hearing music or seeing a random dance party in the street.

Everyone is welcome no matter who they are or what they identify as. The more different you are, the more you’re embraced!

THE FOOD! Beignets, poboys, muffulettas... OH MY! 🤤
I hope you have an amazing week 💜

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New Orleans, Louisiana

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On her top Instagram tip, @taylranne tells Husskie: “Just be yourself, don’t worry about the perfect edit or creating something that isn’t real. Connecting with others is what Instagram is all about...” ⭐️ Jump on Husskie to read the full interview ✨ Link in bio 👆 #thehusskiepack 📷 @taylranne

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Anni, amori, e bicchieri di vino. Non si contano mai.

Amer Fort Jaipur Rajashthan

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Happy New Week Y’all! Hope you’re as motivated as we are !! This week we’re creating our office space ! Snippets will be shared on our instastories !

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Market Square, Krakow, Poland

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Taking me back to the sun kissed streets of Capri! We only visited for a day trip but it’s somewhere that I’m so keen to return to! #SilverSpoonStories

Capri, Italy

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Я уведу тебя по радуге в страну подсолнухов,
в страну где из улыбок облака,
дороги выбиты следами теплых капель
дождей, которые летают с высока.
Где бабочки живут в глазах у каждого
и жители сошли немного все с ума,
где существуют только взявшись за руки,
неотпуская друг друга навека.
Я уведу тебя в страну подсолнухов,
в страну где будем счастлвы всегда,
где нашим домом будет облако
заметное лишь нам издалека#girlsaroundtheworld#girlsmeetglobe#lookbookrussia#cinema#love#summer 📸@lynxyly


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We had a very warm welcome at the "pelican" casa particular at Bay of pigs. #history
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Bay of Pigs

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Sight-seeing 👀

📸: @natyagutierrez

Haight St.

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Hi everyone!
Welcome to the Teletubbies World!
No, seriously... it’s definitely better.
Those Japanese places you get to find only because your boyfriend wanted to eat some good ramen in Kumamoto. 🌱❤️

Suizenji Jojuen Garden

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Looking forward to spend the rest of my life with you 🙊


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Adventure away from the norm. .
. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.
📷 Want to share your next Adventure?
To share... Tag #trouvii 📷.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.
Seek The Adventure, But Never Forget The Moment.
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• Anche il ghiaccio più freddo del mondo si scioglie, se scaldato dal calore giusto • 🔥❄️🌷

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