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🥅 Knowing your goal is one thing but choosing the right path to get there is really important
🛤 There is a method for everything, even in Fitness, this will allow you to take adequate measures to ensure that you reach your goals
🍜 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️The 2 main variables that tend to change in priority are the training and nutrition when supplements rest unchanged in the pyramid of priority because thats what they are.... supplements

Uncut Fitness Edinburgh

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Wish I was here

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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Excited to have joined @freskincare as an ambassador! Their new Detox Me treatment mask is incredible. It is formulated to prevent post sweat breakouts and removes excess oils and unclogs pores. It leaves your face feeling purified and fresh with a natural glow. The all natural ingredients make this a must in my skin care routine. Link in bio and use my code MORGM for 25% off yours for the next 48 hours. #detoxme #freyourglow #loveyoursweat

Kansas City Power & Light District

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World Health Organization (WHO)

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Cable machines include a weight stack that is connected by cables to cams and pulleys and only move in one direction. They provide very controlled movement in one direction and isolate one group of muscles. That makes them a perfect choice for new trainees, seniors, recreational athletes and injury rehabilitation. The downfall of the cable machines is that they isolate muscles and you may end up making some group of muscle stronger than the other ones. Machines are adjusting, balancing and supporting you body leaving muscles that suppose to do that aside (stabilizers). Free weights exercises usually incorporate barbells, dumbbell, disks and kettlebells that are not supported by cables, pulleys, pins or weights stack. They are cost effective because single set of dumbbell can be used for a variety of exercises and are more flexible allowing movement in any direction and ROM. Using free weights requires that you use more than one group of muscles per exercise it mean your entire body control, central nervous system and hand-eye coordination must be engaged. The biggest downfall of free weights is that if your form and technique is not good you put yourself in greater risk of injuries. #cableworkout#freeweights#

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It's easy to trust GOD when everything is going well. Unfortunately, it is during this time that we create a \"FALSE SENSE OF FAITH\". This is exactly what was revealed in Mark 4: 35-40. JESUS and HIS followers were going across the Lake. Everything was fine until the waves began to swell & water started filling the boat. They became afraid & woke JESUS from HIS sleep. They questioned HIM if HE even cared about them. See, a lack of FAITH will always turn a mole into a mountain. After they questioned HIM about caring for them, they said, \"we're going to drown\". A complete over-exaggeration of the situation caused by a lack of faith; therefore causing a fear based response. Remember, faith that is NOT TESTED is no faith at all. When you are in CHRIST & have placed your complete hope in HIM, you have absolutely nothing to fear. All hell could be breaking out around you and yet, you can REMAIN steadfast & unmoved. We must have the same attitude as Job had in Job 13:15. Faced with some of the most unimaginable circumstances, this is what he said: \"Though he slay me, yet I will trust in HIM\". He was committed to GOD during the good and the bad. He knew that GOD loved him, & he also knew that at the right time, GOD would vindicate & reestablish him. Therefore, he was able to maintain his peace by trusting GOD with the outcome. Contrary to what many think, GOD does not delight in our sufferings. HE told us that in this world we'll have trouble. HE also told us to take heart (not to worry), because HE has overcome the world. HIS Word reminds us that, \"all things GOD works for the good of those who love HIM, who have been called according to his purpose\" -Romans 8:28. Whatever the situation is that you're going through, please don't lose your faith in GOD. Continue to stand on HIS Word (promises). Surround yourself with other Believers who will encourage & pray for you. Remember, true faith is not moved by circumstances. It doesn't panic & lose heart. TRUE FAITH is a hearts conviction that says, \"GOD, I will trust you...NO MATTER WHAT\". Be encouraged. Thanks for reading.
GOD Bless you guys.

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First day back at training after four days of holiday revelry. I did no alcohol, but sure enjoyed my food. Feeling a bit bloated, and took a while to crank up the engine again in gym today. But once I settled down and got the hang of things, everything went really quite well, so I leave today’s session satisfied and look forward to tmr’s leg day! Today’s exercise: Rackpull - 5 sets of 5 reps, 72.5kg (max load). (Video got chopped off the front - I did start the movement from the discs on the ground, and not with the weights standing up) Yeah! Good to be back! 💪🔥 #addictedtofitness #fitnessislife #committedtofitness #trainhardorgohome #haveagoaltomeet #strengthtrainingforwomen #strengthtraining #gymlove #fitandfab #fitfam #rackpull

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After working out so early this morning (430ish wakeup) I am amazed at how content I feel. I am happy! I have given to me first & now I can give out all day. I was inspired to try a 430 am wakeup/workout schedule by @therock - he always has these videos where he is doing 15 hour days flexing them muscles, and Still Makes time to keep a Workout! At 430 am!!! The next time one of his ig vids come on and he says he working out at 430 am and “what are we all doing??!” I get to type “ Im Working Out TOO!”💪 ❤️❤️❤️
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Sommer auf dem Teller, schnell gemacht, super lecker und dank unserer Classic Sauce auch noch kalorienarm 😍 .

Was darf in eurem Salat nicht fehlen?

Danke @jajolicious für das Foto 🙏 .
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