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San Diego, California

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Poet's Walk Park

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Bayern, Germany

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Your vision will become only clear when you look in your heart, who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens💫

New York, New York

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My shawty’s a goodie 🏖♥️🏝

Lake Michigan

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First time hanging out in @awesomealpharetta and got the NOLA style shrimp (and grits) from @southmainkitchen, which took all the pain and suffering away from the drive OTP (as did the wine). 🦐 🍷 #worthit #awesomealpharetta

South Main Kitchen

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🌐 @jchen.ys ✴️ Hey guys! I'm Jeffrey, Jeff is fine too. I'm a mechanical engineer by day, urban explorer by night. I do a lot of 3D printing and 3D design since I love to build things and fly drones 🚁 I've been shooting for about 8 months and I'm super excited to join the family!

Houston, Texas

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Poet's Walk Park

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We’re all happy here 🍃🌿🌴🐸

Rainforest Cafe

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Llegue hace una semana y ya tengo ganas de salir a la ruta de nuevo 💘 ¿Alguien está planeando su próximo viaje?

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Om Swastyastu bapak lan ibu 🙏🏻
Inframe : @putuyanda_ .
Note : Hbd broh, semoga panjang umur sehat selalu, selalu jadi yang terbaik, rezeki nya selalu di lancarkan, semoga langgeng sampai nikah sama cipta🙏🏻 dan selalu disayang keluarga sama temennya 🍰 .
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Bali, Indonesia

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When you teach your friends how to use your 📷. Shot by:@sofiaoriela
Yep, my nose is actually this big🤘

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This is not a @vans ad but it should be 📸 #EucariosVisuals

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

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We went to this lake three times hoping for still waters. In this case, third time was, in fact, the charm.

Two Jack Lake

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It’s the start of something new.

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