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Медузы на Азовском море? 😕😕😕 Для тех кто собирается ехать в этом году на море.
В начале июня и июля было сильный шторм из Черного и Средиземного моря , сюда прибило медуз , но из-за повышения солености воды они не хотят уплывать , так как им тут нравится.
Называются эти медузы Корнерот.
Медузы эти ядовитые , но для человека не опасны , просто останется ожог ( даже крапива бьёт больнее )
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Schastlivtsevo, Khersons'Ka Oblast', Ukraine

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✍︎ #harekemeridish -
💇🏻‍♀️ 💇🏻‍♀️ _
@kaorin_nnnn ♡ -
スペシャルなピンクバイオレット🍇 _
#ちびコーデ #147cm #マイペース屋さん _
#サロンモデル #アレンジモデル


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Now Ready In store!
Tipe terbaru dari ASUS


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Buruan datang ke “ISTANA 928 PONSEL”
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ZARAst baam👊🏿

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렌즈 바꿔떠욤 브_그

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Pretty Strong Testimonial Tuesday ✨💕🌿💪🏼 .
“I was referred to Ash by a nutritionist who told me that Ash was simply the best in town. She also told me not to judge her as some pretty little thing who couldnt possibly know enough to help me.
I met Ash and I totally judged the book by its cover and decided there was no way this half my age gorgeous lady could possibly have enough knowledge to change my life.
I. Was. Wrong. !!!
I've tried gyms, personal trainers, group sessions, bootcamps etc they are all the same just different places and people.
But Ash and her team at The Boutique Training Room are truly a special bunch of people who work in a beautiful studio. I have never felt so welcomed, encouraged and supported in any health/fitness facility. It's like going to see a best friend who is truly invested in helping me to improve myself in all ways - mentally, emotionally and physically.
If I could find a way to drag all the other "me's" thru the door I totally would because I know it would absolutely be as life changing for them as it has for me. If you want to workout without judgement in a private facility where you are not just another number then I implore you to give Ash and her team a go .... you will not regret it !” #prettystrong #theboutiquetrainingroom #testimonial

The Boutique Training Room

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Must be on wall 🎨 follow me

Planet Earth

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언능 방학이나해라🤯

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Good Morning ☀️💕🤗. Nur noch diese Woche und dann ist der Umzug geschafft💪🏻. Es ist einfach viel zu warm zum schlafen, also eigentlich habe ich auch überhaupt nicht geschlafen 😄. Ist auch alles gerade sehr aufregend 😳☺️. Habt einen tollen Tag und trinken nicht vergessen 😳👆🏻. #happyday

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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