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I took a lot of pics this day and haven’t taken much lately so if you’re wondering why I keep posting in that top that’s why 🤸‍♂️

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Paris, France

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Thai Muang, Phangnga, Thailand

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Went for a walk in the rain to clear my thoughts. I've been so stressed and overwhelmed with emotions lately and alot is going on and things are starting getting to me; I can kind of feel things (my mental and physical health) going in a downward spiral again and my fibro is flaring up and taking a turn for the worst, so please bare with me while I try to get my shit together 💕
I've got a lot of fun things planned, for my blog and my YouTube channel - I just hope I can find the strength to do them and that you'll like them 😞🤞

Stoke Saint Gregory, Somerset, United Kingdom

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He’s from Vegas and plays in DC but I’ve only seen him wear a Vegas jersey so I’m sure he’s pulling for his hometown team ⚔️ #bryceharper #lasvegasgoldenknights #vegasgoldenknights #goldenknights #lasvegas #vegas #washingtoncapitals #washingtondc #dc #capitals #washingtonnationals #mlb #nhl #stanleycupplayoffs @tsn_official

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Happy birthday @alexhatch❤️!! Almost a year later and heres some scrambled footage from Ibiza. Lets call it your present? Canadian postage is a b*tch🤷 @emilyclaireredman @arabellathornshartley_ @lucemee @megan_smith247

Ibiza, Spain

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Autoconfiança • segurança • ser inteira

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Bangkok, Thailand

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@genuine.zeal GIVEAWAY DETAILS!!
Keeping it real simple. Comment this emoji “💔” as many times as you please. You will be entered in a random drawing selected in 24hrs. Each comment posted equals 1 entry.
1st place - hoodie + hat
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Good Luck 💔💫

New Jersey

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Reno update; finally not sleeping on the floor! Office and master finished, just odd jobs, sealing the bath and some painting left. Wood floors through the kitchen/living space/halls at the end of the month👷📽

Kelowna, British Columbia

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Niterói - Rio De Janeiro

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Neck breaker 📸 @_smedia_

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เฉลิมชัย โฆษิตพิพัฒน์ 🐐

วัดร่องขุ่น เชียงราย

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