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This is what happens when you try to workout with a puppy! #21dayfix #lovemylab #justanurseteachingoils

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These 11 bottles can seriously change your life, way of thinking and living for the better. Once I started using them, I also fell in love with them. I am a nurse and it was an adjustment to my usual way of thinking. You know...got an issue...take a pill! Now I choose oils FIRST and if I need to I choose medication when all else fails (cuz for those who know me...I had horrible migraines). Notice I said HAD. I still get them from time to time but not nearly as bad. #justanurseteachingoils #migraines #registerednurse

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Greek Plain yogurt, hubby’s honey, cinnamon bark and walnuts. #justanurseteachingoils #greekyogurt #younglivingessentialoils

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This guy....he puts up with my silliness and crazy, sometimes impulsive ideas. He’s patient and never ever complains. So happy I said “I do” 32 years ago in that tiny little church in Cooks Creek. Cheers to many more years sweetie 💜. #highschoolsweethearts #familylife #justanurseteachingoils

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The sun is shining and it’s freakin hot. Instant air conditioner! Spritz as needed. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #manitobasummer

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Mommas’ you need this! It’s great for everything skin related. Especially that tender area that will stretch into the “ring of fire” during labour. Oh...and it smells wonderful. #justanurseteachingoils #laboranddelivery #younglivingessentialoils

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This is my monthly Rewards order. I ordered the Desert Mist Diffuser, Thieves Laundry soap & dish soap, thieves oil, tangerine oil, frankincense oil and Claraderm Spray.....the rest (in front of the diffuser was free!!!) plus I earn 25% reward points to spend on more FREE product. How awesome is that! #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #essentialrewards

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A few facts: they are all mine, they are new, I have worked hard at them and I won’t stop here. #beachbodyresults #21dayfix #justanurseteachingoils

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We put too much on our plates between house, kids, work and a social life. Then we have to shut that brain off at bedtime! A few drops of each in the diffuser is all I need. Or if I’m lazy...a drop of each on the bottom of my big toe and I am able to relax and fall asleep. This is coming from someone who could only fall asleep if I took a prescription every night. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #sleepwell

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Bentonite clay has been used for centuries and is also referred to as the “healing clay”. It is made from volcanic ash.
We are exposed to toxins everyday in the air we breathe, what we eat and the products we use. So Some believe the clay can detoxify the body and protect from illness.
Some ingest it because it is full of a variety of nutrients like calcium and iron. Make sure you do your own research on brands recommended for ingestion.
Others use it topically. The clay becomes charged when mixed with a liquid such as water and is able to bind with toxins to draw them out. My plan for this is to make a facial mask and use it as an armpit detox. #justanurseteachingoils #bentoniteclay #healthyskincare

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The purpose of our liver is to filter waste from our bodies. However, it’s normal function can be challenged when we are dealing with negative emotions. Our body stores this negativity in the liver. These are feelings such as jealousy, anger and resentment. If you suffer with these feelings over a long period of time your liver function may begin to decline.
Geranium can help balance emotions by opening up the Solar Plexus Chakra. So so interesting. #chakrahealing #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils

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That mom fog you get from being....a Mom and in constant multi-tasking mode OR the brain fog you get from the Men-o-paus. Clarity to the rescue. A blend of ALL the oils to support your nervous system....aka your BRAIN (thinking, memory and alertness) and your emotions (enhancing feelings of calmness, joy and peace). #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #oilfamily

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When your hubby tries to save a few of his bees from the dog pool and gets stung 😲. A few mins later he is in a lot of pain....you would of thought he was in labour! So I ask if he wants to put some oils on it? His response: well I guess so, but it probably won’t do much. You just gotta make him a believer and put some peppermint and lavender straight up on the sting! He’s like “ya it just went away!” #justanurseteachingoils #honeybees #younglivingessentialoils

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Satin Facial Scrub has apricot seed powder for exfoliating. Helps lift away dead skin cells leaving your face brighter and super soft. Plant based and natural. Love the peppermint cuz it’s so so refreshing. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #exfoliating

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My new Jade Roller. You use it on your face like a little massage. It helps encourage circulation and decrease puffiness. Which I think is so cool!
Have you ever heard of localization therapy? It’s the same concept of massaging an area which tells your brain to bring more blood there. Then when you apply essential oils, like those good for your skin...this helps them get soaked in and do their work for you.

Who has one of these rollers? #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #jaderoller

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For me....it would be Little House in the Prairie. Simple life and I would want to run one of the stores 😃 or be the teacher 🧐 #happymondayeveryone #favoritetvshow #justanurseteachingoils

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Becoming a Young Living member not only gives you a 24% discount, 24/7 support from our huge community of oilers, FREE products and points on the Rewards Program...and most importantly a healthier way of life. I can order from either the Young Living facilitiy in Canada or the USA. We don’t have some of the products here so that’s when I order from the US site. (FYI: Golden Rod essential oil for your man. Gives him a little pick me up!) #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #newmoms

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Moms’ this is for you and of course your little one. Diffuse or use topically during pregnancy to help calm and relax you, same during labor (cuz it’s called labor for a reason 😲), great for your skin especially on the tum tum with all the stretching going on and for your little one...diluted of course. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #newmoms

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Best way to create your own wonderful. Blends are not just to make everything smell pretty....did you know specific blends can calm, invigorate, motivate, relax, sleep and so on! What is your favorite diffuser recipe? #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #diffuserblends

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Who’s with me on#21dayfix? Today was upper body and my arms are sore. Panaway is perfect to soothe them muscles. Plus it smells so so good. Mostly wintergreen so it reminds me of minty gum. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils

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I have always used shaving cream but really wanted to try the shave oil so I ordered it last month. It’s plant based with oils like Idaho Blue Spruce, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and Rose. It smells soooo heavenly. Like roses but not too strong at all. It leaves my skin smelling beautiful and super soft (and does the job!) #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #shaveoil

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Who is ready to take that plunge into the essential oil world? No...it’s not hocus pocus or hippy life or voodoo. It’s a healthy way of life for us as we get rid of those toxic products. It won’t happen over night. It’s a work in progress. Not gonna lie...there are still some things in my house that I haven’t ditched yet but most of it is gone and my head thanks me everyday.
This is the best way to start. 11 of the most commonly used oils, a diffuser and many samples!
Anyone local to me....I have 2 kits right now! I’m still on holidays for this week. Make me some coffee and I’ll come over with a kit and teach you the basics. Plus I will add in some extra goodies for YOU! And if you’re not local let’s talk and I can help you thru the sign up process. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #ditchandswitch

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When I started using essential oils there were a few other brands out there too. But fast forward 2 1/2 years and it seems you can buy them pretty much anywhere. My question for you is...do you know what is in them? I do....because I know and trust all the Young Living products because of their Seed to Seal promise. A bottle of orange oil contains just that oil and nothing else. No fillers at all! I don’t want to waste money on fillers. Young Living is involved in every aspect of getting those products to you. Sourcing from their own farms and partnered farms, extraction of only the best quality product and upholding nothing but top standards. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #seedtoseal

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Cuz even when camping you need to be prepared. Had a bit of a sore throat last night...Thieves tea and all is good! (Especially with Rob’s honey) #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #ditchandswitch

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The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that marjoram would bring them joy and happiness. They would decorate with it for weddings and also place some at grave sites.
You can also use it topically for tired achey muscles and joints, also helps the tum tum and great respiratory support. Marjoram or Rosemary is usually added to my head tension roller. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #ditchandswitch

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Such a great week camping with the kids. We were so busy fishing, swimming, walking, talking and more walking (gotta get those 10 000 steps in). Lucy made some friends and got to swim a lot too! Now the kids are gone home and I miss them already. We are here for five more days....back to #21dayfix #younglivingessentialoils #justanurseteachingoils and yes just enjoying each other 💗.

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Do you believe in the law of attraction? Abundance was formulated to enhance our magnetic energies. Love it’s spicy citrus and earthy aroma. Good for emotional and respiratory support too. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #magneticenergy

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Seriously, I love the fact that I can literally work anywhere as long as I have my phone. I’m currently on vacation from my full time nursing job...but Young Living is my part-time job that goes anywhere I do. Right now I am sitting at our campsite at #rushingriver yet I can still continue to share and teach everyday. If you are interested in getting into this biz....which is basically loving,using and sharing about Young Living products...then let me help you get started. #younglivingessentialoils #justanurseteachingoils

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A face serum I made with ONLY 6 ingredients; sacred frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, tea tree and patchouli then topped with rosehip oil. That’s it! No chemicals! You know the ones you can’t even pronounce. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #healthyskincare

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Energizing and invigorating. Cooling support for sore and tired #21dayfix muscles. Peppermint is one of the main ingredients in my headache roller. Helps congestion and upset tummy. Also excellent in brownies, hot chocolate or to flavour water. Way more potent then store bought extract! Cuz there is only pure extracted peppermint oil in this bottle....nothing else. #justanurseteachingoils #younglivingessentialoils #

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