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My king #michaeljackson #kingofpop

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that smile #michaeljackson #kingofpop

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I feel crazy about bad tour🤤😍
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In the closet #michaeljackson #kingofpop

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My legend kind Michael Jackson #michaeljackson #kingofpop

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Remember the time #michaeljackson #mj #mjlover #moonwalker #kingofpop

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Here's the reason why I no longer post scenarios on Instagram:

The first 53 scenarios I had written were written as Instagram captions on my old account, which I then saved and copied to Wattpad. Due to the letter limit here, the average number of words was from 380 to 420 words. However, when I deleted Instagram, I dwelled on Wattpad. So I gradually grew more immersed in my writings, and gradually the scenarios grew longer and longer, till now, on scenario number 120, the average number of words ranges from an absolute minimum of 1800 words (the shortest ever) to a maximum of 5000 words (the longest ever). So obviously, they can never fit in Instagram captions, so I no longer post them here, and only post them on Wattpad🤗♥️

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