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Karaoke carpool 🎶🎶😂

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#PressPlay: Looks like #RKelly has new music on the way. 👀🤔 Check out his IG live to hear more 👀

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Trying out this new phone for apple lol

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When in doubt wear red 💋
Comment red emojis.
@drghavami glow for #maximhot100

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Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.

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Goosebumps!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥@zmane2 @miamiheat

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Tag a friend. 
#thegoodquote 🌻 #inspirationalquotes #quotes

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Aku percaya, pasti ada perempuan hebat dibalik kesuksesan seorang laki-laki. Posses The Secret adalah inspirasi kekuatan rahasia dewi Idunn untuk Thor, kayak aku jadi sumber kekuatan buat Mas Gading.. ya ga mass?? Hahahaha *love* 😜😜😜 #AkuOriflame

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I was going for “If Wednesday Addams hit the club” kind of vibe

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Congrats to @sbird10 of the @seattlestorm for playing in her 500th @wnba game, the most ever! #WatchMeWork

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NO ES JUSTO !!!! Gracias @zion y @lennox que vibra tan brutal !!!! @premiosjuventud 🦖🦖🦖#vibras

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Photo @stephen_matera // Clouds over the Sawtooth Mountains in morning light, Sawtooth Range, Idaho. The Sawthooth Mountains reach elevations of over 10,000', with Thompson Peak (not shown here) reaching an elevation of 10,751'. Much of the mountain range is within the Sawtooth Wilderness, part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and Sawtooth National Forest. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Idaho and around the world. #sawtoothmountains #idaho #wilderness

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Just before their match Tuesday on #SDLive, @beckylynchwwe & @carmellawwe have messages for each other!

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Who want the smoke ? 👌🏽

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When you know we have the biggest show on TV 📺 ! #THEFOUR ! @thefouronfox every Thursday! 8 oclk
Bless up all the fans world wide thank you

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Voltando para a casa, porque amanhã começa a última semana de gravações da novela! 💘
Um chocolate, no domingo a noite, quem não ama? Ainda mais depois de um dia longo de trabalho! Eu amo esses da @flormeloficial (adoro eles a flormel porque tem varias opções boas)! Mas tem 3 sabores de bombons belga, nessas latas bonitonas e todos sem adição de açúcares. Quem aí já provou? Pra quem quer ter uma vida mais saudável e ainda sim gostosa ;) (Depois vou mostrar mais no stories!) #Flormel #ParaTodos #ParaTodoMomento #GostosodeVerdade

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Hit her with the one two

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Selamat pagi hati yang bahagia, selamat pagi hati yang terluka. Senyum ini dipersembahkan oleh salep anti mantan🙌🏻
Photo taken by @indrakula_03

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Been my inside joke for years now, but if you’re ever in a conversation with me and I hit you with the “I love you” sign 🤟🏾 and follow it up with a “I gotchu bruddaaah” or “I gotchu sistaaaah” with a wink and a big smile, then just know that you’re breathing rarefied air and officially in my inner circle of love, trust and fun devilish ways.
Miss ya uncle.
#SuperflySpirit #FamilyTradition 🤟🏾⭕️😈

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#MUTOUR matchday no.2️⃣, done! 👍
Next up, AC Milan at the StubHub. 🙌 #MUFC

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Photograph by @simoncroberts.

The Royal Bath and West Show, Shepton Mallet, Somerset from the series #MerrieAlbion.
British summer months are prime agricultural and county show time. Part tradition, part joyous eccentricity, a county show is a celebration of the countryside: from floral arrangements to sheep shearing, the British Cider Championships to cheese displays. The Royal Bath and West Show is one of the biggest agricultural shows in the country often welcoming over 150,000 attendees. The historic show is organized by the Royal Bath and West of England Society; it was founded in 1852, and toured the country before a permanent home was established at Shepton Mallet. Each year a member of the Royal Family visits. Here Princess Anne can be seen here presenting a rosette to the ‘British Limousin Champion’ in the Exhibitor Breed Beef Group.
Follow @simoncroberts to see more photographs from this series and other works. #simonroberts #britishlandscape #landscapestudiesofasmallisland #royalbathandwestshow #sheptonmallet #agriculturalshow

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He's baaaaaack. (via @colts)

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Obrigado pela companhia hoje , pelo primeiro lugar em várias capitais e por mais uma vitória...Obrigado Deus.🙌🏻❤️

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pajamas but make it fashion

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Boa noite família! Amanhā é dia de apresentar a todos vocês #1EmUmMilhāo , vamos começar a semana ouvindo e pedindo em todas as rádios do Brasil nossa nova música de trabalho. Lembrando que no próximo domingo, 29, lançaremos o clipe desta faixa no Fantástico @ShowdaVida na telinha da @RedeGlobo . Avisem a todo mundo, amanhā “1 Em Um Milhāo” nas melhores rádios do Brasil! #SimoneeSimaria #SeS #AsColeguinhas #LigueEPeça #NasRádios

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Oh so NICE! The Nice Palette is back July 24 at 3pm pst @taniawallerx3

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le rose est mignon

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