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Mans bussin Fornite moves as a workout Lool 😂
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More of this iconic look because I miss the blonde 😣🔥

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Why don’t we get this information at birth what the fuck else have I been missing out on

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Kylie Jenner lands first Vogue cover for the September issue of Vogue Australia. In the issue, she opened up about her lack of confidence in her lips, how that played a huge part in launching her career and why all of it inspired her to focus more on self-love.
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What, you've never been to astroworld?

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I don’t know her

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gold or silver jewellery? 💛

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i can't fuck with a basic ass man because i'm not a basic ass bitch #openrp #newopenrp

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Or maybe I’ll start making jewellery?? Could sell that shit on Etsy... maybe add some candles n I can glue crystals on them. I’m gonna learn how to graphic design too. Also I need to read 5 different books about astrology. Yes. My whole week is set.

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Kylie in NYC 💜💜

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Creer, c’est vivre deux fois.

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ღ If you still don't fall for her, idk what type of a heart you have 🙂❤
She is so cute & the way she said her brother's name 😍💜 My heart melted 🐾😭❤
Ps; Comment below her brother's IG account so i can tag him, idk it 🙂😭
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My boyfriend sent me this meme at 5am wow he’s so dreamy

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this is will probably be deleted again xxxx

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Can we crown Azealia as the tea spilling queen of 2018

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It’s 🆙 ❤️😱Fendi Logo Print Body-con Dress Size Small 😱❤️
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