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Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome. He has lived 21 years of his life with no legs but has achieved so much than you can ever imagine.
Talk about the power of having a positive mind and the determination that burns within.
Zion is a Championship Wrestler with so much willpower and strenght. He has won so many national championships including U.S Paralympics Track & Field.
Ever cheerful and ready to take on the world, there is no stopping Zion Clark.
Quotes Zion lives by - "Possibility is a question of perspective." "Find a way not an excuse" - @big_z_2020
🗣OMG! He is a living legend. He emerged from troubled waters because he couldn't swim...And the Lord raised him up to do amazing things.❤❤❤ I hope Zion's positive energy to life inspires someone out there. 🙇‍♂️
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I saw this and was impressed.👏👏👏👍👊 #whatsyourexcuse
High school wrestler Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome, which left him without legs. But he never let anything hold him back. Huge respect to this strong man 💪
📷: @big_z_2020 .
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High school wrestler Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome, which left him without legs. But he never let anything hold him back. Huge respect to this strong man 💪
📷: @big_z_2020 .
Crd @naijamumscorner .
#hedidit #respect #disability #livingwithdisability #nolegs #wrestler #Inspiring #accolades #greatman #Graduate #showsomelove #love #beautiful #picture #naija

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I saw this and was impressed.👏👏👏👍👊 #whatsyourexcuse
High school wrestler Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome, which left him without legs. But he never let anything hold him back. Huge respect to this strong man 💪
📷: @big_z_2020 .
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#hedidit #respect #disability #livingwithdisability #nolegs #wrestler #Inspiring #accolades #greatman #Graduate #showsomelove #love #beautiful #picture #naija #naijamum #naijamumscorner

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I know I haven't been posting much, but after 2 weeks of constant headaches and feeling like general shit, and then 4 days of extreme debilitating migraine and lethargy, I'm back to having dozens of tests to try and work out what is happening with me. The reality of living with chronic illness and brain injury is that things often shift and change and just when I think I have things under control my body decides to remind me who is boss. I have been sleeping up to 16 hours a day for the last week (highly unusual for me) and suffering from complex migraine, now diagnosed as Brainstem Aural Migraine aka Basilar Migraine, where my motor systems shut down and go haywire, affecting my vision, nerve sensation and extreme balance issues. My doctor has pre-diagnosed me with PVFS (post-viral fatigue syndrome - the precursor to chronic fatigue syndrome) and chronic complex migraines related to my brain injuries. There is no clear treatment for either so its one day at a time. This is what its like to live with complex and chronic invisible illness, one day you're high functioning and able to do everything anyone else could and the next day you're unable to lift your head, stay awake or get out of bed. I have to say that I'm lucky to have such a typically well behaved dog who can deal with changes in our daily lives. She lets me sleep, doesn't destroy the house and generally doesn't be annoying to me. We don't have a normal life, but we make it work and hopefully we will move past this tough time and find a treatment plan that works for me. #chronicillness #lifewithdisability #disability #invisibleillness #invisibledisability #spoonie #braininjury #braininjuryawareness #braininjurysurvivor #braininjuryadvocate #pvfs #postvirusfatiguesyndrome #livingwithdisability #livingwithchronicillness #chronicillnessadvocate #dontdismyability

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Not bad blackberry picking in the park today. Think Lana was more interested in her KitKat in the cafe though. Bring on the jam X #lanasadventurestones #livingwithdisability #livingwithepilepsy #makingmemories #mitochindrialdisease

Brueton Park Nature Reserve

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Adil’s hand was amputated by ISIS after he was caught trying to escape Mosul.
“If I told them that I wanted to run away they would kill me, so I said I was there to take some wheat to feed my family. Ten days later they cut my hand off.”
With EU support, @humanityinclusionuk is helping Adil regain mobility in his arm.
© European Union 2018 (photo by Peter Biro)
#Iraq #Mosul #physiotherapy #amputee #doctor #medicalcare #livingwithdisability #postwar #MiddleEast #hospital #reconstruction #humanitarianaid #EUaid #EUinTheWorld #EuropeanUnion #WHD2018 #WorldHumanitarianDay

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We all experience the world through a different lens. The lens of our experiences.

I think it’s incredibly valuable to take stock of how we see the world around us.
And just as important to understand that our lenses are unique, and everyone experiences the world differently.

I’ve been thinking about how consuming some of my lenses are and how freeing others are…

I navigate this every single day.
A lot of my physical and mental energy goes here.
Pain. Accessibility. Limitations. Invisibility.
Reminding folks in my life of what I can and can’t do. 
Do I have another set of stairs in me today? 
How much is that excursion going to take out of me?
Is my partner annoyed that I slow him down?
Am I really going to be in pain the rest of my life?
Should I just push myself to keep up?
Is that person staring at the way I walk?
Can I wear those shoes today?
Will I trip and fall again today?

Medical trauma.
Sexual trauma.
Childhood trauma.
My trauma. Their trauma. The worlds.
I see trauma in peoples bodies. 
I hear it in their stories. 
I feel it in my cells.
I see people transform and heal it.
I see people crippled by it.
I hear people rename and claim their experiences.
I hear people overwhelmed by it. 

I am blessed. 
I am filled with love and joy.
I feel like I have superpowers.
I’ve never experienced such a depth of love and affinity. 
I want to change the world for her.
Motherhood reminds me that life is a process of constantly letting go.
Leaning into the moment. 
A reminder that we don’t always know what we want, not until we do or do not have it.
Being a mother has brought more into my life than I could of imagined.
She has brought healing into my life.

Pure Possibility…
Anything is possible.
I can be anything.
I can have everything I’ve ever wanted.
I can transform, heal, empower, liberate, change.
I see my clients move mountains.
I see them transform their lives, and heal all the women before them.
I see them gain access to all the ecstatic pleasure they ever wanted.

These are just a few of my lenses.
What are some of yours?
Share in comments!


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Lana is super excited that somebody has found one of her stones and posted a picture of it. #lanasadventurestones #makingpeoplesmile #makingeachdaycount #makingmemories #mitochindrialdisease #livingwithepilepsy #livingwithdisability #diabilitywontstopus

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Thankful for a sucessful bone infusion.Always keep Bryon @thebaxterboys in your prayers.His spirit is amazing and so uplifting !!!He always puts such a smile on my face. 💙💙💙
He has Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), also known as brittle bone disease, is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones. It results in bones that break easily. The severity may be mild to severe.
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Expectations... Such a funny little word, but what an impact it has on our lives. Unfulfilled expectations have been one of the hardest struggles for me since the ‘Era of Cas’ has begun.
I could see all of my future life clearly unfolding in front of my mind’s eye while I held my little newborn darling close to my heart. I could see his first smile, his first step, hear his first word. In that world of pink dreams and unicorn farts we were having so much fun! I’ve successfully graduated with a PhD while my little son waited patiently for me at the nursery. Cas was jumping with joy, stretching his little hands to me and half-squeaking, half-whispering “mama!” When I would come to collect him from the nursery ready to come home. Then I found a good job and even took Cas to Disneyland. I know it sounds stupid and naive, but... that was my little dream, my little bubble of happiness.

As the time went by, my world shook, my world shuddered, my world started to show cracks... pink dreams lost their vividness and all of the unicorns have deserted me, akin rats deserting a sinking ship. Unfortunately for my state of mind, I do still compare our reality to those dreams of the past. I still keep the shards of the broken dreams in my heart. But it only gives me pain, it only brings on suffering, it only feeds the evil demon of depression, who is waiting to pounce and drag me away in its world forever.
It is so hard to accept the reality. It is so hard to let go of the dream. I am learning to not expect, to let go and to just live. I love my boy, all of him and I will do my best till my last breath to make our lives into Casper’s dream come true, then and only then will I find my peace.

We hope you are having a wonderful day ❤️ Yours 'till the unicorn farts 🦄 💨 ,
Casper and Annie

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Part II ✌🏻
All good and well and we are making our way to the door ready to leave. Casper is in his element and being LOUD - the only way he manages to express himself lately and to cope with his feelings, really. The beautiful lady with a baby (who was the embodiment of a little cherub - the baby, not the mama 😜 happily breastfeeding) gave me such a look of pure disgust 👀, that it made me feel physically unwell. I instantaneously felt like a total failure... me, here with my loud, unruly child disrupting the quiet and tranquility... that lady, bless her I also used to be like that! measured me with her gaze from top to toes and gave me a look of the utmost supremacy. I cringed... I hurt... I broke... of course, her happily suckling little angel was idyllic. I understand that it is very easy to judge what you don’t know and don’t understand. I am not looking or asking for a pity... just a little bit of kindness. I didn’t even expect that beautiful young lady to understand... just not to judge and jump to conclusions... my heart silently screamed to her “You are mistaking... I also breastfed until my baby was 20 months old, but he had severe reflux that did not let us breath until 7 months of age. I also spent hours and hours walking with my baby outside, just so he would sleep. I braved the rain and the cold wondering the streets with a pushchair for 4-5, sometimes 6 hours a day every day. I was cold, I was hungry, I was sleep deprived, but that was the only way my baby slept. I am not a bad mom...” But that beautiful young mama would never hear any of that. I hope her and her little girl live their lives happily and that sorrow and struggle never put a shadow on their beautiful faces. Please, let’s be kinder to one another. Please, if you don’t know how to react when you see a struggling mother, please simply smile to her. You might just give her that little bit of strength that she needs not to break down and carry her through the day.
On the way home there was an accident on the road. We got stopped in a stand-still traffic... it took us nearly 3 hours to get home. Casper lost his 💩 entirely. But, and there is a but!
Continued in comments...

Llandudno - North Wales UK

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Part I (sorry, this is a long one with me rumbling on forever 🙃. I will post Part ✌🏻straight after this one).
We don’t do this very often, as, though rewarding, it is very hard, but today we braved it and took our little nugget out. We have driven all the way to the incomparable beautiful Llandudno, Whales (1 hour 45 minutes drive from our house one way without traffic). The weather was glorious this morning and we simply made a decision to go...
Casper doesn’t cope very well with spending extended periods of time in the car. Today was not an exception... Casper groaned, growled and whaled all the way there. I felt just a tinsy bit brain dead by the time we made it to the shore 🤯 but oh well, we shook it off, as we knew we had a nice day ahead of us 👍🏻 and nothing was going to spoil it. Not sure if Casper liked the sea or the sand, but we had a lovely time 😃 Waves were rolling peacefully, the breeze was delightful and Casper even went to sleep for 2.5 seconds in my arms 🤪
To follow this up we went for a drive along the marina and it was... GORGEOUS! Anyone living not too far from Llandudno or coming to the U.K., we highly recommend 🙌🏻 I am a terrible story teller and always get carried away... so all that was said before, was me still getting to the point 🙃 So after a bit more of Casper’s whaling (I would like to note that he would not be deterred from being a noisy bum with either me singing, reading him books, offering to play with flash cards, putting on cartoons or trying to bribe with the puffy carrot sticks... I honestly tried 😳 but! Casper was growling AND smiling, so I guess we can consider that one a speech therapy! Note to self: do not forget to buy earplugs ready for the next time 🖖🏻) we made it to the top of the mountain ⛰ and found a little caffe. We asked the nice ladies to please warm up Casper’s purée for us, ordered coffee and had a nice (though l-o-u-d!) time 🙂 Fast forward to us almost leaving and three beautiful ladies enter the caffe. One of them had a gorgeous little girl of about 6-7 months in her arms. They pass us by and take a sit a fair way away from us (I honestly do not blame them).
Continued in the next post...

Llandudno - North Wales UK

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Lana left another adventure stone today by the bridge over the river at bibblins bridge. We enjoyed a walk along the river and lunch in the Saracens Head at Simmons Yat. Lana was super tinky today and tried to stop her wheels with her feet and got dirty hands rubbing them on the wheels. A fab day of smiles and crisps for Lana X #lanasadventurestones #trekineticwheelchair #mitochindrialdisease #livingwithepilepsy #livingwithdisability #disabilitywontstopus #makingeachdaycount #makingmemories

Yat Rock

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Old, curved keyboard has finally died. New , straight, less tactile one will take time for fingers to get used to. :-) #LivingWithDisability

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Groundhog Day... I used to absolutely love that movie and thought that Bill Murray did a fabulous job in that role! 🐻

Little did I know that all these years later I - my very own self, the very humble little me will become a star of the very same production. It’s my life (I bet none of us can just read it without Jon Bon Jovi magically belting those words out in our minds 😂 well, he is welcome into my head any day 😜). Casper likes very particular things... it is not a routine thing for us, as such, but the same very activities, same songs, same games, same food... I must have spent a little fortune, equalling to a cost of a tiny island 🌴 somewhere hot, on toys and games in a vain attempt to get Casper interested. Alas. Silly me will do this no more, as no job = no toys. The most recent cry out of my wounded soul was buying Casper a trike and.... ta-dah it was a flop. A complete and utter one - Casper doesn’t care and doesn’t like it (all other kiddos in the park adore our trike and want to ride it so bad, at least the metal beast gets some loving, I suppose 🦄). If I am completely honest, this breaks my heart... I keep asking myself, how is it that my baby doesn’t care about the things other kids adore? How is it that he doesn’t seem to enjoy life’s simple pleasures: riding your bike barefoot while eating ice cream, that’s melting waaaay too fast and dripping down your elbow! Casper doesn’t even like ice cream 😢
There are days when I feel I can’t go on... when the words of ‘twinkle twinkle little ⭐️’ or ‘old 👨‍🌾 had a farm’ leave my lips for the nth time. But. And there is a but. I believe my son is doing the very best he can this very money and that right now I should praise him for all that he CAN do, rather than concentrating on all that he CANNOT. I believe, just like in the movie, that taking in today’s experience and today’s mistakes we will make tomorrow a little bit better. Little by little and one day, it will be the very last Groundhog Day of our lives and the start of our happily ever after... We hope you are having a wonderful day ❤️ Yours 'till the cat meows,
Casper and Annie

#autism #autismawareness #autistictoddler

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Rufus is old enough to start having steps around the house to use. I’ve just put this one in front of the couch and he loves it. Climbing up onto the couch by himself for the first time is fab to see. He prefers to sit on it like this though... 😂

#achondroplasia #livingwithdisability #dwarfism #dwarfismawareness #accessibility #modifications

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AiOP 2018 BODY ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn
Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn's Gaze and Graze is a two-part performance that plays with the idea of being a 'spectacle' as it pertains to social settings. The piece will redefine "the struggle of creating perfection to hide ones flaws and self accommodation at the expense of formal etiquette."
Speaking of her work, she says "as an artist who is living with a disability I offer viewers insight into my situation and provide them with answers, or, give them the opportunity to answer questions they might have with regard to the community of people I proudly represent." @jessielaine79
#JessicaElaineBlinkhorn #BodyImage
Read more on our blog - link in bio
#aiopnyc #artinoddplaces #blog #art #contemporaryart #selfimage #livingwithdisability #perfection #bodyimage #acceptyourflaws #socialstigma #nycartists #nycart #checkitout #artistinterviews #learnmore #performanceartist #performanceart #performancefestival #arthappening #nycartscene #publicart #artistrun #artforall #culture #artistrun #diy #grassrootsfestival

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The quiet supporters at the far back
Today seeing him on stage wowing the crowd, I recalled that someone had recently asked if Sam was coping well with Braille.. she had known Sam at the start of his diagnosis when he was completely blind.. .
We have long passed the stage of dwelling about how he’s so lucky to be able to regain partial sight and survive chemo, let alone be in ACS or GEP.. his daily struggles (and strengths) are real.. but he’s also learning to cope with them and more importantly use his story to help and inspire others .
most know that in the worst of times I’m not a sappy person... but today Mom’s overcome with emotions
#livingwithdisability #momfeels #momlife #inspiration #lifebeyondgrades #killemwithkindness #puttinghimselfoutthere #drummer #blackandwhite #photography

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

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Hello friends 👋🏻 We are having a hard day today... both dealing with the professionals and Casper is struggling today with feeling emotionally overwhelmed and under the weather. Even though I see it so often, it is still heart breaking to see my baby switch off in the peopley places like he has done at the park today. I understand this is his nervous system protecting itself from an overload and a burn-out. Life can be so hard and so unfair 😢

I wanted to share with you some of my most innermost feelings in this little poem I wrote a few days ago. Please don’t judge me too harshly as I am not a poet... I would like to dedicate it to all of the special kiddies and their special parents. We can love through anything and this is our superpower ❤️💙💛
Don’t look with your eyes, look with your heart when physically near feels like worlds apart.

Don’t listen with your ears, listen with your soul, as soul can hear what ears ignore.

Don’t consider them dumb or emotionally unstable. Have no doubt, they are smart, loving and able.

Strive to see through the outer mien and then you will find the star that shines within.

Make them feel how deeply you care, show them you will always be there.

Let them trust you are the one, to show them your world and teach them fun.

Build life on presence, love and trust and the happiness will be yours to last.

Safe, understood, accepted and loved - every child deserves a world like that.
We are sending you the warmest, snuggliest cuddle and hope you are having a wonderful day ❤️
Yours 'till the cat meows,
Casper and Annie
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My Eyes are turning on me! Just as I’m finding my footing, my retina develops a tear. Thank you #marfan for another hurdle for me to jump over. #iwillsurvive #livingwithdisability #art #abstractart #conceptart #bizarre #marfansyndrome #eyes


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If someone would ask me what day it is today, I would say... an UNFORGETTABLE one!

I was hoping and praying for this day to come and now, as sad as it is, I am praying for this to stay with us and happen more often, never to regress or become a painful memory of something we could once do, but can no more. For an outsider it might look like nothing at all special, but it truly is... Casper recognised his own reflection today (please excuse my annoying mama voice)!!! At 25 months old my baby finally knows who he is! I am so happy for you, baby boy! Thank you for making this enormous leap and finding yourself. You are worth it, baby! You are worth every effort 💙

Not sure if you can see in the video that my hair is... well... very short. About a week ago I finally broke inside. I went to the bathroom and with a body trimmer trimmed my hair down to 4.5 cm. Why did I do that? Because I could stand no longer my hair getting between my son and I. Casper has obsessions. My hair was one of them. Casper could not see me. The only thing he saw was hair and he went for it as a bull goes for the red cloth - ripping it out with his hands and his teeth. Now we are ok. We cuddle, we play, I carry my boy on my shoulders... it’s all good now - minus the hair 😋

Interesting fact - before Casper was born I had hair that was longer than my 🍑 now it barely covers my ears! That’s a whole lotta hair loss in 2 years I say 😂

We hope you are having a wonderful day ❤️ Yours 'till the cat meows,
Casper and Annie

#autism #autismawareness #autistictoddler #developmentaldelay #globaldevelopmentaldelay #nonverbal #nonverbalautism #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #disability #livingwithdisability #morealikethandifferent #advocatelikeamother #reflectioninthemirror #reflection #findyourself #lostwithin #lostinside #comeout #mylove #mylife #myworld #myson

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I choose not to place 'DIS' in my ability.

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As I have been talking about our food struggles earlier today, I thought I would share with you what Casper actually eats during the day (I will hold back on posting any pictures, as all Casper’s food is homogenised and doesn’t look particularly appealing... but tastes yummy 😋) I try to eat as healthy a diet as I can and I always wanted Casper to grow up eating healthy and also tasty. As many ingredients in Casper’s meals as we can find and afford are organic. It is important for all of us to eat organic fruit, veg, greens and meat to minimise the impact of pesticides, but for autistic individuals it is especially important as they may struggle to rid their body of the ingested chemicals more than the rest of us. Casper has a gluten free, grain free, dairy and casein free diet. I believe with all my heart that we are what we eat and I am trying to do my best for my baby... First thing in the morning Casper drinks ~200 ml of organic young Thai coconut water.

Breakfast and lunch are a blend of our all time favourites 🥑 and 🍌 with a hard-boiled egg yolk, blueberries, spinach, pine nuts + cashews + walnuts (soaked overnight) and water to blend.

Dinner is papaya, mango, 🥑, pumpkin seeds, sprouted sunflower seeds, probiotic powder and water to blend.

Supper is 🥑, freshly steamed salmon/sardines/chicken/turkey, our homemade vegetable blend (which we batch-cook and freeze in reusable pouches), spinach and water to blend.

The vegetable blend consists of: butternut squash, sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and green beans.
To each meal we add molasses, spirulina powder, turmeric powder, ghee and one of the four oils: extra virgin olive oil, hemp oil, rape seed oil or pumpkin seed oil.

Also after a nap Casper drinks freshly squeezed orange juice with iron supplement added in, as we are trying to get rid of a mild anemia.

All Casper’s meals are freshly made every day. We are trying our very best... In the last week Casper has agreed to start eating puffy sticks *insert the most ecstatic face there ever was* which are corn snacks made by Organix and are called “Carrot sticks”🐰
Continued in comments...

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Food - “Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth” - definition by the Oxford English dictionary.

Food - 🤢🤮 - definition by Casper.

Oh how do I wish that ‘rocky road’ in this case would relate to a yummy desert, but unfortunately it is a true description of our food saga thus far.
Casper and mine breastfeeding journey has ended with Casper being ~20 months old. I miss it. Breast milk has been the only thing Casper has really loved, food-wise. The comfort and feeling of closeness and togetherness, tenderness and connection the breastfeeding gave us has been incomparable.
At the age of about 5 months old Casper became very interested in the fruit I eat (and I’ve got to admit that I eat fruit pretty much all of the time ☺️) and quickly became the fruit usurper gnawing his way through plums, nectarines, bananas and apples 💪🏻 I was ecstatic! This quickly ended and by 6 months old my baby was exclusively breastfed again. I didn’t worry, I thought he was just taking his time. Fast forward to 10-11 months old and Casper was still exclusively breastfed refusing methodically anything that was offered to him. I would not have persisted if I could have stayed at home with Casper, but the reality of life hit hard and the end of my maternity leave was fast approaching... I persevered, Casper gagged. I tried different foods and consistencies, Casper up-roared and kept refusing... I had to go back to the University to carry on my PhD studies when Casper was 12 months old and... I was still expressing. I would do so for almost another year. We settled on a combination of 🥑 and 🍌 blended to a thin consistency with breast milk. Now at 25 months of age we still consider it our main food (minus the breast milk, sadly). My toddler eats only certain home-made puréed foods almost exclusively and not only that, he never asks for food and will only eat if I distract and spoon-feed him 😩 We still have a long road ahead of us, but oh well, at least smoothies are fashionable right now 🙃

P.S. I wish I could make that kind of disgusted face when I see a cake! Give me all the cake 🤪

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Today has been a good day!

A grey morning early wake-up call following a heavily sleep-deprived night did not promise anything good. We had our usual coco water followed by breakfast, read our morning books, did our PT and feeding therapy and made it to the park bright and early (all sprinkled with a major grumpus). Casper always has better time at the park when the weather is nice and still and it is an overcast (we really don’t do sunny days well). The park was empty! We made our way to the swing and the slide and had a lot of fun! No tears, no wailing or complaints! Encouraged by this new wonderful development I decided to suggest to Casper to come closer to the fountain... Casper has fear of water and usually would not even entertain coming too close to the fountain, let alone walking in it. But off we went! We walked to the fountain and I could see that Casper was not stopping at the edge. We even took our shoes off 💦 we had FUN! We walked in the water on this grey, quiet and still morning and this made me believe in miracles again! I saw one today with my own eyes 👀 and this very same little miracle slipped and bum-landed into the puddle a few seconds after this picture was taken 🙃

We hope you are having a wonderful day ❤️ Yours 'till the cat meows,
Casper and Annie

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