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When it’s all said and done, this the one; 991.2 GT3. I’ve not had the privilege of a ride in one yet, but I was able to sit in and start one up at @porschecentresheffield_uk , and the engine literally pulses through the car with intent. It’s a visceral sensation, and I can only imagine what 9000rpm and 500 bhp must feel like, particularly with a manual box. It’s all the car I need. Still not sure if I’d go with a manual or PDK though. Manual for the interaction and more connection with spirited driving speeds on the road. But if you ever really intend to do track driving, PDK is the only way to go, as I experienced in a 991.2 GTS at PEC Silverstone recently. Dream spec would be PTS Forrest Green Metallic, satin platinum wheels, PCCB, 918 buckets with yellow contrast stitching and houndstooth inserts (a nod to @oakgruenmetallic beautiful spec GT3 Touring aka Eva) and full carbon interior pack. It’s just ‘the one’.
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Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Unfiltered driving pleasure— This impatient dream of a #gt3 with its naturally aspirated engine, a 9,000rpm red line, and a maximum torque of 460Nm, just rolled into our pre-owned showroom with under 30 miles on it. ⠀
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Austin, Texas

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Sleepless in Switzerland.
Going to bed at 2am, and getting up at 5.30am. Why? Car-related shenanigans... The last time I felt this tired was on the Touring Trip, only difference being (really small detail), after driving Eva at 6am I didn’t have to go back to my desk...😭 @killsbugsfast #flatsixmemories #porschemoment

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When Lila met Eva...
Soon I’ll be able to share some spectacular shots from an impromptu photo shoot with a fellow Porker, whom I met through a mutual friend (@killsbugsfast ) Luckily, two of us didn’t mind disrupting our beauty sleep schedule (looking at you @killsbugsfast ) 😂. The result will be worth the three hours I slept before #fos2018 💚💜

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Memory banks emptied. #fos #festivalofspeed

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Self punishment part III #fos #festivalofspeed

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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For those gluttons for punishment who asked for more. Here you go weirdos. #fos #festivalofspeed

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Goodwood reminiscing is a biznitch. Having photos to recall upon doesn’t help either. For all those who don’t want to remember, look away now. #festivalofspeed #fos

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1982 Porsche 956: twin-turbo air-cooled 2.65 liter flat six with 635 hp combined with enormous downforce 😋🇩🇪🚀 #PorscheMoment

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

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One of the highlights of this year’s Festival of Speed has certainly been the early morning car run to get there! Enjoying the GT2 RS more and more! It’s amazing on the road, will require some fine tuning for track use tho... #Goodwood #FestivalOfSpeed #FOS2018 #Porsche #GT2RS #991 #MadeInFlacht #SportscarTogether #Weissach #WhoNeedsPlatesAnyway

Tylney Hall

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Weekend. Completed it. Thanks to the GT department legend who blessed Nemo #pts #gulforange #killsbugsfast #madeinflacht #porschefos

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Happy Ending(s).
A weekend I won’t forget, not in a hurry, not ever. Endless moments to recount, a great many laughs and too much excitement. What summed it up like little else could: a GT department legend, who I’m proud to call a friend, clarified that Eva is from one place, and one place only: Flacht.

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💚💚💚#GT3RS 💚💚💚 Ein Grüner kommt selten allein. Ab jetzt hat der #GT2RS einen kleinen grünen Bruder.


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Goodwood day 1 was as epic as I hoped it would be. Just got home as it ticked past 4K miles in 4 months since delivery. This machine has got under my skin like no other car I have ever owned. #pts #killsbugsfast #gulforange #followtheracoontail

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Classic 911 Carrera: lock, stock and two smoking barrels ♨️ #PorscheMoment #CarreraRS

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

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For the 2.7RS, Porsche had two versions: the Lightweight (M471), which was a stripped out homologation special, and the Touring (M472). Some 2.7RS even had the rare factory ducktail delete (including one development prototype and one family car), so I guess you could say, Eva has some pretty big shoes to fill. #flatsixmemories #porschemoment #fos2018

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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