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Okay last edit for like a week (I think)
But anyway I love Mikey with my whole heart and soul he is a literal ray of sunshine kshdjsjshs

Sorry if this is off beat I was crying :’)
Dt Cliffoconda, Dirty Cliffo, and all of Mikey’s other nicknames
Ac creds to the owner

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& that’s the tea ! 👀 i went to bed at 6:30 am editing this shit
link in bio

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click the link in my bio or i’ll cry myself to sleep

not that i don’t do that already but

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i got my nails done today even tho i felt left out :(:

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HELLO ive been busy w/ school i cry. also i climbed up a slide & hit my head and it sTILL HURTS SKDKWBDW

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