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🖤 #MODELS WANTED: Our books our now open and we are on the look out for attractive people (*all ages) both MALE and FEMALE, to join our Model Books. We are interested in recruiting NEW FACES aswell as already working models. *No experience necessary. If you are interested and feel you have what it takes, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us an email at: 📧 e. londonroadpromotionsagency@gmail.com We look forward to receiving your applications! #Models #PromotionPeople #Cheshire #Recruiting #MaleModels #FemaleModels #ModelsWanted #CheshireAgency 🖤

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SMOOTH LOW BUN adorned with this exquisite hair piece by @kellyspencewed #hair created by student @jenhawkins_hmua during 5 day bridal hairstyling course with @kasia_fortuna at #kristinagasperasacademy #lowbun #learning #teaching #updo #bridal #eveninghair #texturedhair #blonde #longhair #modelswanted

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Dancer: @dancer_tais08

#danceislife #beautiful #dancersofinstagram #modelswanted #beautifulgirl #leghold #pointe

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Lovely set of gel nails by Chelsea 💅 models still wanted for her to practice at just £10 colour and sparkle of your choice #gelerationbyjessica #summernails #learningonthejob #modelswanted

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@minimode_lkfw - minimode_lkfwThe time has finally come… it’s time to see YOUR Mini Mode Walk!

Our model callout for our Sept 2018 is now LIVE! We were overwhelmed with the love and support you showed us for the last show and cannot wait to discover new talent and see your amazing walks!

So I know what you want to know - how do you enter?

IMPORTANT -Fill in the form on our website #linkinbio. We cannot accept any entries if you haven’t filled in the form.

Either email us or tag us (including a link to the submission in your entry) a headshot and a small 6 second video of you doing your best walk! Tag us with the hasthtag #minimodewalk

In order to enter the callout, you need to share this image on your social channels, tag your favourite kids clothing brand, favourite kids magazine and a friend! (Colour variations are available ). Share the Mini Mode love! Remember – we cannot accept ANY entries if you don’t fill in the google form. Any entries that do not follow this requirement will not be looked at and due to the volume of entries, we will not follow up with anyone who has not filled in the form.

THE CALLOUT WILL CLOSE ON THE 27th June! Any entries after this point cannot be accepted.

You will hear back from us on the 11th July – if you haven’t hear from us by then, I’m afraid you haven’t been successful.

We cannot wait to see all your entries! 💚
#minimode #minimodewalk #modelswanted #childmodelswanted #lfw #kidsfashion #minimodewalk. // @bckmagazine @tamina_ashlay @korn_taylor_official


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So excited to be training with Natural Enhancement in Semi-Permanent makeup. Follow @aabeautylondon for more updates. I am currently looking for models so if you’d be interested in receiving eyebrow, eyeliner or lip treatments (or all of the above) please either DM me or email info@aabeautylondon.com. Model bookings will be free of charge. 😊💕

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Have you ever wondered about the secret of momentum? Why is it so important for progress? How is it that one person can swing from good to great so simply? The answer is all in that “winning feeling” and boy does it feel like a great place to be!
Momentum makes it easier for positive results because the memory of success is so fresh... Nothing can hold you back when you’re in your FLOW 🍃 Once you’ve achieved a pattern of success your body stores the feeling (similar to muscle memory) in your nerves and tissues, knowing consciously that it can be played out again 😱

You can get there with a simple thought, hold onto a time where you have succeeded - no matter how big or small - cultivate that feeling of faith, confidence and satisfaction every day, apply it to your current goal! Visualise and create it for yourself NOW ✨

I often wonder how I continually find myself in successful situations of life and travel (happiness pictured) I can only put it down to possessing that “winning feeling” knowing how contagious it is - There is a lot to be said for using this success vision to help with others... When a tough challenging job is to be done the SUCCESS mechanism searches for a person possessing an OPTIMISM FOR LIFE with zestful confidence to attack life’s daily problems - Someone with courage and imagination who hosts a buoyant spirit to achieve against all odds, no matter how hard it is to work for 🔨 They say this is because they can be “licked” and suddenly infecting others with the “winning feeling”
VISUALISATION practice makes perfect 👌🏼 Share below what gives you a “winning feeling” 🙌🏼 If you need me - I’ll be over here thinking about my “wow” moments on repeat 🙏🏼

Studio City, California

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The driving force in life is passion. Without passion, you are letting life happen instead of making life happen. Consider yourself lucky if you have passion pushing you to do more, be more and achieve more. The problem with most people is that they are too busy making a living and not busy enough making a life. Being passionate, nerds blur the line between business and personal relationships, and the people they associate with (including friends and family) also blur the dividing line as well. Since nerds are passionate about what they are doing, they become successful, stupendous and sexy.
I have yet to meet a dumb nerd. Because nerds focus on what they are passionate about, they become a student of life. As they continue to study, they become the sought-after experts and they teach others about the subject they are passionate about. In order to learn from them, non-nerds beat a path to the nerds and pay handsomely for their knowledge. Yesterday’s outcast becomes today’s popular choice. And it is definitely sexy to be wanted for your brain.
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Have a Wonderful Wednesday family❤😘 ==> 📷 @phursuns <==
==> 💄 @glamsbyanike <==

University of Ilorin, Ilorin

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I need that modeling money too 😉💧💧#nigeria #modelswanted #iruefi

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"A princess should grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her"

Model: @samstarjo

Gärten der Welt in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf

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