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Я тоже нет-нет да ДА! 😅 Грешу конечно иногда, грешу редко, но вкусно и так чтобы запомнилось надолго! Потом опять включу ППшечку и жую свою морковку. 🥕


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Comfort food 🍔🍟❤️
There is one dish you can find almost everywhere in this world, burger and fries. .
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Corse, France

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The older you get, the less you will hear the word "forever". It will be very difficult to fall in love with you,it is almost impossible to charm with appearance or beauty. Before you say something,you will first be silent for a long time,thinking about every word, and then maybe you will not say anything....You will appreciate people of other qualities. Distrust will become Your close friend. And if you really love someone, it will be very long, and maybe for life...You think it's growing up? Premature old age?! No, it's a normal life experience.
Чем старше Вы будете становиться,тем реже от Вас будут слышать слово "навсегда". Влюбить Вас будет очень сложно,очаровать внешностью или красотой-почти невозможно. Прежде чем что-то сказать,Вы сначала будете долго молчать,обдумывая каждое слово,а потом возможно так ничего и не скажете....Вы будете оценивать людей абсолютно по другим качествам. Недоверие станет Вашим близким другом. И коли уж Вы кого полюбите,то это будет очень надолго,а может и на всю жизнь...Думаете это взросление? Преждевременная старость?! Нет,это обычный жизненный опыт..

Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya Oblast', Russia

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More from the top of #vietnam🇻🇳

Fansipan Indochina Summit, Sapa, Vietnam

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On my way to Tashigang, one of the last villages before the China border. It has just a population of around 50 people who are mainly potato and pea farmers. Driving to the village was a challenge because of the poor road conduction. The roads need to be cleared frequently because of the many landslides it has everyday.


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Nonostante il caldo... La voglia di #montagna permane! Puntavo l'eremo di Grottafucile da un po'... Felice di averlo raggiunto! (anche se ne rimane ben poco)
Alla prossima camminata!

Parco Naturale Regionale Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi

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@ramonhunziker having some airtime. Photo by @scottcheap #dazod

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Paseos, rutas y caminos... #lascaldas

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Monkeys, mosquitoes and mayhem. These are the words tht come in my mind when I see this shot. I can not think of any better description of this place.
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