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[Latergram] We were transported back in time to Ireland's past (or to the "Game of Thrones" set??) at 15th century Bunratty ("river basin") Castle and Folk Park. 🏰 #bunratty #bunrattycastle #countyclare #normanarchitecture #medievaltimes #ireland #instaireland #enchantingireland @bunrattycastle 🍀

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

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Points if you know where this aqua-domed beauty hails from! Hint: a church was first established on this site in the 9th century (?!) and it once housed a famous tapestry. #globetrotglam

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So I worked in Devizes for years, but never noticed this church before today - when I was there for an entirely different reason. Beautiful structure #stjohnthebaptistchurch #devizes #normanarchitecture #cloudysky #mood

St John the Baptist Church

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Pouvez-vous me donner l’or? S’il vous plaît!
那些金箔可以都往我身上砸嗎?哈哈哈🙏🏽🙏🏽 #italy #sicily #palermo #normanarchitecture #byzantine #palazzodeinormanni

Palazzo Dei Normanni, Giardini Reali

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🌴 meditációhoz ideális: Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti #palermo #normanarchitecture #italytrip #unescoworldheritage #arthistory #medievalart #12thcentury

San Giovanni degli Eremiti

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• Durham Cathedral •
A little roof boss from the medieval cloisters at Durham. I can't date him precisely but I would hazard a guess at 15th century when the cloisters were remodelled. Repainted some time much more recently. These cloisters form some of 'the most intact surviving medieval monastic buildings in England', I'll have you know! The cloisters themselves are recognizable to many from the Harry Potter films (sorry to lower the tone there for my regular followers with a higher standard of content 😂)

Durham Cathedral

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Fantastic #Norman carving in #Bayeux #normanarchitecture #romanesque

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• Melbourne, St. Michael with St. Mary •
Two views of the magnificent Norman parish church at Melbourne, Derbyshire. Easily one of the most attractive and handsome buildings of its type in the country. In the first image you can see the line of the original chancel ceiling with six small windows that will have looked in from the crossing and nave. Much higher than the stumpy, squat chancel that stands today, rebuilt as it was in the 15th century. If you visit yourself you can on closer inspection of the exterior fabric see the curved stonework of the original apsed east end. The second image shows the west end of the church still waiting for its two western towers to be built. Unfortunately they never were and the facade is distinctly wide and lacking in height compared to the rest of the building. A grand building which could have stood bigger!

Melbourne, Derby, United Kingdom

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• Melbourne, St. Michael with St. Mary •
Medieval church interiors were alive with colour and decoration. It is hard for us to imagine today the spectacle of medieval imagery illuminating the wall space of our parish churches. But it was certainly there. One of the most significant paintings will have been made across the arch between the nave and the crossing, where here at Melbourne a small fragment of this remains. The scene, or portion of some larger lost scene, shows the devil (also identified as Titivillus, 'patron demon of scribes') standing on the backs of two women who hold/fight (over) some unidentified spherical object. Just below the disk is a small black demon. The women also have smaller demons on their backs. Whatever the scene depicts, it is evidently quite misogynistic. The main demon wears some snazzy shorts!

Melbourne, Derby, United Kingdom

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Byzantine beauty, Cattedrale di Monreale ✨

Cattedrale Di Monreale

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Very intriguing tympanum of c.1160 in the Norman church of St Nicholas, Worth Matravers, in Dorset. Although very degraded, it clearly depicted a Coronation of the Virgin. Must have been fabulous originally. #tympanum #church #worthmatravers #dorsetchurches #dorsetquarry #churcharchitecture #door #doorway #architecture #norman #twelfthcentury #normanarchitecture #coronationofthevirgin #virginmary #coronation #arch #zigzag #sculpture #medieval #parishchurch #medievalarchitecture #medievalchurch #lintel

Worth Matravers

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