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“Wherever He leads, I’ll go...”
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On the lighter side...

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What would I do without this man? A typical work day for me is 14 hours out of the house. I am so very lucky to have a husband who understands the demands of my job and supports me in every way possible. I don’t think I deserve you. Thank you for everything you do xx

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Fun walk with my chums Search Dog Kai and trainee Search Dog Rusty. Search Dog Zak stayed home today. This is about as close as you get to 3 collies sitting still! We saw an old lady cycling on a proper ‘sit-up-and-beg’ boneshaker of a bicycle - it must have been the next prototype along from the Penny Farthing. She was riding it across bumpy grass and then tried - and failed - to push it up a slope. Mum was a Good Samaritan and did it for her, for which the elderly lady was very grateful: “You make it look so easy!” Then half an hour later we saw her again - she’d fallen off the bike into the bushes! Again, mum helped her out by pulling her onto her feet, then extricated the bike from the shrubbery...with some friendly advice that it might be best to wait until she got to Lifeboat Lane, i.e. the road, before she got back on it. Half expected to see the old gal flattened by a car but fortunately we didn’t. Fair play to her for being out and about but the rusty old heap of metal wasn’t exactly a titanium-framed top spec mountain bike! No filter on this pic by the way. Loving the sunshine!

Fort Gillkicker

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Stand a chance to WIN with Laatz Electrical!
Simply call us out to attend to your electrical issue by 31 July 😊
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“What’s in the drawer ?” Cheeky Willow decided to come check out my car whilst we were treating one of her paddock mates. #miniaturedonkeysofinstagram #mobilevet #horsevet #donkeyvet #oncall247

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