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Day 172 of #gratitude for common things: not waiting to use travel-sized toiletries.
Marie Kondo advises us to stop hoarding shampoo and lotion from hotels. It takes up space and then you end up tossing it years later. I have weaned myself from this habit and only use what I really need at a hotel.
At the hospital when I gave birth, I got lotion and soap and toothpaste. If I hadn’t taken it, it would have gotten thrown away.
Past me would have stored it with travel stuff. But present me knows I should use it now. So my plan is to use this stuff up before going back to my regular-sized things.
Do yourself a favor. Save for travel only what you will truly use for travel in the next year. Use everything else now.
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We've now been traveling around Washington for a little over two months, and tomorrow we'll cross the Idaho border to spend a couple of weeks in Coeur d'Alene.

#TBT to the last time we visited WA, in September of 2016. We left the RV in TX, hopped on a plane, and then hopped right into my in-laws' truck camper for the week!
Link temporarily in profile.
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Point Hudson Marina & RV Park

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When life gets hectic, just go to your happy place. Sometimes when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out it is because you have not been giving your body and soul your time like it deserves. Sometimes you need to just ignore everyone for a day, forget you have any responsibilities and just go to a place that you know will help you wind down and make you feel right again. It is so easy to lose track of who you are and where your priorities stand. And it is necessary ever once in a while to take the time to really reflect on when and where you started to lose yourself. And sometimes you feel like a whole new version of yourself than the person you were a couple months ago, and you have to remember that that is not always a bad thing! Sometimes it is scary to have to get to know yourself all over again, but I am starting to think that is just a part of life! You just have to stop and REALLY get to know yourself. We are constantly learning new things about ourselves, the people who surround us, and the earth we walk on so it is perfectly normal to change as the days go by. πŸ’™

Lake Cushman

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Day 170 of #gratitude for common things: showcasing toddler artwork and trashing it when the installation is over.
My daughter is 2.5. Even at her age, she has all sorts of papers sent home from preschool. Most get recycled immediately, but I always put a few pieces on the wall.
When it’s time for new work, the old work gets recycled.
Right now my daughter is too young to be attached to this stuff, so I feel no need to see everything. Just like a greeting card, I treat it as ephemera to be admired and then I let it go.
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I have been making an effort this summer to ditch ice cream sundaes, smoothies, and milk shakes to avoid things like plastic bowls, plastic cups, plastic straws or spoons that come with them! And trade them for an ice cream CONE. It is such an easy switch and it is still so delicious. And environmentally friendly! Orrrrr, you can just buy ice cream at the grocery store as well πŸ˜‰ btw this was a two scoop waffle cone, one scoop lemon lavender, and the other was huckleberry swirl. Yaaaaassssss. πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ #reducereuserecycle

Hoodsport Coffee Company

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Oversized load??? Unless that driver was a wizard with straps, chains and other tie downs, that was more like an unbalanced off-kilter crazy mofo accident waiting to happen load!

We had no cell service and couldn’t alert authorities, so we clenched everything and passed that hot mess at the first opportunity.
Hope it got to its destination safely.


Dayton, Washington

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Own less stuff. Enjoy more freedom. It really is that simple.
#tuesdaytip from #becomingminimalist. Do you agree?

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This quote from β€œThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is keeping me grounded as I embark on my #minimalismjourney this month. β€’
It hasn’t been nearly as easy as I had anticipated to let go of some possessions, but that only reinforces my feeling that it’s the right time to re-evaluate what I own and how I’m living.

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Day 169 of #gratitude for common things: if you own fewer things, cleanup isn’t that hard even when your toddler wreaks havoc.
When you have a newborn, everything says not to have other major transitions at the same time for older children. But when your toddler decides she won’t stay in her crib and keeps crawling out, safety says you need a new sleep solution.
The first night of liberty from the crib, my daughter took every piece of clothing and every diaper out of her drawers. She eventually fell asleep, very late. We cleaned up the mess in the morning. It wasn’t that bad.
Had her room been full of things, it would have taken much more time.
Kids can thrive with very few items available. Push yourself to own less kids stuff, and your sanity may stay intact!
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When a few dedicated people decide kids across LA should surf on #InternationalSurfingDay it’s not that hard. So proud of @stokeshare for being a part of the biggest #OneWatershed event yet

Thank you

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Zuma Beach

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#Repost @stokeshare ・・・
We spent #InternationalSurfingDay w/ over 125 kids from around Los Angeles for the biggest #OneWatershed event yet

Thanks for sharing a beautiful day of surfing with us @senatorhenry @losangelesboysandgirlsclub @surfriderla @wsl @lapd_hollenbeck @malibumakos & all the amazing volunteers

Oh and yeah, we had our first surfing dog!

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I am so lucky to be able to celebrate a father like mine every year. Yesterday was so perfect. I was able to wind down from my day at this beautiful spot right on the water with cotton candy like skies surrounded by friends and family. I love my life. Everyone who is in it and I absolutely love where I live. I couldn't have asked for a better Sunday.

Hammersley Inlet

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We spent #InternationalSurfingDay w/ over 125 kids from around Los Angeles for the biggest #OneWatershed event yet

Thanks for sharing a beautiful day of surfing with us @senatorhenry @losangelesboysandgirlsclub @surfriderla @wsl @lapd_hollenbeck @malibumakos & all the amazing volunteers

Oh and yeah, we had our first surfing dog!

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Zuma Beach

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It is crazy what you can cross off your bucket list when you aren't paying rent, utilities, cable, internet etc
The first of many here we come skydive certification
Thank you van life
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On this Father's Day, I'm so very thankful to be traveling with both the father of my sons, and his father too!

My mother-in-law and I will soon be combining efforts on a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs for them -- she in her RV kitchen and me in mine -- and we're all going to a movie later.

And this is the father I'll be calling today: *My* daddy, who might not be able to lift me like that anymore, but... Ehh... who'm I kidding?
The man's a walking, jogging, weight training testimony to the benefits of a lifelong dedication to healthy eating and consistent exercise.
I bet he could bench press me.

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A few items destined for my local hospice charity shop (or for my American friends the goodwill/thrift store πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ) I’ve sold a lot of stuff on eBay lately and I wanted to make enough money to buy a summer coat (which I actually got second hand on eBay!) So now I’ve made the money I wanted I thought some of these things can be gifted to those who need them more. And whenever I go to the charity shop I always end up buying something anyway so it’s all a nice philanthropic circle! #thriftstore #charityshop #clearout #minimalistjourney #minimalism #ownlessdomore #freedomfromthings #minimalist #simplifyyourlife

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You came into my life at the perfect and worst time ever sharkie boy. But I wouldn't take a second or dollar back that I have put into making sure you are happy and healthy. By me saving you, you ended up saving me in a weird way. πŸ’™ @sharkiethedogg

Ocean Shores, Washington

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I wish I was better at doing the whole grey area thing.. like I feel like I am either a total pos that doesn't talk or hang with anyone not even really myself, like I just go from home to work to my phone and it's like this shit cycle that ends up making you feel like an even bigger pos. Or I'm like this angel who just wants to do good for everyone and everything and take care of myself and try something new and just say yes to everything and fit everyone in. And do whatever i can to just make everyone shit rainbows and butterflies.. and I end up overwhelming myself and sending myself right back into the "fuck it, fuck them, fuck this" stage lol if I could just figure out how to BALANCE everything that would be GREAT. And I could just be a nice normal human being. Lol life is weird.

Pacific Crest Trail Bridge of the Gods

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We are honored to celebrate International Surfing Day tomorrow w/ @surfriderla @senatorhenry & some amazing kids from the LAPD cadet program. Tomorrow is simple. Go surf
Come out to Zuma Beach and join us!

#InternationalSurfingDay #ISD #protectwhatyoulove #weareonewatershed #ownlessdomore #surfing

Zuma Beach

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You can tell by the pile of tools and debris that I built it.. it wasn’t bought; designed by us put together with every splinter and ban aid it’s ours. We are broke, making decisions on need and available resources. #vanlife has taken a turn towards #mainstreamlife if you ask me; don’t be intimidated by the big builders out there pumping out beautiful rigs with all the comforts of home @ 100 thousand plus. Build what you can, remember what it’s all about... freedom,campfires,beers and good friends.

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So happy with our mini camping trip 😍 #ownlessdomore

Wilbinga Two Rocks

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Okay, so this may be your most boring day ever but guys this felt so good to get down on paper for some reason lol. I am not a control freak who loves to schedule out my every move, actually I hate doing that because I LOVE surprises, out of the blue decisions, and spur of the moment things in general. And of course if I could have it my way, i would ALWAYS BE CAMPING. Or road tripping or honestly in my bubble bath all damn day long. Lol but unfortunately we live in the pnw and that is just not always the most enjoyable thing to do year round.. anyway I just wanted to share this because I am really bad at journaling and I am kind of proud that I actually finished A page! Lol I have always been the type to WANT to journal every day but dude, my hand hurts after 10 seconds.. and as you can see I did not fit journaling into my day here hahaha. I probably forgot some things as well as putting things that are no brainers.. This is almost never how my day goes or will go since I really want to start making more time for hiking and horseback riding and I will most likely be starting school soon as well as moving etc.. AND THAT'S FINE. This was definitely meant to be a little bit of a stress reliever for me this morning AND IT WORKED. So there. Lol and I LOVE any excuse to use my office supplies. And as far as low impact goes journaling is probs my not the best anyway, I have had the highlighters for a while so I am going to use them. But I will definitely be sticking to pencil after they are gone! Unless anyone has any other ideas?

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Yesterday, we visited Palouse Falls, an eastern Washington wonder created during Ice Age Floods.
The water flows year-round over that 198-foot drop.
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Palouse Falls State Park

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