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What is life without a little color?

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Tirate a un pozo.

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when you say you love me ... it feels like I'm walking in the sky
Talk to me about eternity once again
When you say you love me ... I just need those words
That nape you will change only once more

You are everything in this world for me
Hug me stronger and painfully
We shared something and you can not do anything, I hope you do not forget

Day to day, summer, winter
Even if you do not know
~ You have the best of me
So please do not leave me

Take my mom right now, I can not believe in myself, the words I said to myself thousands of times, do not leave me, ~ you have the best of me ... thanks

You are my salvation
You are my shield
I just need you
~ You have the best of me

It was raining
It was snowing
But all the unhappiness stopped
You brought me to heaven
Do not speak so easily
Because without IT there is no SELF
You are the best of me ... the best of me
Just give me security
That's all I want
Even if there are no rules
The laws of love exist
Who has the best of me?
~ You have the best of me
So please do not leave me
I need you
When you say you love me ... it feels like you're walking in heaven
Talk to me about an eternity once more ... #juuzousuzuya #cosplay #photoartist #anime #tokyoghoul

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เรียนหนังสือนะฮะ ไม่เข้าสาขาเน้อ

บมจ.ธนาคารกรุงเทพ ศูนย์สินเชื่ออุปโภคบริโภค

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Nuestro futuro solo depende de nosotros mismos 💨🙏📝


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O espaço é bem amplo, sem contar o fumodromo, tem uma vista linda para a cidade e é super gostosinho para conversar, fotos!

São Paulo, Brazil

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