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Melbourne, you're looking mighty fine. ✌🏼
📷@7th.era #pokedau

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When I am in the city office I always like to discover new eateries, so today we went to Poked @pokedau to try out their Poke Bowl #pokebowl #pokedau #lunch

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So many sides to choose - sweet potato crisps, healthy drinks, miso soup and more! What are your Pokéd favourite sides? ✌🏼#pokedau

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Avocados are packed full with potassium, heart-healthy fatty acids, rich in fiber and can help with lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 🥑Plus they taste awesome - especially added into one of our Pokéd bowls! 🙌🏻 📷@lmhallman #pokedau

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Friday feasts for the win! 👌🏻
Today's choice (a classic!) - Hula Hula Chook. 😛
Sous vide chicken breast, pineapple teriyaki, pineapple salsa, corn, edamame, sweet potato crisps and roasted sesame. #pokedau

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Winter warmers. 💥 
Melbournians and Sydney-siders, keep warm with our Winter Garden bowl, made with warm roast veggies. For those extra chilly days, add a side of housemade miso soup. ❄️ #pokedau

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Simple yet so good! We love soba noodles as an alternative to rice in our poké bowls. 😛 #pokedau

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Ricefields and mystical views. 🌴 📷@thefreedomcomplex #pokedau

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Did you know, dehydration can impact on your short-term memory, alertness, concentration and mood. Grab a bottle of sparkling water with any Pokéd bowl for an extra $2.50 and stay hydrated kids! ✌🏼 #pokedau

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Feast your eyes on this Pokéd spread. 😍 Who's getting Pokéd this week?! 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️#pokedau

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Are you a smashed avo fan? 🥑Tag a mate who always gets smashed avo in their Pokéd bowl. 😋#pokedau

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Co-existing is key. 🦈

Our earth is home to some of the most amazing marine life. Some of the ways we can help protect our marine life from threats like global warming and pollution include reducing your carbon footprint, making safe + sustainable seafood choices and helping to take care of our local beaches. ✌🏼
📷@jacob #pokedau

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po-kay bowl ‘designed by you’
#pokebowl #haiwaii #healthy #poked #pokedau


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The complete work lunch combo. 💥
Warm winter veggies bowl + a side of miso soup and wonton crisps. 👌🏻 #pokedau

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Pokéd food hack 101 - Order your cold soba noodles bowl with a side of warm miso soup. 👌🏻
Tag a mate that needs to try this! 😛#pokedau

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My lunch today 😍😍 Hawaiian poke bowl by @pokedau ordered via @mealpal


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@stateofsteph has the right idea - why leave the office when you can get Pokéd delivered to you via our pals @ubereats_aus ✌🏼 #pokedau

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We're taking weekend adventures to new heights! 🙌🏻 Tag a mate you'd want to do this with. 📷@kopi.cat #pokedau

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Today on the menu, eat the rainbow. 🌈
Plus grab one of our sparkling waters for an extra $2.50 with any Pokéd bowl order. ✌🏼#pokedau

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That's one epic line up! ✌🏼 All our favourite flavours of @remedydrinks can be found in all Pokéd stores. Which one is your favourite? 😛#pokedau

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📍MEL | if you are looking for a colourful, fresh and most importantly delicious lunch today, look no further! @pokedau has you covered with their bowls which are all around only $10-15 (absolute bargain). My favourites are the spicy salmon and steak! Also available on @ubereats_aus if you can't leave the office 🙌
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Thinking tropical paradise vibes as we stay warm with our Pokéd winter bowl. 🌴 #pokedau

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Flying high over one of the best cities in the world. 🙌🏻
📷@andrew.northover #pokedau

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Who's having Pokéd for lunch? Our pick from the menu: Beef Brisket made with 100% slow cooked Australian beef and topped with teriyaki sauce, broccoli + wonton crisps.#pokedau

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So, how many sides of sweet potato + wonton crisps is too many? 😉#pokedau

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On the menu tonight - fresh salmon + tuna in our poké bowl 😛 #pokedau

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Cold winter nights call for hot Beef Brisket. 🙌🏻#pokedau

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It's time to spice up your life. 💥This one is a hit amongst Pokéd regulars - I Lava Spice: Sashimi salmon, spicy mayo, Japanese spice, spinach and sweet potato salad, pickled cabbage, edamame, jalapeño, wonton crisps, and roasted sesame. ✌🏼#pokedau

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Northside Sydney views. It doesn't get much better than this! 🙌🏻
📷@coltandesave #pokedau

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