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🕵️How to Spot a Rookie?
You’ve seen hundreds or probably thousands portfolios of portrait photographers.

Have you ever noticed that some people’s faces lack volume, skin color looks unnatural, the shadows are too dark or highlights are too bright? Maybe some images were too greenish or not sharp enough?

These are the signs of improper lighting setup or photographer’s lack of the professionalism.

Tense expression, inauthentic smile or blank look in the photographs are the cues telling you that the photographer failed to put his subjects at ease and tell a model’s story.

On the other hand, a confident pose, firm look, and radiating smile signify that photographer cooperated well with a person on set and achieved the desired result.

Candy Fox photo studio in Katy.

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Ô, Sol. Vê se não me esquece... 🌻

Beco do Batman

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Photo session at Pillowtalk Cafe. 😄

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Join us next week for one of our weekly Sunset Portrait Sessions. Before the kiddos go back to school, this is a chance to have your family and/or children photographed professionally. Our next openings are Monday, August 20th and Thursday, August 23rd. To book your session or for more information, please call, email or direct message us here on Instagram. Phone: 203.949.0431 Email: impressionsstudio@mac.com

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Avenue of Soaring umbrellas. ☔
This installation came from Portugal. It was so popular  and  that millions of tourists travelled to see it.
Idea with umbrellas was realized in different  countries. That's how it came to Russia.
А у нас открылась Аллея Парящих зонтиков. ☔
Эта инсталляция родом из Португалии. Она оказалась настолько популярной, что миллионы туристов приезжали на нее посмотреть вживую.
Идею с зонтами решили воплотить и другие страны.🗺 Так дело дошло до России.
В Петербурге Аллею открывают уже 3 год подряд. 😀
Адрес: Соляной переулок.
Будет работать до 2 сентября.
Я в восторге от этой зонтичной идеи.А вы?👒
#bublikstyle #irinabublik #umbrellasky

Аллея Парящих Зонтиков

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홋카이도 팜도미타

Photograper @azure.portrait
#홋카이도 #팜도미타 #北海道 #라벤다

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