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Crew love 💙⠀
Here’s to showing up, kicking 🍑 and taking names all week long!⠀
New theme rides are live for next week, you know what to do 👉 📆

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Grateful for it all💫 Today I’m particularly grateful for this incredible community💙
This week join me for Rise & Ride on Thursday at 5:30am🌅🚲 And this Sunday @purestudiosd we have a special event ride with @tiusandiego at 10:30am, hop on the waitlist and we will let you know if a bike opens up!

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Happy Monday Babes!! Calling all #tiusandiego babes!! We have our @tiusandiego event this Sunday Funday @purestudiosd 💙🚲💃🏻 I will be leading you through ride at 10:30am! We’ve got swag bags full of goodies, discount codes, coupons💙 We’ve got Amazing raffles by @loveprayjewelry and @avomuse 😍We are going to have vendors present providing refreshments after we ride, including samples from my favorite local Kombucha company @babekombucha Head over to the SD FB event page for full deets or send me a DM if you are interested in joining! Thank you to the incredible generosity of @maria_spins this event is FREE for the #tiu babes🙌🏼🙌🏼 We are also going to have special discount on ride packages for the #tiusandiego babes as well🚲💃🏻🔥 Check out my stories and highlights for extra deets as well; I’ll be chatting more about the event all week! SO EXCITED!!!! @toneitup @tiusandiego #tiusandiego #tiuteam #tiu #tiucheckin #tiumeetup #tiusdxpureindoorcycling #pure #pureindoorcycling #purefam #indoorcycling #fitness #sdfit #sdfitness #tiucommunity #tiuaccountabilitypartner

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In any given moment we have two options:
1)step forward into growth or
2)step back into safety
Take the first step, we’re here for you all week long 👉 check out the schedule page for deets 🙌🏽

Pure Indoor Cycling

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If your in, who you bringing with you?! 👇 tag your Saturday morning crew below!⠀
Here’s ours 💙⠀
8am- Rhythm ride with @infinite.embers
9am-Rhythm ride with @spinningk8 10am- Pure 60 with @marc.rodfit
11:15am- Old Kanye vs. New Kanye theme ride with @maria_spins

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Happy Friday Babes!! I’m so ready for the weekend! Getting super pumped for the #tiusandiego event with @purestudiosd next week! We’ve got lots planned and we are so excited to share it with all of you! If your interested in coming, send me a message so I can you all signed up or check out the SD FB event page for all the deets😍 #tiuteam #tiuflexfriday #tiubikiniseries #tiu #tiuaccountabilitypartner #tiusandiego #tiucommunity #tiucalifornia #tiumeetup #pureindoorcycling #pure #tiucheckin

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Let the weekend BEGIN! I’m still dancing with energy from Thursday’s classes💃🏻 Thank you to All of YOU, your energy was amazing💫 Let’s keep the momentum going, grab a 🚲 @purestudiosd for Sunday at 10:30am💙

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Change, evolve, no matter how scary or how much you think people might not understand. Every time we step into that room, clip into that bike and the lights go on, we change, we evolve, we move towards who we want to become. Let’s step into that room together tomorrow + make something happen ✨

Pure Indoor Cycling

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It’s Friday, so that’s kind of like a party in itself 🎉

Pure Indoor Cycling

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This is your mid-week reminder: You’ve got what it takes💫Tomorrow we sweat, smile and repeat🔥💃🏻🚲You’ve got ✌🏼 chances to ride with me @purestudiosd 5:30am Rise & Ride and 5:45pm. Grab a bike and I’ll see you tomorrow💙

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Stop, drop, shut 'em down, open up shop...⠀
Who’s your ride or die?! Tag your favorite spin buddy in the comments below 👇

Pure Indoor Cycling

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“You do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction.”⠀
If you haven’t taken a ride with Mel yet, you really need to! She’s always on top of the latest hot remixes + always knows what DJ is playing at Omnia next! Get to know a bit more about her by following her on IG @melsgetsfit + signing up for one her upcoming rides. Catch her on the podium👉 Wednesday’s 6:30am, Friday’s 5:30pm + Sunday’s 8:30am.

Pure Indoor Cycling

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WOAH- I look back at these pictures and can’t even identify with the person on the left. The ONLY thing that consumed her daily thoughts was her outer appearance and in what ways could she make herself skinnier & prettier, in turn- more likable. If I had a special event (like this pool party-DINAH!) I would start my restriction process 3 months prior, with that falling into deep depression, anxiety and the most severe times of my disordered eating and Body Dysmorphic journey. I remember sitting in my therapist’s office and her asking me “do you feel like you have more to offer than just your physical appearance?” Sadly, I never thought about it.

As the summer time approaches, I encourage you to REALLY think about in what ways is your social media influencing your thoughts. I can’t help but to scroll through Instagram and see #SUMMERBOD or “preparing for my summer bod” with one piece of fruit😱. Listen to me when I say this- YOUR BODY IS A WINTER, SUMMER, SPRING, YEAR LONG BEAUTIFUL BODY in any shape and form it comes in. If you find yourself feeling pressured with Summer coming, I encourage you to shift your focus to sustainable eating choices that are rooted in compassion, love, kindness and respect for your body. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN YOUR BODY & EXTERIOR!
For those of you who read all the way through♥️, I’d love to hear what you think you have to offer outside of your physical appearance ... I’ll start- my compassion towards others! Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

San Diego, California

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Let that courage get you through this new week 🙌🏽 #mondaymotivation💪

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Walking into the new week like...👯‍♀️👋🏽👋🏽 Feeling refreshed and ready to start this week off right! See you tomorrow @purestudiosd 5:45pm♥️(ps these shirts are from Pure- SO CUTE!)📸: @kristinamaxwelll

San Diego, California

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Monday morning reminder: You don’t need to have it all figured out to move forward💙
3 chances to ride with me this week @purestudiosd including doubling up with me on Thursday as I’m teaching in the morning and the evening😍
•Join me bright and early for rise and ride Thursday morning (6/14) 5:30am. Catch me again Thursday evening @5:45pm I’m subbing for this 💎➡️ @purelytessa • Kickoff Sunday Funday (6/17) with me at 10:30am

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Pony tail high + ready to work 💪🏽⠀
Get ahead of your Sunday prep and book your bike!

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Things are heating up🔥Join me tomorrow at 10:30am @purestudiosd for Sunday Funday!

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Trying something new is always scary yet exciting. Thank you thank you thank you @jenevivemendoza and @krayala for your energy this Saturday morning! It was tough, challenging, painful, but I was able to work through it, felt it, and set my mind straight to finish strong. In the end it was rewarding to feel my body work. I’d rather work my body than to not have my body work at all. With that said, my first cycle class was amazing and very powerful! Looking forward to taking another class taught by @spinningk8 🙌🏽 🚴🏽‍♀️ 🚴🏽‍♀️ 🚴🏽‍♀️ 🚴🏽‍♀️ #PureIndoorCycling #fitnessmotivation

Pure Indoor Cycling

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When you ride together, you stick together.⠀
Enter our national best friends day contest to win a free class for you & your bestie! To enter, tag your spin bestie below 👇 & tell us what makes riding together so special! Tag as many bff’s as you’d like for multiple chances to win. To qualify both you and besties must follow @purestudiosd
Content closes TONIGHT at midnight, winners announced tomorrow!

Pure Indoor Cycling

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We’re making it easier this summer!
We’ve got a new student/ teacher summer special- Unlimited rides all summer long - only $300!⠀
Email info@purestudio.com or see front desk for full details.⠀
GIVEAWAY ALERT👉 Tag a teacher/ student buddy below who would love this. You + your buddy will both be entered to win a pure water bottle, hat + $25 in store credit! Winner will be chosen Sunday at 10am!

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Because YOU are💙 5:30am @purestudiosd crew, I’m ready for you. Let’s Rise & Ride☀️🚲💃🏻

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H A P P Y • H U M P D A Y

This part of the week is usually a rut for many of us, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how slowly you go, so long as you don’t. F*&#ing. Stop. •
BIG thank you to the Tuesday 6:45 crew! You were small, but mighty, and SO full of energy!

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Grab your sweatbae, get on a bike + get over the hump #humpday #onwednesdayswesweat 🙌🏽

Pure Indoor Cycling

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The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them💙

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“Workout from the inside out, not the outside in. Workout to feel strong and healthy, not to look like an image”⠀
Get to know Emily (@emilypahl_fitness) by following along on her life of fitness + fun around SD! You can also catch her on the bike Tuesday’s 12:15 + Wednesday’s 4:45!

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Can it be Tuesday now?! Can’t wait to be on the podium again with my girl @purelytessa tomorrow!!!! It’s been since October that we had our last dual ride😱... FAR TOO LONG 🤦🏻‍♀️Jump on that waitlist and we will get you on a bike! ♥️💃🏻💃🏻♥️ Happy Monday!!! ❌⭕️

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Put your best leg forward 💪🏽⠀
You’ve got a whole new set of chances to crush it this week! Check out the schedule page for fun theme rides this week!

Pure Indoor Cycling

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Monday morning reminder: Don’t let anyone or anything kill your vibe💙
✌🏼chances to ride with me @purestudiosd this week!! Join me bright and early for rise and ride on Thursday (6/7) at 5:30am & Sunday Funday (6/10) at 10:30am🚲💃🏻😍

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