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Esta #CuentaPendiente se hizo esperar @patycantu pero finalmente la vamos a saldar. ¿Quieren verlo?
➡ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHHtLDavA1A
This unsettled account with @patycantu was made to wait, but finally we are going to solve it. Do you want to see it? #CuentaPendiente
Esta conta pendente está se a fazer esperar @patycantu mas finalmente vamos a pagá-la. Queres ver? #CuentaPendiente

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“Alegria y bomba eh’ “ como diría mi gran amiga @danieladroz Seguimos celebrando con nueva portada para @eravos_official en LA California. .
Diamond 💎 jewelry: @eravos_official
M&H: @emanuelmua
Photo: @felipetorres_photographer
Stylist: @kathyrossy
Swimsuit: @indikaswim

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@kanerflex is a bone breaker – a style of dance that is both extreme and beautiful. His style is spectacular, but never safe – he pushes the limits of the human body, expressing something beyond contortion” – @ivanblackstock

Starting today and running over this weekend, NSF CRXSS PLATFXRM (@crxssplatfxrm) festival in Peckham is celebrating British street culture. ⠀

Curator @ivanblackstock picks out the emerging DIY names you need to know, on the site now. Tap the link in bio for more. 👆📲👀⠀

📷 @harrowing
Text @lex_mana

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La salud viene de nuestras emociones, de nuestro corazón ❣ @londonqphotos

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#حيدر_كيتارا🎸 || @haide.r1
بيج كرزات عراقية🇮🇶 ضيفوا يجنن👇🏻👇🏻
@karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia @karazat.iraqia

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Fast rising Afro pop Act @blackboimovement Val J teams up with the rave of the moment @officialOtega in this new monster hit titled "AMEN". .
A snippet was released three weeks ago and the song is available for download on Naijaloaded.com

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Kamu tau? .

Allah selalu menunggumu, turun kelangit bumi disepertiga malam hanya untuk mendengar segala pintamu, mendengar keluh kesahmu, mendengar curhatanmu, tapi.... Kamu tertidur

Esoknya ....Allah turun kembali, dan sama... Kamupun tertidur lagi.

Hari berikutnya Allah turun kembali, pun terjadi lagi, kamu masih asik bersenang-senang dialam mimpi. ,

Apakah ada yg lebih sabar dari Allah yg rela mendatangi hambanya untuk mendengarkan apa yg hamba itu inginkan, sedang hamba itu tertidur tanpa peduli? ,

Apakah ada yg lebih baik dari Allah yg selalu datang kepada hambanya sekalipun hamba itu selalu acuh tak merasa,? padahal bukankah hamba itu sendiri yg membutuhkan? Tapi buktinya Allah begitu sabar. ,

Apakah kita tidak malu telah mengabaikan Dzat yg begitu baik pada kita? Bahkan sangat-sangat baik, bagaimana tidak? Ketika kita berdosa Allah bukakan pintu taubat seluas-luasnya, ketika kita jauh Allah ingatkan melalui orang atau apapun yg didekat kita, ketika kita mendapatkan masalah Allah ada untuk mendengar curhat kita
فبا ي الا ءربكما تكذبن ... 🙃 " Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yg kamu dustakan ? " ..

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Bagaimana Valeria Stahl, sosok aseli pemeran Widya menyikapi kisah asmaranya?
Selengkapnya cuma di www.rctimobile.com
Ini kans terakhir buat share konten ini ke kontak WA-mu & raih hadiah pulsa untuk 20 pemenang @ 100rb di minggu ini!
@rctimobilecom @officialrcti #DuniaTerbalikRCTI #TOPRCTI #AdaDuaCintaRCTI #MemelukBulanRCTI #UtusanDariSurgaRCTI #KompleksPengabdiIstriRCTI #WOTRCTI #BaperRCTI #JogedinAjahRCTI #CintaYangHilangRCTI #HafizIndonesia2018 #AkuBukanUstadzRCTI #AmanahWaliRCTI #KompleksPengabdiIstriRCTI #AirMataAnakkuRCTI #NinaSahabatSejatiRCTI #IniKisahkuRCTI #SemuaIndahKarenaCIntaRCTI #DramaSeriesTerbaik #RCTITebarKebaikan #KepoinRCTI #ShareAndWin #TerimaKasihIndonesia #HUTRCTI29

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رایگان رایگان
آموزش رایگان مکالمه بدون گرامر...
کدوم پیج آموزش رایگان میده!؟
کدوم کلاس زبان بهتون رایگان آموزش میده!؟
بیش از ۱ میلیون ۲۰۰ نفر دارن آموزش میبینن
یه بار برای همیشه مشکل زبان رو حل کنید
وقت یادگیری زبان نداری اینو ببین

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Bout to be traveling for like 30 hours.. so if I don’t see ya.. good afternoon good evening and goodnight 👋👋

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البخور والعطور الشرقية مكملاً وجزءً من الطقوس المحببة ليوم الجمعة؟!
كيف إذا كانت تلك الروائح من سادة العطر الملكي👑
استخدم كود ASQ44 لتحصل على خصم ٤٤٪‏على كافة منتجات المتجر الالكتروني من

#عبدالصمد_القرشي .
#السعودية #الكويت #عطور #عطورات #عروض

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Jayalah Indonesiaku Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia yang ke 73 tahun @ayutingtingkaraoke_official @ayutingting_karaokekeluarga

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@pokga_thamrincity menjual baju secara grosir & eceran ngadain GIVEAWAY
Gratis DRESS untuk satu orang pemenang
Caranya Gampang:
1. WAJIB follow @pokga_thamrincity
2. Ketik "MAU" dikolom komentar
3. LIKE foto ini

Selesaiiiii, pemenang dipilih acak dan akan diumumkan tanggal 21 Agustus 2018 di instagram @pokga_thamrincity ..
Jadi, jangan sampai kelewatan ya

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Photo by @TimLaman. A misty morning over the lowland rainforest interior of Waigeo Island. Habitat of the Wilson’s and Red Birds-of-Paradise, and many other treasures of earth’s and Indonesia’s biodiversity. See more from this spectacular island @TimLaman. @BirdsofParadiseProject, #RajaAmpat, #Waigeo, #BirdsofParadise, #Papua, #Indonesia.

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As in the Qing Dynasty drama “Story of Yanxi Palace” went viral. An ancient imperial accessory piqued the interest of many audience members. Rong Hua, also known as the Nanjing velvet flower, is a unique Chinese heritage that can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). As a homophone for prosperous in Chinese, a velvet flower was seen as a lucky charm and widely used during weddings and festivals in ancient China. The Nanjing velvet flower was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province in 2006. 🌺🌸🌼#ancient #culture #tradition #technique #drama #accessories #decoration #China #cgtn
Follow us on FB/TWT/IG/Weibo/WeChat or cgtn.com for more.

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Latest: 'Il Principino' @marchisiocla8 departs @juventus after 25 years in ⚫⚪

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During a court appearance on Thursday, #JuelzSantana pleaded guilty to taking a firearm at a New Jersey airport back in March, and is is now facing up to 20 years in prison

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Yung medyo di nagustuhan ni nanay pag twerk niyo 😂😂😂😂😂

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tinggi 165cm. percaya ke tak😂

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See u in Singapore soon #liquid #liquidnight #zouksg @liquidstate_co

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Happy 73rd Independence Day to all the Indonesians around the world. Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan #happyindependenceday #indonesia #shaheersheikh

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#Repost @islam4everyone_ with @get_repost
Must Read - C A P T I O N !
Modern mommy don't breastfeed her baby, because this will damage the perfect shape of her figure.
Modern mommy carry puppy's on their lap instead of taking their baby. Poor babies, are carried by the baby-strollers.
Modern mommy is busy with her kitty party and her baby is alone at home, playing with toys, exhausted and bored.
Modern mommy works whole day outside and babies are taking care of by the maid or babysitter. They better start calling mommy to the maids.
Modern mommy don't awake their child during fajr time because they want beauty sleep.
Modern mommy don't have time to feed their kids with their own hands, but they use forks. Hardly they even cook.
Modern mommy compares their kids with their kid's friend without even realizing it's hurting them.
Modern mommy teaches their kids to not to talk with poor or beggers because they are dirty.
Modern mommy complains more about the low grades and scold their kids for the poor marks instead of caring about kid's feelings.
Modern mommy is sink into her own problems that don't even ask kid, what's going on in your life my child and those are the kids suffering from loneliness and depression.
When Modern mommy have her boyfriend except husband, then it's not surprising if their kids are found with opposite sex in some hotel's room.
Modern mommy gives everything that their kids want. Mommy 150 dollars please? Yeah sure, enjoy baby! Yooooo you're cool mom! But here's the fault!
Modern mommy don't inqury on where her kid is using that money, on whom they are using money (bf/gf), for what they are using money (drugs/alcohol/party)!
Modern mommy doesn't bother about what their kids are doing outside (fighting, eve-teasing, bulling, smoking) because she is busy in watching TV serials, shopping and makeup.
Modern mommy allow their kids to have mobile phone or gadgets at the age of 9 or 10 and don't monitor them. Because their kids says - mommy why did you take my phone? it's against privacy!
Modern mommy tell their kids to use some face packs or whitening creams beacuse of their dark skin colour . . -
Continue Slide..

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Gorgeous by @postgorgeous

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photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Young fishermen returning to the island of Nosy Iranja. Nosy Iranja is located north-west of Madagascar, 45 kilometers (30 miles) from Nosy Be. The archipelago of Nosy Be is one of the top destinations in Madagascar, its islands blessed with gorgeous beaches, corals, tropical forests, and a slow and easy pace of life.
The Nosy Be archipelago is home to the Sakalava people, once part of a powerful kingdom that ruled much of western Madagascar. Today, the Sakalava are known for their seafaring abilities and their women’s elaborate face-painting designs. Several small fishing villages dot the islands.
Follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about my next projects #madagascar #nosyirania #africa #traveltheworld

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Есть отличная возможность насладиться последними летними деньками в компании интересных фильмов и мастер-классов от известных Артистов 😱Записываем! До 9 сентября проходит проект «Московское кино». Как это работает? Выбираем парк рядом с домом, запасаемся попкорном, наслаждаемся просмотром и узнаем много нового от профи своего дела! Смотрите расписание на @kinomoscow.ru!

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by the way @tix_id lagi ada promo loh ........
Diskon 73% @tix_id buat tiket nonton bioskop kamu, khusus di tanggal 17 Agustus 2018.
Buruan, Download TIX.ID sekarang!! #TixMerdeka

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IKEA customer by @ricardopassaporte #ricardopassaporte

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